2019 Summit Award Winners National Auto Body Council

♪ [music] ♪ The F.R.E.E. program is the First Responder Emergency
Extrication program, and it’s one of the programs that the
National Auto Body Counsel has to help body shops improve the image in the
community. The First Responder program started at a
meeting where a fire chief came to the collision industry and said,
“We’re having trouble cutting these new cars.” The National Auto Body Counsel stepped up
and said, “We’ll look into this. We understand the new cars,
the new car technology. Let us see what we can do.” And within three months, we had a program. Well, as everyone knows,
the newer cars have more and more safety systems. They put in lighter, stronger steel,
but once an accident does occur, that’s the steel that fire departments
have to cut through to get somebody out of the car. Well, if you’re practicing on older cars,
that’s not helping very much. So we partnered with HURST Jaws of Life,
and also Genesis Rescue Systems. They are tool manufacturers,
and they provide the instructor. So, the instructor provides about an
hour’s worth of training for the first responders. Our NABC partner insurance companies
donate later model cars. So our members host the event,
and that’s what the National Auto Body Counsel brings, this opportunity to have
newer or later model cars for the first responders to cut. And that combination is what helps the
body shop give back to the community, helps the insurance company give back
because they’re providing cars that can be cut. And of course the fire fighters,
are giving back and they’re making it safer for us when we’re out on the road in
the unlikely event that we get in a serious accident. ♪ [music] ♪

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