15+ Luxury Used Cars Under $15,999 Easy Financing at Titan Auto Sales!

Aureliano over here from Titan Auto
Sales. I want to invite you to enjoy this beautiful weather outside with me and
come get your new car. I have our 15 cars in inventory designated specifically for
people that need a low budget car that needs help rebuilding their credit or
starting it off. All these cars are priced at $15,999 or below. With those cars
I can get you a $300 payment or less and I can get you done with under a thousand
dollars down. Come by today, come check us out and see what we can do for you and
see what our lenders have to offer for your specific situation. Come hit us up at
11201 South Harlem Avenue in Worth llinois, the friendly village! Or
call us up at 708-671-9140 and check us out
online at TitanUsedCars.com. I’ll see you here!

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