$10K OR $3K ITEM FROM STORAGE WARS 600 PALLET AUCTION I bought an abandoned storage unit

I was thinking six head machine the
woman doing the auction who works for Dan Dotson and storage wars American
auctioneers she said I used to work for brothers and I think that this is a ten
head and it might be twelve thousand so all this anticipation I’ve been leading
up to right now is about patience and the belief that it is what it is I want
to be a 12,000 machine what’s inside is it gonna be a three
thousand or ten thousand dollar machine on three two Oh ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages it is January 1st 2020 new year new day
and it’s time for a new box we are right here if you miss this in the last video
three boxes right here one two three three thousand dollars plus in
merchandise almost brand new couples brand new one isn’t now we’re gonna go
on to the rest check out that view Hannah maybe I’ll try to put a look card
here we’re gonna start seeing in here and I think with this video we may get
to this box right here this box right here holds a gym a very nice item
without further ado let’s open a box how many can I brought today can you see it
we have two connives one for each hand we will be dual wielding the tape we
better be careful I’m just kidding we’re not gonna do a wheel but we could now
what do we have here this matches this bed here I think and this bed was broken
on the other hand uncle I was gonna throw us away uncle Mikey’s like we’ll
fix this we’re gonna sell this and I’m like okay Uncle Mike so now I need a fix
where’s uncle my class right here home I wouldn’t even I
couldn’t even do it I can bring myself to fix this bed we have legs where do
these go to right here good one is very expensive beds back there what do we
have I actually like this rug this would
almost be cool in one of the living rooms we got a game room at the house
roll kids play video games I just bought the same exact rug for my living room mm
I got it you know what I’m gonna do ladies and gentlemen I never get this
far into work I’m gonna open this up and we’re gonna see what this looks like
well I did pay a hundred and seventy 84 for my rug brand-new of this same exact
quality brand recently was hoping that this was gonna be something that I’d be
able to keep because I wanted another rug save money because that is the
beauty of stores businesses gonna save money instead of purchasing things but I
can’t put something like this in my house I’ve been with leary ever since I
brought stuff home from storage units they ended up getting bugs who don’t
want to contract storage unit bugs trust me that being said I guess I’ll sell it
cuz I just it’s a mind thing mind over matter I guess hard to say otherwise we’re gonna take
this many this Amman to fix all the past I am happy because look at this past
election I I do away all my old past and I start afresh with these brand new like
once used twice you we’re not your pets that is not bad this is gonna possibly
be for Michael’s bedroom here they already brought one home from Michaela I
like them I pick and choose see like that see I inspect things there’s a
little little wasn’t a bug that’s what I do I inspect every ounce of stuff that
was like a socks a sophomore this is good enough to be a different story now
what we need is a nightstand hopefully this has a matching nightstand 25 bucks
right here all day long $25 I don’t know why it’s not taken apart I
put that in storage taking up that much space redonkulous right here I’m
thinking $15 no $15 $12 this is a good one kind of heavy nothing maybe $5 someone owned Tesla
cute mess everywhere in my storage you look from that mess mess mess mess mess
mess mess mess mess mess Maki duddy stuff petty stuff
puppy stuff somebody had it over naughty that’s how our dog is bad dog actually
is a bad bad I got a bad dog nice and how did it oh she might like those like that you
can take your dog’s temperature what do we got here nice all right we will keep
these right here everybody see that that’s how you train a little bad little
dog 99 cents for nothing dots adhesive smoke this is exact Oh what I was looking for get it exactly just regular envelopes
this is a keeper electronic swipes practical Palio I’m gonna stop
everybody’s trying to force me into starting to look up books now I gotta
start looking up books yep can’t take it anymore we got here an iPhone and I
Apple charger simple this is a I go AC adapter plugs into your USB ok I think
this is a it makes USB electricity mm-hmm
very calm what is this huh we spot a bear No any pins probably use some glue stick we
can definitely use my scissors probably use Elmer’s later glue glitter glue
stick to phone yeah I think I know what to do with this is all good stuff here
this white mailing labels mmm wait a minute these could come in handy we would be something good it is an HP Windows Vista we need to see how this
works this is a good one I think Windows Vista is newer so we
found a case what are these a portable mousepad no Acme made San
Francisco this is kind of a cool little a macbook pro where is that that’s what
I need look at this Windows Vista very old either
we got the half of these tick these right here lift that these could be good
ones house we will find out those laptops from the last boxes we didn’t
find chargers for them so Lori Leigh Banana Republic what is that extra-large
and a woman okay petite Talbots
all right looks like what a clothes lady will be making a trip to the look at
that Banana Republic cute little dress all right let’s see what she could do
with all this look at this what is this safe
this is asteroids isn’t it my trippin know how there’s like what are you
talking about behind the vintage Atari game it looks like a video game to me
right now don’t ask me why King we got some stuff I got clothes I’m excited
about this clothes it’s not bad yeah media that’s that’s a good box of clothes I’ll
let my close lady look at this stuff and she can determine what she is willing to
Poshmark and what is in here a narrow bed there’s five bucks a beaker let’s
Google this beaker it’s probably not much 400 milliliters number 1000 ooh
those another one of those world’s smallest fanny packs I’ve been oh look
at all those hearts that is priceless look at all those hearts in my hands nope not what I anticipated a come foon
being but nonetheless it was we have keys what do we keys go to we’ll save
that these spectacles do you zoom these are just like I can’t tell if these are
one of these like shooting glasses hey I’m going to the range hi I’m Clark Kent
no look at that I can’t tell if they’re this reading
spectacles or if they’re just like tinted glasses but I’m definitely not
gonna wear I did that once for like two weeks where I found some Gucci’s and I
wore them it turns out they hurt my eyes cuz they were prescription glasses I do
a lot of dumb things masking tape masking tape is it’s kind of cool
masking get me set that aside for some reason San Francisco recall idli were
these protest pins these fatality don’t know I’m really excited about those we
don’t even like what they have to say we have notepads this looks like a box of
nada now basically what are those new try different poses one thing I want to
point out well I’ll point this out in a second usually come after this puzzle
scene but as you can possibly see on the front of this box when I opened it up it
said machine don’t stack fragile this side up was turn like this I had to open
it because I just I had to that’s what I do so now this will be the moment we
have all been waiting for when I say that we have all the way before I
actually mean at this time because often I say the moment we’ve all been waiting
for and really it was just a figure of speech I’ve been talking about this item
that can range from three to twelve thousand dollars in the store when I
looked it up I thought it was the three thousand dollar model reason being is it
is I was thinking six head machine the
woman doing the auction who works for Dan Dotson of storage wars American
auctioneer she said I used to work for brothers and I think that this is a ten
head and it might be twelve thousand so all this anticipation I’ve been leading
up to right now is about patience and the belief that it is what it is I want
to be a 12,000 machine also I’ve learned patience for my good friend Locker nuts
he taught me patience when he holds on safes for six years decided to open them
why because he didn’t think nothing was in them then we just wait and we wait so
here we are let’s see it right now on three six I don’t know why I’m even
counting it’s in a box let’s see what we got this thing right here that’s that baby
law now the question that lies ahead which machine is dick is this the $3,000
model or is this the $10,000 model I will have to find out that and I will
get back to you guys right here is this machine now to find out what’s it worth
is it the three thousand or ten thousand dollar machine as well as needing to
find that out which we will in the next video or two we got some stuff we’ve
been dippin we dibs this potentially we’ll see I don’t know this might not be
cute to use for our dog because it’s used but we got her some shoes maybe and
we got her a little how to teach her to tug we got some Starr tape I can just
see this being very creative and that is all we did some white labels scissors
for the house and we got to find out what is up with these two laptops if
they were good ones or bad ones

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