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– [Glen] If you are
passionate about going green and helping improve the environment while driving with flair, then you’ll appreciate
this electrifying lineup. I’m Glen, and today
we’re going to talk about the latest electrical vehicles
that are evolving in 2020. (upbeat electronica music) – [Woman] Number fifteen. – [Glen] Although no
dancing hamsters come with this Kia Soul, it is
uniquely future forward, with its LED headlights,
fog lights and tail lights. There’s a new 10-point
three-inch touchscreen in the interior, with a
digital gauge cluster as well. It can deliver 243 miles
of range with a battery capable of charging up to
80%, within 54 minutes. This box of Soul can
top 105 miles an hour. It has 201 horsepower and
291 pound foot of torque to the front wheels. With the four drive modes
being Eco, Eco Plus, Normal and Sport, you can breathe
freely knowing that you can utilize the energy of the car efficiently. For pricing and other unique details, you can always check the
descriptions box below this video. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number fourteen. – [Glen] This electric Mini
Cooper makes its royal debut in July of 2019, while production begins in the land of kings and queens, England. Made to handle tight turns, the Mini Cooper could definitely give a rugby player a run for their money, especially with its technologically
savvy driving assistant that features collision warnings
and auto emergency braking. It has 200 miles of range
and 181 horsepower to it. The battery used is a
larger version of the i3s, and is rated to last
at 42.2 kilowatt hours. The instant torque of 199 pound foot is sure to make it jump off the line. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number thirteen. – [Glen] The Mercedes-Benz E Sprinter makes an excellent choice
for your business vehicle, especially when there’s lots of packages or precious cargo involved. The vehicle pairs with their
Mercedes me connect app, to start, unlock, lock, deliver your vehicle’s data, and more. No need to worry about its
functionality in cold conditions either as it has an effective
thermal management system. Its front-wheel drive and
ESP make it great for driving through any winter wonderland. You can juice up the battery
to 80% within 30 minutes, with a range of 93 miles. The torque figure sits
at about 221 pound foot. This stud on wheels is
expected to be available at the end of 2019. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number 12. – [Glen] Do you enjoy stargazing or watching it rain cats and dogs? With an all-glass roof in the new Tesla, you can do just that. You can even take your hands off the wheel while you look up with its
self-driving capability, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. It’s able to recharge within 15 minutes, for a driving range of 168 miles, but it has a full 300-mile range. This beauty can reach
up to 150 miles an hour. The functionality is impressive with its rigid body structure
and large crumple zones, designed for safety. Bonus, each second row
seat inside folds flat, creating ample storage space. You can expect the new Tesla model to hit production in late 2020. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number 11. – [Glen] If you’ve been
searching for a vehicle that’s almost tankish,
that looks like it could ride through the Armageddon, then this all aluminum-bodied
Bollinger B1 is for you. Able to hold 5,000 pounds, this baby is great for load hauling. You can transform it to suit your needs with its removable glass,
doors, and roof panels. For the steady 614 horsepower,
668 pound foot torque, and 200-mile range, you’re
set to cover some ground. This mean metal machine can
get up to 100 miles per hour, and can fast charge within 75 minutes. The interior is simple, it’s sturdy. Heated seats are even an option. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number 10. – [Glen] This Mercedes-Benz rings as an ideal family-friendly vehicle, that’ll handle your
munchkins or social crew. The system is embedded with
speed limit monitoring, brake assistance, and
its motion intelligence can distinguish certain gestures. The headlamps are a
striking blue tinged LED. Rose gold accents line the inside. An optional ambient lighting
with 64 colors is available. It has a horsepower of 402 and
a torque of 564 pound-foot. The fast-charging capability can go from 10 to 80% in 40 minutes. You can expect to accelerate
up to 112 miles per hour. That is if you plan on getting
wild with your social crew. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number nine. – [Glen] Sleek. Giving off those deliciously
bad bachelor vibes, the new Aston Martin Rapide
is capable of reaching a top speed of 155 miles per hour. Its range is 200 miles with
a 700 pound foot torque. The horsepower rests at 600, with a battery being able to
fully charge in 60 minutes. This flighty devil also
features an AC onboard charger capable of recharging the
battery within three hours. It has three driving
modes and aluminum wheels that help achieve better efficiency, frictional loss, and cooling performance. The Aston Martin Rapide is a show-off with its British sports car feels, and it’s roaring horsepower. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number eight. – [Glen] This one’s a head
turner with its hypnotic vibes, which excludes the fact
that star Adam Levine first claimed its front seat. A futuristic charm surrounds
the Porsche Taycan, with its LED headlights
and its high-end materials like Alcantara leather
and glazed aluminum trim. The Taycan, offered in three
different power outputs, the lowest at 402 and the highest at 670, has a 300-mile range and can hit 124 miles per hour in under 12 seconds. A 30-minute charge can provide
you with a 170-mile coverage. The Taycan is an all-wheel drive and is rumored to offer
reliable carbon ceramic brakes. With brakes like those and
the swag of the Taycan, people would think you were the star. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number seven. – [Glen] You could easily
blend into the Safari with a pack of zebras in the stripe design of this Volkswagen ID.,
and probably outrun them with its speed topping 110 miles an hour. There will be three
battery options offered with the first one covering
205 miles of range, the second covering 261 miles of range, and the last at 342 miles of range. The average battery is
capable of charging up to 80% within 35 minutes. The interior has clean futuristic lines with an infotainment tablet, and can be programmed
to autonomous driving. Oh, and it’s got a
retractable steering wheel. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number six. – [Glen] The Tesla Roadster
has the spacecraft vibes of something from the Star Wars movies. It has a record-setting
acceleration, able to go from zero to 60 miles an hour
in less than two seconds. The battery is adept at lasting the car’s range of 620 miles. And it’s pretty close to light speed, topping 250 miles an hour. Some of its fascinating alien features are its touchscreen door handles, and the convertible glass roof. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number five. – [Glen] Although not
many details are available on the BMW IX3 yet, it looks
to be a solid contender amongst the evolution
of electric vehicles. Its blue accents are made evident, and its alloy wheels are
aerodynamically improved. It has a total range of 400 miles, and is capable of traveling 250 miles, with a charging time of
fewer than 30 minutes. This BMW electrical
evolvement should be available at the end of 2020, or early 2021. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number four. – [Glen] For those techie lovers who favor a simplistic outer shell
with an extravagant inside, the Byton M-Byte might be a win for you. The technical details may be slim, but we know that two
battery sizes are available. One is good for up to 251 miles, while the other can get
323 miles with each charge. The most significant feature is probably the 48-inch infotainment display with its multi-gesture capability. Also, it’s a socially
encouraging bucket of bolts, with its front seats that
can pivot towards each other for more direct conversation. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number three. – [Glen] If you care about
animals and take the song “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to heart, then you’ll love the Polestar 2’s aim for vegan-friendly interiors. Inside its chic boxy body,
there’s an Android system which is capable of syncing
with your smartphone, making it the key. Smart, reconstructed wood
accents give it some character, as well as the sunroof. Although it’s unclear
what the battery life is, the Polestar 2 has a horsepower of 408, and 487-pound foot of torque. Its range capability
sits at around 275 miles, and in less than five seconds, can climb to 62 miles per hour. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number two. – [Glen] Fulfill your
Batman mobile fantasy with Rimac C Two. With its butterfly doors, dramatic lines, and high-intensity LED lights,
you are sure to stand out. It has an impressive horsepower of 1,914 and 1,696 pound foot of torque. It can achieve 60 miles
per hour in 1.85 seconds, with its top speed averaging
258 miles per hour. And the battery is
capable of fast charging to 80% within 30 minutes. The key to this sharp hunk
on wheels is voice control, facial recognition, and
a graphical interface. The system’s intelligence is undeniable with its eight cameras,
six radar emitters, and 12 ultrasonic sensors. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Number one. – [Glen] Whether you’re a
country or city slicker, this Rivian R1T is excellent for covering adventurous terrain,
and getting the job done with its ability to tow 11,000 pounds. It has a robust 400-mile
range and a horsepower of 750, while its torque trucks on at 826. A 30-minute battery charge
allows it to cover 200 miles. It has a flexible cross bar system, generous amounts of storage, and pop-out speakers from
the doors so you can cozy up in the bed listening to your
favorite music or podcast. (upbeat music) The new environmentally-friendly
electrical vehicles here sure are an exciting way to electrify us into the new decade. Don’t forget you can check the prices and further details below
in the descriptions box. Share your thoughts and
favorites in the comments. Thanks for watching. (upbeat music) – Hi, everyone, and
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going green? What a crock of shieet. The only thing green about Tesla is the money you are lining the pocket of Musk by falling into that touchy feely, "im helping the planet", minions.

I love the Porsche Taycan for all features 🤗❤️❤️ and the Rivian R1T as an outdoor vehicle. I love the idea of putting a tent on the back, looks save high above ground 👌🏼👌🏼
And both Tesla Types with glassroof and Autonomous driving Features 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼👌🏼❤️❤️😆😀

good video but the on screen information did not match the verbal descriptions for the different products, but thanks for showing some upcoming options

Soon as they have a vehicle that goes 400 miles plus in the $30,000 I would consider it. The Bolinger I would never buy way to risky off-roading unless there is some kind of solar option. Other than the Soul these are rich peoples toys. These are not environmentally friendly. Lookup how the batteries are made.

Wow! The Future is truly intelligent and mulit-capable while being eco-friendly at last! #14 Aston-Martin Mini Electric will earn the "A"grade on a College Campus,#12 The New Tesla; #8 Porsche Taycan; amazing ly quick charge speed! Gives you "Star Quality"! #7 VW I.D. a retractable steering wheel! #5 BMWIX3 All the "bells/whistles ; add on is Elegance! #4 Byton M-Byte:swivel seats allow for "Relationship Marketing meetings on the way to Conference!

The new Roadster can go 620 miles on ONE CHARGE? And people can't see EV's as the future? I know this is a high-end, high cost car at the moment, but with the price of batteries becoming ever cheaper by the year, (if not by the month) and all this new competition coming into the market, the 500 mile range will be cracked on mainstream cars by 2022. A few already with 400 mile range are being released in 2020. There are fully electric cars now starting around $30,000, and people still can't see this as the future? Are those the people that said flat screen TV's would never make it as they were way too expensive and would never last as their screens would burn up?
I was at my local BJ's yesterday and there was a plethora of 55” 4K resolution TV's, and at least one 65" 4K for under $500. These are major brands, mind you, IE: Samsung, Sharp, LG, etc. Here’s a link from CNET from 2017 (2017?!! I know, that’s ancient in tech terms) showing the price drop of flat TV’s top of the line models over the last 20 years up to that point: https://www.cnet.com/news/are-tvs-really-cheaper-than-ever-we-go-back-a-few-decades-to-see/
If we adjust that to the prices I saw yerterday, that's a price drop from over $22,000 to under $500 over a 22 years. That's a price drop of over 97% in barely over 2 decades.

Perhaps you could do a segment on electric cars that are designed and built more for the average family and work/home drivers rather than the sport or “need for speed” drivers?
I’m sure there are more like me looking for a car for distance or around town soccer mom type driving aren’t there?

Price wise only Volkswagen ID car and kia soul ev(somewhat) seems affordable, the Volkswagen ID bus missed the list, FWD in EVs doesn't make sense at all they should be atleast RWD or best AWD because there are issues of maintenance and power loss in ICE cars regarding RWD and AWD but this is not the case with EVs so a big no to FWD EVs.

Yea I just hope America dosnt totally ban Gas Cars just for the sake of global warming like China is doing if was they would of done it by now or came up with better longer lasting batteries alot of Gas Stations and Mechanics,Collectors are gona have to adjust but technology isn't there yet as much as I love future tech.

15 looks cool,
14 is my mom's favourite 😂,
13, yes would be great for business,
12, looks beautiful, would be my favourite.
10, looks smart.
9, looks speedy.
8, looks classy.
7, my mom drives aawv atm and loving it.
6, amazingly fast!
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2, looks greater than most.
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1974 Vanguard Citicar it was a 2 seater with a top speed of around 40mph, with a reported range of 50 miles per charge. Take that Prius!

so where is the pricing info you promised? Really, you should include the pricing info in the selection criteria, i mean if you really wanted to help your viewers. Pricing data would let us understand which are fantasies and which may be legitimate options for us mere humans!

Your final four were my favorites of all of these vehicles. It was the price tags that shocked me. MED wonderful advertisement for each of these products. Watched it twice to be sure of the products.

would love to try to use the Tesla Model Y on my Job. I am an Uber/Lyft driver an electric car would be perfect for the job depending on durability

Why don't any of these electric vehicles have solar panels on the roof,even just as a backup charger for long periods of sitting idle. Problem in most countries is there is nowhere to put enough charging points and the cost of installing them

I'm in construction and the Rivian pick up would be useless because it has such a tiny bed. The standard 4' X 8' plywood would not fit. Also, are there going to be any pipe rack holes on the bed rails? What's the pay load capacity?

let me get my parents credit card I will take 2 of the Rimac C_TWO sporty looking cars to buy one for my parents one for me then I can borrow theirs when mine runs down.

Maybe someday these cars will be able to compete with gas combustion cars, but not yet. For "early adopters" (money to blow) only.

When will they finally make an all-in-One Car,with all the widely known various features currently available and actually combined accordingly for either the family driver or the actual sport's car enthusiasts and ultimately making extraordinary upgrades in automotive design exponentially as the only difference between them will be in color's and body styling along with capabilities in performance all around in various terrains and weather conditions immensely.

Editing editing editing…Kia Soul…voice over claim of 80% in just under 54 minutes….end credit says 80% in 35 minutes…

Amazing how things change when The Cabal controls them. The 1100 mile range on the Rivan dried up quickly. There sare still some Bad Elements to PERMAMENTLY remove. Then and only then will the auto manufacturers truly give us what we are looking for. Till then The Death penalty awaits them.

Mystery vehicle is the all electric Sebring Vanguard Citicar from the mid-70's. Also known as the "Hippie's Wet-Dream". Lol.

Wow, must be running out of ideas for videos to get people to click on because this is basically a copy of an electric car video they ran a month ago, with nearly identical wording in the title by using replacement synonyms to make it "seem" different.

Videos like this one never quote chemical engineers who design and build batteries.  If they did, it would reveal that the "breakthrough" in battery capacity probably will never happen as the laws of chemistry are as rigid as the laws of physics.  Just imagine changing all or most vehicles to all electric power.  Recharging stations will require parking lots the size of a Walmart parking lot to accommodate those in line for their 30 minute to one hour re-charge.

All these vehicles would be awesome if they made it affordable to everyone cause if two thirds the population still driving gas cars it's not going to help the environment that much

Owning Electric cars can save you so much money from putting gas and paying over $1000 a year why buy a car that needs gas when you can charge a car with electricity for free no charge

Driving an EV sadly does not improve the environment. Moving close to work does. Not a single mentioning of efficiency in this video on any of the cars? Wh/mile is the single most important factor comparing different EVs!

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