$20 storage unit auction – storage unit buying

hey what’s up guys this is Andre and
it’s Christmas somewhere right anyways my wife just calls me and all that calls
me she wakes me up and she’s like hey Andre there’s an auction starts at like
six minutes and I’m like oh shoot so I jump in the car don’t have money on me
throw a Christmas shirt on and there’s a bunch of people in here and they’re
calling me newbie and all that stuff and I went this storage unit it’s like a
closet and I paid 25 bucks so funny anyways I’m not gonna go through it
because my wife will kill me we’re gonna go throw it at home so it’s kind of like
gambling you know you go to your casino but uh but the beach you know you throw
in 25 bucks and you lose it you know and then you say thank you to the lady and
you’re done but wait in here it’s a little different
it’s kind of like gambling but it’s kind of like it’s gambling let’s just put it
that way so um let’s go I’ll show you my unit guys on that guy’s butt let’s go I did not know I’m gonna win this thing I think I overpaid I think it overpaid don’t really remember oh it’s this one
right here so you guys were you guys ready are you guys ready well ah this is what I got I got two
bags sign was playing 75 bucks for this thing and I got four mattresses great hopefully it’s not dirty laundry so yeah
I’m gonna take this in the car take it home soft stuff goes to Goodwill like
the mattresses and we should be like subscribe to my channel watch my stuff so we got this unit right here for 25
bucks we got four mattresses one of the metrics is that I already took it out
three bags this one looks like it’s full of socks where the baby feels a clothing
being the wire sticking out I mean someone was paying 75 bucks a
month for this unit so when you buy a box a single money let’s see I think I’m just I’m just taking two
mattresses and three bags today and I will have to pick this up later okay all right see you guys later check this out
mattresses are in there some bags I think I’m ready to go what do you think let’s go see where we got it smells like
smoke in here I think a little smoker all right so this will be good we got
two bags right here one in a in the front
I’m not even unloading all these mattresses because they’re going
straight to Goodwill and you’ll see we’ll go through the bag see if there’s
only garbage in there and no treasures going back to good will tell you ready
got your number one tap start digging good it’s a good cable they’re like socks in there can we get
another garbage can so we can just dump it in there she told me to buy it you wanna get some
gloves or no anyways how about you record me I’ll just take a shower in
Bleach and you wanted some socks yeah oh my gosh I feel like I want to vomit like why would someone save a bag of dirty
socks I I don’t even know it is messed up where’s my shoe people
huh where’s Wade oh yeah he likes Nike she don’t like adidas I got some flaming
hot undies for me huh you have to put them off for you there
you go ahead Leah oh it smells like smoke – I’m done
Oh bag of underwear so beg of socks I beg of I don’t know their flame you
check pockets you find needles in these pockets right
these are nice skinny jeans ya know hey there’s some shit finished pants right
here it’s the nesting come on and people
don’t even wash clothing when he imagines people don’t wash clothing with
a self at like boom in your face okay let’s see what this is it’s a big bag I don’t know you think I was I was rigged
and scammed and bent over hold this and they just paid you to do it no no I paid
them to do it yeah let me let me take the garbage and D to low zero and 25
bucks it steams like please be something better all right
Oh blankies blanket blanket no doing campaign you think you know there’s like
dog fur Oliver can you please put it says er on it yeah that’s not me are
that’s re in this target this man had a dog you go ahead a dog you got a
shoelace please be I phone charger no it’s
Android did you find a phone in the room okay so and this is like these things what is this eight here this is a cold
storage right here they’re messing with me they’re messing with me and it’s
supposed to be Christmas somewhere maybe give this to my dad
don’t touch it like what’s the point of looking for money or this guy couldn’t
pay his bill don’t do that dad there’s underwear more maybe you should give
this Robert extra-large some more socks how much is this subbu okay how much
does this thing weigh it’s very new secretary Amazon today you
know what we’re selling sugar okay so we got we got the one item we got the one
item in here sealed package right here treasures maybe we’ll find the bacon
here too that’s a no this reeks like I don’t know I mean I don’t think those
were clean it’s a red it’s not 25 bucks there’s something else in here come on
you know there can you go to this maybe there’s a skateboard ten dollars
I need a garbage bag Go Go alien ago somebody just think a good wash I don’t
want to good wall should I could I would have didn’t do it I went to start doing
it like I said you do storage unit just to see that it’s not filming me just to
see and you come back with this I didn’t say just buy one of them buy
one sorry like if you see like nasty mattresses and black bags okay
this was like I think we need to go for this one just
kick it kick it there’s some pants in that it’s a Dickies on you know four
legs Dickies raise it like stickies every zi got some Dickies for you you’re
not gonna sign vent it’s black line these reek Andre there’s nothing in here what’s my conclusion this is garbage
this is the garbage that I need to donate there’s couple things we might
sell that’s mattresses and this is the dude’s
friend right here huh yes I’m done well thank you for watching my my treasure
hunt thank you honey for sending me on this treasure hunt I should have gambled
at daddy’s should I went to casino for the money or the bends huh
what do you think did you do it again or if there’s mattresses no we’re not
taking mattresses no there’s no more mattresses price you should’ve paid like
five bucks oh I don’t know they did it or not so what do I think on storage units it’s
like anything it’s a hit and miss now I feel like a bunch of crap is crawling
all over me I need you to get well I am taking a shower after this unit that’s
the first well that’s a must I just need to find a place to drop
these mattresses because I just donated the clothing into those green bins you
see those green bins that’s right I just threw it in there
and I donated please I’m doing you know I’m doing a good good deed I’m donating
it was a big waste time and money because I have to still come tomorrow
and pick up those other two matrices in there so conclusion on storage units I
mean sometimes you’re gonna have a shitty day or like I’m having a shitty
day okay with the smile on my face that’s how you do it I’m thinking of
those mattresses and bags you don’t you don’t buy like you don’t buy like why
would you buy like why did I buy that oh hey there girl enjoyed my Friday but
now I’m driving around trying to donate mattresses this time well you know dropping a good
day they could have been a stash under these mattresses you know what I mean so
let’s see a bit was gonna Tony here taking more awesome just dropping them
off somewhere on the sidewalk that’s it sidewalk
I’m not gonna do that all right thank you
goodbye Angus

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