🛍 LABOR DAY SALES ◄ The Best and Worst bargain review

– Today your best and worst Labor Day buys and some serious surveillance savings. (dinging and xylophone music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Mack Granite. It’s Labor Day, Labor Day
weekend so Casey’s off, Cody’s off and its
pretty much just me alone in a studio because they
deserve the time off. But it is my duty to
make sure that on one of the biggest Holiday shopping
weekends of the year, you don’t waste time in stores, you find whatever it is you need online and you can spend time with your family. And from reading through
most of your comments, you all have amazing families
that you want to be with and I totally get that, I, we’ll do that at some other point. Before we get to the deals,
all of which are located right under this video screen, just click the show more tab or expand
that description box, you will get everything you need. I wanna also mention that
while we are not doing a giveaway today, mainly because I am solo and there is no shipping anywhere and we’ve also exceeded
our shipping budget by about 1,000 dollars from last month. I am giving away an Apple
Watch within the next 72 hours. So if you’re not yet
subscribed, subscribe. That is all you need to
do to be eligible for this giveaway, if you’ve commented in the last six months, you have an advantage. Alright, now that we’ve
got the housekeeping out of the way, let’s begin with
your worst Labor Day buys. And I want to remind you
as well, that Labor Day is the last big shopping
experience before Black Friday. And as you all know,
that is something I work toward all year, the
deals will be incredible. Bad buys are an Apple
Watch, with the new Apple products right around
the corner as well as iPhones, don’t buy those,
Bluetooth Earpieces, which drop September 20th, I’ll have them right here for subscribers,
Stereos that you can sync via Wifi, September 30th. Televisions drop late October and anything holiday related is a bad purchase. Your best buys, furniture,
appliances, mower and outdoor items, camping gear,
vehicles and believe it or not, baby monitors and surveillance cameras. This is the end of baby season for many parents, they are shopping. And this particular surveillance
camera that I found, which is Wifi, you get two
way voice communication, amazing, it’s an IP
camera, I did not have time to shoot a video fully unboxing and taking you through the experience as I regularly would do right here but this Wifi camera will get the full Deal
Guy treatment right here. I also have two other surveillance systems that I am testing because I know many of you like to crack down on surveillance products prior to Halloween. I have got you covered,
now rather than waste your time with more deals and
graphics, they’re all here. All you need to do is look
right under this video screen. I want to keep this video short and sweet so you can do the more important things in life other than watching me. As you know, I read all of your comments, I love hearing from you guys. My big question for those
of you commenting today, what are your big Labor Day plans? I already had that
World’s Worst camping trip with Intern Amy for those of you that want to see that, you know where to look. And many of you may be
camping with that gear. Some of you probably just
hanging out barbecuing. What are you up to, for those
of you watching, I love you. And I would also like to
mention we have some crazy videos right around the corner. Oh, and by the way, free laptops, that’s also a thing if you are subscribed. And for those of you
looking for more information on this particular laptop,
I know a lot of you were very excited when we
featured it, just click somewhere there and you
can watch the full review. I will see you back in the next video. Casey’s coming right back, I will be here, Cody will be here, I’ll see you soon. Wanna win an awesome item I test for free? It’s simple, subscribe,
turn your notifications on. On a desktop, it looks like this. Once your notifications
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name, you get that item delivered to you for
free and for those of you that want to buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window. All the links you need are right there. (exciting music)


Matt I love to watch you and intern Amy , you guys are so funny! Plus I have bought some of the products you recommend! I watch you every day and if I miss the tv segment I catch up on YouTube! Keep up the good work!

Thanks Matt for your devotion & enthusiasm to finding savings for us! You're a real Blessing for folks like us, that really need the breaks & savings to live our best lives!🙏🏽💞☯💜☮

Plans, shop for camping gear. Funny you mention it lol. I know the fall at the ocean is cold in the Northwest … But I miss the challenge. Watching my great niece (2 yrs old cutie) and recovering from an illness last week. I am super riveting no? Lmbo We love you too! 🤗

Great deals, Matt, and always appreciate when you let us know items not to buy at this time. As for Labor Day, I'm using it as a fun creative day. Might even do some fun recording with guitar/piano/vocals. Ever find deals on guitar accessories?

This one was just as good without the unboxing segment. I'm personally more interested in the testing and opinion than the packaging. I especially appreciate when you give us the heads up of what not to buy and when the price drops will come.

How am I spending Labor Day? Waiting for my bf to come over & fix my dryer? Then I'm buying an oven b/c mine's been broken for 2 yrs. Thanks for the heads up on appliance deals, Matt!

Awesome info as always! Labor day weekend we're working on the yard and outdoors in this beautiful weather. Then we get to use the extra day to relax! Yay!

Matt, I am going to check out a few of your Labor Day deals. The family and I plan on relaxing. Have a safe and happy Labor Day.

Love you, Matt you have just made my Labor Day weekend! I hope you have a fabulous weekend…Thank you for all you do for us!

Matt I am impressed with the dedication you have to us subscribers and your channel and deals, working on a holiday. Thank you for putting in the time and work!

First half of the weekend was going to a youth rally with my son in Orlando. Second, is buying a new washer, old one just died. 🙁

Hey Matt, I love your videos and how you search the web everyday just so you can help us save money. Keep up the amazing work that you do!

Huge plans for the day. Check out the Deal Guy's Labor Day pics, purge things from the house for donating , purchase a waffle maker for my daughter, then grab some Shaved Ice with my best friend of 35 years. .

Wow, great stuff Matt! Do you broadcast on Television as well, If not you should? I will be watching, listening and following. Thanks Buddy!

Saw you on channel 3 this morning and order two 64 gigs! Thanks for the deal. Also will be sharing this with my student this today.

I always like it when you give us the heads up on when it's a good time to buy certain products. Thanks for all of your hard work Matt and your entire team!

Great information for Labor day. Love your u tube "program". Do not know how I survived pre you. Labor day plans include going out to eat and shopping. The rest of activities I could do require too much work.

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