2018 worlds largest heavy equipment auctions! ritchie bros Orlando FL-unreserved!

Buying equipment at an auction is a rush! It’s exciting, it’s nerve racking! You’ve got thousands of people, all over the world, bidding on the same pieces that you are! It’s pretty much like high end gambling. I’ve been down here for over a month now inspecting equipment because my job, is to minimize the risk for us and the customer. Buying machines at the auctions can prove to be dangerous! It used to be only dealers could buy, but now anybody can sit at home and buy with the click of a mouse. If Newman tractor buys a piece from an auction like this. We take it home, run it through our processing facility, and take all of the guess work out of it before passing it on to you. We haven’t been in the equipment business for over 40 years, without standing behind the equipment we sell!

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