2011 Ford Explorer Review| Online Test Drive| Used cars and trucks for sale at WowWoodys

Hey guys its Ian here at the Woodys Automotive
Group! Today Im going to show you this 2011 Ford Explorer. So its black in color. You’ve
got fog lights down and the bottom as well as the chrome grill along the front! You have
18″ alloy wheels. The tires look to be in excellent condition. Almost brand new. So
plenty of tread left on them! So now we will get on the inside! So you will notice you
have really nice black leather seats! They are heated captain seats. Very comfortable.
In really good condition! On the steering wheel, you’ve got your cruise control, radio
controls, volume controls and the phone connections. It has a little over 44k miles. The center
console, offers plenty of room, a loose change holder, aux port and 12V adapter. Two cupholders
its an automatic with the autostick. So you do have the microsoft sync program! 7″ touch
screen. Has phone connections, so bluetooth streaming audio, satellite radio if you choose
to pay for that, climate controls for your heated seats. Dual climate and all that! So
you have leather seats back here as well. Your climate controls as well as another 12V
DC adapter. Two cupholders. You’ll notice this SUV does have a third row, very convenient.
Each side has a cupholder and a little cubby holder. Come around to the back you will notice
up top you have a roof rack, a very nice spoiler. It is the XLT package. Plenty of room back
here, it dips down so there is more space that it looks. These two back seats pull out
and floor mats and it also comes with a rear back up camera. So if you like this SUV give
us a call here at Woodys, (888)869-0963 or visit us at wowwoodys.com Thanks!

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