Открытие компании SBT в Грузии. Гарантия от GeoCars

Let me introduce the Director of SBT office in Tbilisi Shiratori Nigora Good Morning. Good Morning Tell us about SBT please. SBT exists in the market for more than 20 years The company has a reputation as a reliable partner In many countries of the world. We are the only export company in the world That has more than 30 000 cars in our stock in Japan Nigora, You are in Georgia now What is the reason of opening the office in our country. Market of Georgia was and is one of the most important markets for SBT I am glad to to announce That in 2015 we have opened SBT office in Tbilisi Indeed the demand for Japanese cars in our region is growing day after day Nigora, what can you offer as SBT representative in Georgia to our people in Georgia First, we are offering to purchase the car from Japan directly both from our stock and from car auctions As well we are offering 24 hr support The lowest rates for vanning, freight upon the ports of arrival Poti and Batumi And the most important SBT along with GeoCars service center It is for the first time in used car export business We are offering a guarantee for engine and transmission Indeed it is unprecedented project More about guarantee and service packages for SBT customers lets talk to director of GeoCars – Irma Kalachyan Good Morning Irma. Good Morning. No matter what kind of problems exist Upon car arrival GeoCars will take the car from the customers And after inspection and repair will return fixed car to a customer If the customer requests we can provide with car oil Irma, here we have a question: How do you know about car problems? In the ports of arrival we have our staff who check all the cars In case there is a discrepancy or damage they are assisting in filing damage report Does it mean that customer should not worry that upon arrival there might be some problems with the car? Yes, that is right. SBT indeed cares about its customers Buying the car from SBT your are buying not just a car You are buying the car with the future. Exclusively for SBT GeoCars offers Further discounts for auto service. as well as bonus programs Please follow geocars.ge for all the relevant news Thank you very much I wish success to your companies. Thank you. I am recommending to register on SBT web site And follow the news and bonus programm on GeoCars web site. WE ARE CLOSER!!

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