$1,600 TREASURE FOUND AT PALLET AUCTION I bought an abandoned storage unit

oh nice you see the price of that one ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
packets of all ages it is I your captain with another in this sequence of 600
palace bottom from the storage wars auction company American auctioneers me
storage stalker Locker nuts we were all out there mom and Jana nuts was there
and we bought pallets I bought 40 this is what we’re going through don’t forget
to check don’t forget to check out the other videos amazing finds in this
collection this is the three to ten thousand dollar box three thousand
dollar box there look ladies gentlemen surprise visit from Uncle Mike and we
got all these boxes here to go through steel right here so let’s just get
started eating meanie miney moe catch a tiger by its toe we’re gonna go ahead
and skip into the other side are still over there so those are two other
sections of stuff different I guess I don’t know different units you would
call them I bought groups but I need a holster so I’m gonna load this bike
right here this has got to be a probably about $150 sale fast sale maybe 125 I
see him going for as much as 300 but I’m not gonna put my on Craigslist we’ll go
right to the flea market I need fill a hole so we’re gonna load this nice track
right here this is the this is probably the reason why I bought those probably
about 10 pallets of stuff for $300 because this one item damn near paid for
it or or I like the quality of you think so we bought a track why has nicer
things when you’re profiling a flavor away was this thing my charger
hmm I think this will be another Krieg this day MIT behind him was it do
breadmaker I think it’s some type of dryer like electric it doesn’t in fry
stuff but not dehydrator trying to dehydrate there’s the new thing when you
fry without oil I bought one than the other day for an
engine one if I can make us some non fried food right there nice this I bet
you the Poshmark woman will definitely want that one UC Davis whoo-hoo I bet
you Scott will wear this one huh who will say this for Scott that’s you I
know but it’s too small for me Scott likes pirate shirt he has a pirate shirt
he wears nice belts right there Dooney and Bourke coach look at this now we’re
getting some money this is exciting right here
I like purses I don’t physically like them like I’m not gonna wear them but
I’m just saying these are money she’ll get 30 40 50 60 70 bucks apiece I will
put her link in the bottom Italian leather made in China that
doesn’t sound very exciting what is in here how funny nice condition maybe 10
maybe 15 I’m gonna let her decide on that nice I only use belt hangers on my
clothes they were picky about what they hang the clothes on but I only hang –
God look at that coach that is nice very mark green Uncle Mike you a new purse no
Nike gloves those are you get your personal Ross okay
Majid she bought the heck out of these Souls
they’re like souls for the bottom of your shoes she’s smart lady
no I have a cases of make cases you want these for your heels or two pairs of socks and my daughter can fly
Kaspar little nice you see the price in that one get your glasses on Oh Michael no it was 595 not 95 now it’s for 19 and
then it got marked down to 92 99 it is a Burberry belt for two dollars
no that was 299 it was marked down it was originally 600 marked down to 400 Gucci where it gets I don’t have to say
it guess I’d like to have that look to have our first lady look this one up it
doesn’t say anything on there usually Gucci does say something there it is
guess got me excited I’m still excited that
Burberry $600 belt Michael Kors that’s how I sought in the streets this one’s
kind of cool let’s suppose one look at that Wow
interesting no brand Michael’s been like my frame rates per second look at these
these are kind of cool what do you guys think about those I have to rock these
anyone these for your key chains over Michael look at those the Timbo’s let’s see if
we get a little bit closer in on this one size seven oh those those size seven
timberlands we’ve been sitting at the site it looks like a very expensive
blender actually alright last minute box here these are the fancy little glasses
I put on the other day digital performance eyewear oh these are
brand-new though interesting Uncle Michael try these on these are supposed
to enhance enhance what they enhance the abilities of the human visual system
damn who’s that guy do you notice anything different with them no enhance
maybe in the digital performance I word is I think look crisper or anything well
who do you see that no another Piper it’s been a long period of time like at
the beach or something you know I’m computer Bluetooth speaker that’s kind of cool
little exit williams-sonoma but still williams-sonoma don’t make nothing cheap
that’s probably quite pricey there we’ll have to have that looked up it’s a
Bluetooth speaker this was their last minute box it’s always fun to think
about what somebody packs in the last minute of their stuff this supports iPad
kitchen stand oh that’s kind of cool you want to don’t you have a tablet
don’t you like a hook or something you use something like you set it in there it holds it holds it holds it like that
and you can set it in her pet waste bags need this
no you never have cool stuff in them Kimberly Mon look at that red and blue
studio okay inside what she might like this take this home
nice little hose all flat Emeril not bad looks like Emeril them all flat set
that’s a good 40 50 bucks well no I can’t afford you to say you can help me
Monday and then end up not helping me Monday get any other day I know but I
counted on you and that’s what’s most important look at this solar yeah what
do we do with this star electricity company what you are they are taking stock
that’s on the dollar pot 5,000 records $5,000
the newer Mac went overboard education the other Catholic you won’t Michael no
I did meet y’all down up they did that show them the correct way one piece of
tape please be the newer one I have somebody wanting one but I don’t want to
get them an older one this is actually pretty nice it’s really nice
Oh Jesse doesn’t how to work these ones does he what Jesse doesn’t how to get in
these ones I don’t know what happened the last one you restarted it Jimmy why
is there two cords coming out of the bottom of it okay so we can’t you turn this on
there’s no power button maybe that gotta be lying it’s right here
is that what this goes to that’s a printer ring and that is charger you get
remote controlled turn one that is weird google it that is interesting
this should just come on okay what’s occurred whole thing is I
won’t do this thing I wouldn’t put the Carboni outside thing it wasn’t an
actual computer it was the monitor and you connect
things to it what is this they’re things you get my glasses out there’s something
you might like nothing like them this is hair stylist how’d you use your dog yeah
looks expensive it is very hot like stolen no no my dog this one’s like 400
degrees you’re not gonna use those or not French milled soap how about this
you give these the teen until you went to storm there’s some fancy soaps you
probably interesting you think that right there is an expensive heater to
run the garage it just needs the heat where
the it’s for where the eBay for gas so much cheaper all right this goes into
closed boxes well what yeah yes you can probably use
at home huh you know those flavored or app I know the flavored ones are the
best not play with the center I love ya know these are Kirkland just regular
ones still 100 of them you should take those home for your leaf bag do you need
them I’ll show you the freaking $2,000 cappuccino machine mm I think so yeah
anything as I look them up they’re like 2,000 in the store the directions this thing just pumped toast out replacement one of these Wow
that’s it for some serious toast look it up Q it runs to make my thumb you alright there’s the end of this unboxing
unboxing number 7000 forum – I don’t know there’s a full playlist 600 pallet
auction of all the stuff we found great finds this being the best one and this
one a $600 Burberry belt don’t forget to check out the rest of them like share
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Why are you guys buying pallets if you're finding gold, money, paintings worth thousands in the storage units???????

Notes on a Storage Auction Pirate Video: Convection oven…I get my purses as gifts from loved ones…I don't wear heals (unless they're chunky)…I would never pay anywhere near $200 dollars for a belt…and how many black boots are really necessary?…a food processor…just as many hoses, pots and pans are needed I guess. (But really I prefer boots to a hose.) Good to hear your voice Uncle Mike… The Mac monitor probably turns on when it's plugged into the computer. You have a ceramic tool that gets hot in eBay listing right now…how much is the space heater? ….next is an over priced industrial toaster you find in McDonalds… All in all, I never expect a response…but Pirate, you are an honest man who does good business…have a great day thanks for the motivation and sense of currency to what I do…you are a great team player. Have fun always! In Christ. Amen.

Just a thought, might be time to hire 1 or 2 people. And just have faith they won't steal ( put a camera in the works space and tell them) from one entrepreneur to another. πŸ™‚

Hey Mike wasn't that a man purse? β€πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ€“πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©

I'd ebay the solar panels. Alot of people are going offf the grid these days. $$$$$$$ πŸ¦„πŸ©β€πŸ™πŸ‘Œ

I used to watch your videos alot, you were unique in a vintage hippie way. I quit watching when you started acting like and posting fake looking thumbnails like another utuber. You were original and entertaining, now not so much. Maybe change your name to Uncle jeebus?

Nice video. Good stuff. Uncle Mike you looked so hot with those sunglasses on your face. I thought you were a movie star. Tell Mike to give you those glasses. Love

Its called an Air fryer …i bought one because i like chips(french fries to you) but wanted to be a bit healthier about it..

This is just Amazing , the pallets just keep giving and its not cheap stuff ether everything seems to be of good quality thank as allways for sharing with us you finds .

Those glasses when you had the camera pointed at uncle Mike and were waving them about. You could see outside really clearly it stopped the glare from outside the unit. I did ask yesterday but did you ever do an octopus πŸ™ dance? Video as I’m sure it was you on the video on FB.

Love the pallets that come from the moving companies…great stuff and just so interesting ❀️❀️

Another Great Video Storage Octopus Pirate and Re facebook (see and you said you couldn't dance) i loved it

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