(06/16/14) Law & You – Car Insurance: Full Tort vs. Limited Tort

off the new week with the question about
car insurance for the law and you joining us as always fresh off the weekend
attorneys Greg fellerman and ed ciarimboli gentleman how are you today over fantastic a great Father’s Day yeah it was beautiful certainly a nice weekend and let’s talk a little bit about their questions today this involves car
insurance from rick in Frackville about my first car my insurance agent
nasty weather on four tort or limited tort what is the difference
in gas from what I know I’ve always been told to stay away from
limited tort absolutely I Rick great question I mean and and glad
that you you know you put it online you you want
a kid for toward because if you have limited
tort very simply it limits your right to sue in the event
the user an automobile collision what it does is it limits the damages
that you can recover in anytime that you’re hurt you want to
be able to recover all the damage is that the law allows
medical bills lost wages pain and suffering lost the ability to
join the pleasures of life so it’s really really critical that in
this situation you choose the fall toward option this another option to elect Greg
mention you know that you want to make sure that
you have as well but the fort ord is really important and it also protects
your family so it’s it’s very important that you
like that fall toward he looks very smart glasses today well I gotta look smart you know he’s
right on it on this four-part limit or issue we see this all the time every day in our practice
people call it up what they had was an accident our first question is what your toward election so what that
does is you know it it’s a threshold that that the insurance companies put down
for your right to sue so there’s absolutely no reason to accept it to accept limited toward
insurance because a little bit more but the at the
end of the day your you know if you’re in one rack anybody in your family that for
poor pays for itself without a doubt it almost makes no sense to save a
couple bucks Bo’s losing out big time in a long yet in you if there’s a question
insurance come said work what your points toward election
cuz they wanna fight you on it sir don’t do it yourself writes a great
information for our viewers that need your legal advice when it comes to car
insurance I can I reach you they cause at 570 714 hertz is on the
web 14 hurt our comp that that at no hotline today I or go to our Facebook
page and one thing that we tell everybody if you have a question about automobile
insurance Scania Dec page and email it to us we’ll take a look at it
no charge make sure that the have all the right
coverages fall toward and then make sure that you have under
in uninsured motorist coverage I and II wear my glasses today so when
you email me I could actually see them a pimp but the it’s really important
will do for no charge I results matter with attorneys Greg
fell a man an attorney and professor at our I don’t think so much better outcome get
your question featured on the lawn you by heading to PA homepage dot com are
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