$10,000.00 + IN RECORDS ! Found in $2200 STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

record guy evaluated this at 2200 2500
800 to 1100 what was the last box here at like a thousand basically 8 to 11
Plus this varies and then you got to come over here and you figure we found
some more great CDs we found some more potentially priceless tapes because that
puts everything CDs records tapes at around $10,000 plus the potential of
priceless tape ladies and gentlemen boys and girls pirates of all ages it is I I
am here we’re gone part 2 of this massive record collection if you watched
the first video there was over 5,000 found in music and we’re going to go
right to it and check out the next set of records and CDs so what do we have don’t forget if you guys want to see a
place to buy records CDs and stuff you go to this man’s Instagram DJ cowboy 420
that is DJ DJ k o WB o Y 4 to 0 he sells all music of all forms you can find him
there it’s message him anything you want and he could probably locate it if he
doesn’t have it town pirate Sencha that’s me yeah these
are all the singing ban mine grinder CDs they’re not CDR is their fully produced
CDs so difference between CDRs CDs CDs that are signed and made legitimately CD
ours are just easy to reproduce and they’re not legitimate and these are
these these are like the real deal like he went to a producing reduce yeah CD
producing companies yeah exactly just didn’t do it on his home computer or
something so there’s more the same this is full of the same title it’s probably
all right just chunk large box full of basically nothing what was in there CDs
yeah it’s a stove okay so this might be
something what is that that looks like it might be pricey right there Thomas
well with the AH reserve they’re part of the packaging no not that beutel’s box
it ladies and gentlemen let’s determine where this was me so the collection how
many vinyls are contained within touching raw beautiful rubber sole
Uncle Mike was he was we saw the Beatles record the other day somewhere and he
was so intrigued because he made him remember sitting in his garage listening
to Beatles when he was a kid I want to hold your hand
apparently he must had a crush on somebody so the viewers out there and
pirate land will understand that I’m not gonna open this all up and spread it all
out for everyone to see because 12 anyway a lot of stuff in here don’t we
need to pull it out to see what was made or we can tell it can you do that I’ll
just pull out the Rubber Soul and I can almost determine who this is you can and
that is good yes the original stuff was signed to Parlophone UK and indeed it is
near-mint plus made in Great Britain reissued nonetheless still probably a
250 to 300 dollar collection in this condition there’s a little splitting
collectors don’t like let the little corner bombs and things but that’s just
part of what the storage business presents ladies and gentlemen The
Beatles The Beatles don’t know how much time somebody has said ladies and
gentlemen DeVito’s that it for this box now tell me what
the difference is here because if you see this one sold for $17.99 then we
come down this one sold for was a boy oh I see what you’re saying yeah so we made
a short sold it well that one said a thousand seventy-nine this one I hear
says other UK UK said 1500 rare when we go back mono collection we can know we
can we don’t the edit out we can see what we can display up the difference is
where somebody wants to sell us one of these so what do you wanna say I don’t
know I wonder what the case what the difference is and so are you gonna go on
this is all sold results this is a fifth this 11 vinyl set 1982 UK 1500 the one
at 17 was 14 albums and it has a serial number then it dips down into the next
set down is 738 seal for a 14 box set so how many more cuz we say there’s a 13
because it says 13 maybe 13 and it has a number on there look it says okay BC 13
and then I think mono makes a difference is one of the things see look here’s 695 for 14 it varies too
because if some of its say 14 Simpsons 11 586 so there should be 14 here’s a BC
13 UK four five seventy brand-new sealed if here’s that same when I looked up
that day I sent you the scan of same exact thing 14 okay what’s going on here
BC 13 Parlophone stereo again there was that 266 mm-hmm
so when I said 250 300 someone knows is VG plus that’s euro so it’s two 60 euros
like two twice isn’t it not not quite okay so here’s here’s a new moon and the
VG which is this it’s still it 300 350 so where I’m closing the conservative
side if you want I can say you can edit in conservative no I’m fine – much
curious for purposes because bad people it’ll bake we know that sells for set
let everybody always sees the higher more priceless tapes convoy comes of
these kind of things this is just this is just one the jam this could be a home
this could be a home tape possibly I wouldn’t put past people who would have
the record right like he had the record and they made the tape right right and
so he can have around this car so some of that would be kind of possible like
that’s not that’s not something he he took off a record that’s probably his
stuff see ya live tapes master is not even
metal team it’s just a standard face no more what is oh yeah people do not like
nachos on ba you know what the weirdest you know what the weirdest thing is you
know what the weirdest thing is to me Tom
if I pay attention to his unboxing he honestly takes more care when he touches
each piece if you watch his hands he’s actually more delicate of with items
than any of us who’ve been on my videos but he got the most static poor going
through a box to you nacho he’s a slasher
his nickname is nacho the slasher naturally Bray’s I show cheese rush of
fellow to Kings yes I have the record yes upstairs at Eric’s no in me okay so
he was recording like a lot of people did their vinyl too that’s a good one
and if its original let’s see Sex Pistols are for some reason huh I don’t
know why but so I’m suspect you believe that this is maybe a reissue the bags
that’s a good one oh yeah Oh vein and coolness down here I’ve got all these
tapes yeah he put the tapes in between them like that Judas Priest okay so see
remember the rod Tron red bass records he took those and made him on the tape
so that’s really kind of worthless other than he could play it in his car why he
didn’t ran CDs there’s always hot dancing roses yeah but an enemy got
Daryl Hall and John Oates so we have to remind the public that CDs are
everywhere and unless they’re really unique they can
lactating purple and sounds like some CDs or everywhere is saturated just
everywhere The Flaming Lips they might want to get that checked out oh he would
be oh this is epic any movie and he was Gumby so this is kind of cool
so look ladies and gentlemen this is a 3 inch CD CD 3 I think they call them in
the packaging it’s still kind of cool Frank that bootleg really interesting
packaging and does anybody know who npg is I don’t I do power generation Prince
Prince all him or not let’s find out it is who
Wow yeah this is all new power generation this has a special packaging
which will come in special pricing so everybody on that loves prints can have
the who’s gonna call dibs on this anyway I’m not I’m gonna call dibs and the
money wanna sell look look at that one time yeah see she’s sold I’ve had that
set before yes that’s why I when I first saw that
kind of I’ve sold this set before should be five CDs I think or four there he’s
fine all right nice there we go
making money okay more tapes in an empty case common more stuff where he recorded
his records two cassettes Beastie Boys I think older I’m trying to think of the
hit song looting color yeah it was like a weird video on MTV right and had very
colorful I’ll think of in a second everybody in video seeing it ladies and
gentlemen Led Zeppelin right here this is a good box set sixty to a hundred but
again Amazon really really really plummets the pricing on Amazon Lauren Hill she really shot
her career to hell yeah more tapes the random jethro told
more the monkeys I didn’t know if there was not enough of monkeys we have more
if there isn’t okay mine grinder we got like every mine grinder thing ever made
you’re like really goes into himself cluster that sound like a good one bhim
Scala BIM super addiction that’s soundly they need rehab III don’t know if you’ve
ever watched my videos Tom but I like to make snide comments and I love you I
watching as often as I can big bad audio dynamite letters are
blowing records that he recorded to take ok they’re not the potentially priceless
one homemade recordings when it comes to vinyl to cassette free mucho sick Amato
Tom Jones and Eddie Cochran okay so there’s that Nine Inch Nails fresh
what’s this that looks expensive Marcy’s playground oh it’s pink and then we have the early singles –
interesting so you should we continue looking if you wanna good with simply
irresistible my dad used to love that song okay so back to our ladies doing
living color’s biggest song was cult of personality personality I just want to
be on the singing let’s focus on tapes this is a good record use your losing
too when you find that right Zappa Lynyrd Skynyrd good the jam the
butterfly collector is that like Silence of the Lambs sparks so here’s my Europe
I know see these are things he recorded them help okay let’s just clear that out
let’s make sure we could put them in this other one here is this George
Harrison of the Beatles this one might be good busted statues archives and then
you can kind of go healing later but why you know throw them all Sex Pistols live
at the rodeo that’d that’s one you haven’t seen right
no I don’t think I have oh we have in the CDs okay
this is a special tape might not be because let’s just keep it in here in
case yes years yes meaning yes no yes Soundgarden’s Superunknown Paul Simon
there’s a good one Tom Jones Tom Jones Tom Jones sorry this wrong song which
one there’s a lot of prints right here look this is all prints if they were
importance you’d be talking about any box it’s in here and we could probably
access these elusive adora I found a movie poster for them doomsday 92 Black
Sabbath you know black step backstabber I know a few of those this year modern
so remember how I told you about smooth sides yeah this is the other thing you
should look at see this mfsl yeah it means original master record can those
watches that’s a 24 karat gold little packaging like what do you mean by 25
well they call it see give it the room right there yeah Oh 24 karat gold-plated
Mouse and it’s actually you know so look at look at the packaging just to just
the mere packaging of this say you drop something on there like that locks it
together original master recording probably about a 30 to 40 dollar package
okay cool what about the zulus pipeline WM vr it might be a radio
well just to be sure let’s keep it with these guys
Gypsy Kings not so much just new power generation is the prince okay keep that
aside these are all just put away that last one is just always fans know mine
grandpa get aside we have no box sets no smooth edges well so anytime you see
that on the edge of the art it you need to look at it and say mmm I better look
at that because then when it turns out – it turns out to be this okay so to the
general public 21:12 CD might cost you five bucks but
because it has the original master and it’s a msf mfsl makes it a lot more a
record Adrienne Pat Benatar they got here tournament one of my favorite bands
in the eighties bad yeah bad big boys lullabies bring bro that looks good 1983
yeah love the writing ghoulish big country not so much oh
we’re about to come into some stuff people okay we’re about to come in big
dipper’s cool but you know what’s even cooler what Black Flag Black Flag stuff
is awesome like to find awesome like you want to listen to it or it’s like oh
yeah awesome content awesome value resale awesomeness that’s so much about
cheesecake again that’s not them no that’s my coke Arkansas Rock southern
right more black flag and I know where they’re going with all this who’s got
the ten and a half slip it in we’re in my slip it in my hand more black flag
okay so here we go now this doesn’t have the poor
advisory on so I think this makes it worth more
unicorn Records priceless unicorn riggers oh and what is that worth
unicorns of all ages all right dude this is insane this is possibly that’s a good
one I like it it’s not like ill communication but it’s cool
the beetle stuff hi Connick but a little rough shape this is introducing the beetles with no
cover Symphony this is a 12-inch single oh that’s what she said
yeah sweet slow and low with my favorite now here’s about a $65 record the
original Beastie Boys awesome gatefold Beach Boys no no no the bad bad manners
great that’s me bad company sure and my favorite songs ever of all time is on
that album what do you think it is of what I’m bad company that black album
that just passed that do the little rewind thing can’t know if we do lose
that that one no ready for love’s not on that one what’s the one you dime on in
bad company not shooting star Oh shooting star yeah that’s on the other
one so this is ready for love and but I can’t get enough and then Rocksteady
they’re all great Duratrax yeah anyway man spit do a runner
athletics pay this is like oh I can’t help but think of bad thoughts and I see
things like ties oh yeah yeah okay I can’t do that
it’s rat far sir let’s do the animals iconic it’s like a like a reissue of the
biggest world records angry Samoans great I don’t look angry or savant
common common common ok sorry people herb Albert common American avatar March
the American Legion cheesecake oh it’s Harvey very cool yellow arm very
awesome on Parsons Aerosmith so Jill be lightning strikes yeah
the jig is up tips this is a read it backwards nice look at that somebody
painted on any night under that blue you know here we go we’re gonna have a
complete ACDC catalog air in shrink no no shrink wrap but it still has the
hype sticker attached and it’s a promo see that license or promotional use only
the US release have to be rock look at the switch dirty deeds done dirt cheap
dirty powerage understand that’s it no more ac/dc boo where’s back in black
it’s not in there yeah oh okay anyway grease holiday oh hey can we have
anthrax test Christmas that baby yeah that would be awesome right crash your
Christmas holiday yeah that’s all James Bond this just all just died commercial
zone that’s I don’t know March hmm oh it’s about a 15 dollar record is it
really yeah for many reasons other than just looking at it let’s see no barrel no no no no no no
what are all these 78 Liberace hmm polkas what in the world were they
collecting these for these are 78 so ladies and gentlemen these things are
very very very very fragile they’re called lacquers and when you
bend them or happen to drop them an accident they shatter into Brazilian
pieces seventy-eights you can still buy players that will play these it’s not in
fact the common players like at Fry’s or Amazon or whatever they have a 33 a 45
and a 78 speed pump okay Stardust strand is really like these ones good care of
those know why–i see what I mean see how they yeah so pretty worthless really
unless you’re just a person who wants that particular title one has my name
angry of families you know we can’t really ever explain why people have
certain things if we would have been I spend my whole my whole career is based
on trying to figure out why people have all this stuff that’s like wow okay
that’s songs of protest yeah so volume I’m carrying two so there’s three of
them wonder why he bought all three they’re all the same okay so they were
released on rounder us so maybe there was some content he wanted in there that
was significant active oh my goodness conic title not so much not so much not
so much not so much soundtracks Robin Hood don’t know solid-state way way back
pop narcotic huh well it’s sealed nonetheless it sounds
like a good one I’ll have to get into that one some more oh this is a Joe’s
Garage act1 I think this is a to record-setter one to us no one in town
to record said this is the the one we saw earlier was it shorter and more
Zappa very cool I turn around I mean yes more Zappa really nice shape these Zappa
records really don’t survive well you usually get really hammered like what he
used slow low record people just tend to just I don’t know more of the stuff that
I found never really stood up you know the records were always scratched up a
lot and they’ve got play the time the record sleeves got a lot of wear
beautiful cover I love that 200 motels sound like the last year of my life
before I got a house yes there’s a lot of yesterday oh cool the ventures surf
music forever neverkey I’m an edition of 1500 that could be good yeah yeah again
it’s Massachusetts yeah it looks like a good one too that could be a thousand
dollar record right Oh public image loaded this is cool so
earlier we talked about Lou Reed and Velvet Underground this is later if
project and believe it’s a reissue it’s still cool nonetheless white light/white
heat futures I want to find those guitars that’s everybody manifest me to
find those guitars let’s do this is bata Morris Day and the time during their
this is right at the height of their popularity every time I see more stand
time I think of Jay and sign above oh yeah cuz that was like his favorite band
this is Boston not LA so this might be like a that looks it is a compilation of
stuff oh wow so that’s cool again Boston very verbal okay that could be a good
one yeah agree he’s wearing clothes is fine
Dutch Hercules EP that looks like a good one geez
okay hacker and whitey Wow and his name is bleach Dumbo looks like
this looks like some good stuff okay overseas like a compilation of punch
people more compilation more compilation or nothing
not so much Boston again I mean but basically yeah what you know a lot of
times I hear people say there’s a lot of they sell they find punk rock rattling
like $1,000 each what is $1,000 punk rock record look like here’s one I’m
just kidding that would have been nice maybe it is good look it up later just
cord carefully all packaged yeah this is discordant so 1982 funny how you say
that because this one would qualify as a special record in your grouping you’re
any better than average group well maybe what we’ll do is well do a little bit of
searching on a few that we’re thinking are and then we’ll get back to the
viewers know what we found and what’s really what is it really
anyway it’s like whatever someone’s willing to pay right that’s all anything
really is right so this is a again this is a compilation flipper DOA offs very
cool totally everything so far has been
basically no barcode original pressings and with a few of the items in question
we just need to look up to make sure Elvis everybody always says watching
everybody how I flip so fast up through the Elvis it’s not so interesting
because Elvis stuff was amazingly reproduced he was the king don’t get us
wrong yeah again he is still one of my favorites
matter of fact I got misty and nearly got ride that one looks like almost a
good record that when it said stupas over days huh I just catches my eye the
Dickies yeah cuz I’ve never seen that one yeah that was a first for me yeah I
like yeah I like records because they’re easy things to remember the photos
photos of blue that was a good one yeah seems the packaging kind of screams
it looks like Rat Fink and it also looks like jeez I think I’d pay 300 I’d paid
399 to Newbury Comics was the famous artist from the 80s I’m drawing a blank
no shoot what am i he had he did the Pink Floyd cover any DUI yes so that’s
another question we can ask the in the comments this is ridiculous – Andy
Warhol everything Andy Warhol piece Dead Kennedys again oh yeah I like collecting
them what is this with sixty sixty-five hundred and something flash that could
be a good one yeah it’s early stuff is 1980 damn yeah they had some really
really iconic rare stuff Dead Boys there’s more oh wow Rowan stuff okay try
shooting my goodness yeah uh-huh yeah we almost have to worry about content
didn’t we I do not want to showcase this bill we don’t like bill no no not
anymore since we found out who bill really was
cult awesome cure this is probably about a
$45 kiss me that’s it all the album boys
don’t cry that the hello yeah it’s another $30 bill or more accurate record
cutting cream nothing like Johnny Cash I’ll walk the line but it’s a reissue
Pickwick which doesn’t really command a lot of money for collectability so
that’s probably an 65 to 100 or more same thing with that and here we go look
at this ladies and gentlemen The Clash that’s a good one
hmm okay I like to clash my records of money well this certainly will we do
yeah how come I was one so what no no it’s okay London Calling like Oh Mike
when you say oh my gosh I’m thinking thousand dollars oh no no no Sandinistas
a three record set this sells for about 35 to 40 bedlam doesn’t it looks like
chaos Afrika Bambaataa if anybody remembers in the song planet rock he
made it and everything else awesome he made it really good stuff I’d like to
I’m gonna learn something about some of this stuff as well I don’t know nearly
as much as I let on but hey I’m pretty hip but yeah that’s Bowie the Bootsy all
that stuff’s real calming no problem it’s good stuff that’s agree whoo whoo
ladies and gentlemen with that being said this was an amazing record and
music collection we evaluate well my record guy evaluated this at 2200 2500
800 to 1100 what was the last box here at like a thousand basically 8 to 11
Plus this varies and then you got to come over here and you figure we found
some more great CDs we found some more potentially priceless
tapes because we might not be able to find these ever again and they’re not
just produced we got crazy punk rock and roll’ rare cuts etc cetera hunting
sleeve nice July Cabela’s with that being said that is about $5,000 that
puts everything CDs records tapes at around $10,000 plus the potential of
priceless tapes who knows I think that’s a score what do you think Tom I think it
was incredible when’s the last time you seen a record collection like this I
thought you’re gonna say yesterday when you went your warehouse all right
everything that you saw today would sell and probably inside of about an hour
night warehouse once again they can go to your Instagram write DM u DJ cowboy
for 20 that is djk au w bo y 4 to 0 d mu and you could probably find any record
tape or CD somebody wants if you don’t have it right that’s right and where is
it the same on your discogs and similar to this but not always like this
this is an insanely comprehensive collection of punk metal rock and
Christmas music your Discogs is the same name as your Instagram writers so you
guys can go there yeah tell them pyro sent you to Marion Locker nuts
yo and Uncle Mike and his b-plus hair


The Beatles let me see…. How much would you sell that for? I am looking for a certain one- not common. Thatโ€™s probably the 1 that they kept if 13 records. I write these as I watch, so I donโ€™t forget.

Thanks Pirate๐Ÿ”ฅTremendous collection – I was thrilled to assist ๐Ÿ™ Good to see I managed to remove my gum at some point to end the annoying smacking omg – I will admit surely that was a resullt of nerves from filming. I hope this was entertaining to some ๐Ÿ™

This brought me back to a small house I bought the contents of about 5 years ago, the guy was a huge record and tape/CD collector and he had some seriously good stuff like this. You have a lot of money in this collection Pirate. A lot more than you probably think. I would literally sell all of this stuff myself online to get the most out of it. Yes, it takes time but it's worth it, I would hire someone to sit and list 8-9 hours a day at a solid hour rate if you can trust they will work hard or on a per listing basis if you cant. Either way, it's well worth hiring someone to list constantly so that you are not wasting your time photographing items and listing items. This is a huge collection and the real value is only seen if you sell it all at retail online, If you just sell it wholesale to someone you will make money but you will miss a lot of gems and you will make pennies compared to what you could have made. But everyone has their own way of doing things. Super great score brother, You got to love the hustle and grind.

Well Pirate, you scored big time on this unit. Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿค“โ™ฅ๏ธโค

Pirate, WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Rik Spector
Don't forget to give us a final on this awesome collection.
It's not 20k or so in cash, BUT!!

Thanks pirate. Excellent video. I been in hospital since Christmas eve, blood infection sepsis. Truly nasty time. Thx for brightening my day.

you're finishing this year so strong dude! I'm so happy for you ๐Ÿ˜€ You earned this man.. hustle grind rewind. 2020 will be your year

Mike FYI 1.00 EUR is worth 1.12 USD so in other words a EUR and a USD are close to the same value these days, only $0.12 difference.

This is what my collection looks like, loads of genres, over many years, in plastic sleeves on 45, 33, 78. Funny, not so much west coast punk

Man, I would love to get some wine, snacks and friends, just chill listening to those albums on a Sunday afternoon…..that is a lost pleasure.

You find the wildest items! Congratulations on a 360ยฐ turn around in 2019. Here's to all the success you can visualize and manifest in 2020 ๐Ÿฅ‚ Happy New Year from my family to yours.

For me it wasn't as much Nachos ripping into the treasures within that locker. It was his lack of appreciation for you offering him a buy in on the locker. It seemed obvious he was going to cost you dearly in sales opportunities. Adios Nacho!

Oh yeah… The problem with CD-Rs is they are corrupted quite easily.. I suggest copying any CD-Rs you wanna keep to hard drive or flash. 128 gb flash drives are down around $15 and that is a lot of music.

The Beatles Blue Box was pretty common in the 70s – I bought one new for $100. It's all UK all-analogue transistor-mastered Parlophone pressings. There were many later reissues – the monos weren't until the 2000s.
Those 24-karat gold CDs really have the reflective playing layer coated with 24-karat gold, instead of the usual aluminum. You should really be looking for the DCC Compact Classics – some titles are worth up to $300.
Average sold price for Black Flag, Damaged, on original Unicorn Records is $125,
I had a couple of Asia records in my $2 box for a couple of shows, nobody bought one.
There are plenty of very valuable 78s, but those definitely aren't them. The 78s collectors are looking for early blues and jazz, which can sell for thousands of dollars They were not 'lacquers', which is something completely different, but they were made from shellac and broke easily.
Sounds of Protest on Rounder actually brings $10-15, if you can find a customer.
The X-Ray Spex records used to be big money, but they have gone out of style and you can buy one for $15-20.
Death's Cult – God's Zoo – 34 for sale from $2.63 – sorry!
The UK pressings of the Clash LPs are much better than the US – I had to upgrade all my copies. The US should be common but sell for good money anyway.

God bless you and your and another great video and so much great records wow thatโ€™s amazing keep them great videos coming and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings always

I always feel sorry for whoever owns the lockers that have to be sold out from under them for whatever the reasons were?! That is some eclectic vinyl collection just to let go like that!

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