2008 Airstream Safari Sport 22 Travel trailer for sale

this billions corey two thousand eight
airstream sport so i walked around outside this uh…
you know they’ve been very good condition no deaths buildings i’ll point out a few features at the
airstream does happen democrat powerleveling jack two twenty pounds models not be bottles she does have a little rials outdoor shower does have a black tank step on the inside here than absolutely excellent condition the sport was meant to get out of the
mandate two white white model road interest of ability do different
things begin aways thirty five hundred pounds it’s gross
vehicle weight its four thousand this is perfect for someone with a next
fall i should be of six ownership they would do just fine bertha cheaper cooked up convection microwave articulate with ice-breaker as you can see nobody coaches this year who was uh… miracle factory things
inside it may have come from a dealer that one of the things that would be my
guest we’ve got all the original owners
manuals which is kind of unique saying that we’ve had this weekend out
of the owner’s manuals were filled out in refused to believe that uh… this
came from a dealer today dr back on the twenty to discover what
would you do it for this year at the full factor in the back a lot of
room a lot of air stranger restricted in
their sizes when i started early preachers here but you have any questions about the
janet are for another is eight eight eight three one zero seven seven four
four my name is mike seconds the gladiator any questions which might
have my email address is mike ask she’s teeth w rb airstream jackson center flying cloud bambi matthew mcconaughey camping dealer jackson center rv camper trailer colorado springs California colonial nj florida bates dream


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