2001 Lexus LS430 0-60 Acceleration test, Exhaust Sound, How fast is it?

Here is a 2001 Lexus LS430 with 90,000 miles. It’s in really good shape for a 16 year old
car, and it has fairly low miles for a vehicle that old. It was the flagship luxury sedan for Lexus
in 2001. And we’re going to find out how fast it is! 0 to 60 time. Some cars are really fast to 60 miles an hour, some, not so much! Car manufacturers publish 0 to 60 times on pretty much all their vehicles. What about the average Joe? Welcome to Episode #1, the 2001 Lexus LS430. So this LS430 is in pretty good shape for
a 2001. It’s got 290 HP, a five speed automatic transmission,
and Lexus said it would go 0-60 in 6.4 seconds. Time to find out how fast it is after all
these years! Let’s see what it will do! Well, The manufacturer said it would go 0-60
in 6.4 seconds, I got it to do that in 6.67 seconds. Pretty close, and typical of the LS430, it
still felt really good after 90,000 miles and 16 years. Please consider subscribing to my channel,
and let me know what you think in the comments!


Try it with only a gallon of gas in the tank as Toyota probably did. You'll have better acceleration with less weight. 16 years surely wouldn't speed it up either. How much for it?

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