200834 – New, 2020, Chevrolet Blazer, Cajun, Test Drive, Review, For Sale –

Thinking of a sport utility vehicle? Thinking of a sports cars? The 2020 Chevrolet Blazer is the best of both
worlds, sporty and tough. For enhanced safety, the front shoulder belts
of the Chevrolet Blazer are height-adjustable, and the rear seat shoulder belts have child
comfort guides to move the belt, to properly fit children. A better fit can prevent injuries and the
increased comfort also encourages children to buckle up. When turning the vehicle off, drivers of the
Blazer are reminded to check the back seat if they opened the rear door before starting
out. The Envision doesn’t offer a back seat reminder. The Blazer has a more powerful engine than
the Envision, you’ll get 40 – 70 more Horsepower. An engine control system that can shut down
half of the engine’s cylinders helps improve the Blazer V6’s fuel efficiency. The Envision doesn’t offer a system that
can shut down part of the engine.The Blazer has a standard capless fueling system. The fuel filler is automatically opened when
the fuel nozzle is inserted and automatically closed when it’s removed. This eliminates the need to unscrew and replace
the cap and it reduces fuel evaporation, which causes pollution. The Envision doesn’t offer a capless fueling
system. Consumer reports held a brakes and stopping
test, where the Blazer outshines the Buick Envision by stopping a full 14 feet sooner,
on wet pavement. The Blazer has vehicle speed sensitive variable-assist
power steering, for low-effort parking, better control at highway speeds and during hard
cornering, and a better feel of the road. The Envision doesn’t offer variable-assist
power steering. The Envision offers a meager 1500lbs for towing,
where the Chevrolet Blazer offers up to 4500lbs. Come on down and try this Chevrolet Blazer
with our free 48 hour test drive. Once you buy it we will cover it with our
free lifetime mechanical warranty, for unlimited miles and unlimited years.

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