2020 Honda Passport: FULL REVIEW | Where Family and Adventure COLLIDE!


I hope when it comes time to refresh it they change the fog lights to those of the new Accord and make the DRLs function as LED turn signals. Maybe fix up the rear a bit and give it the infotainment unit from the Accord. That'd be sweet! Great video and enjoy your visit to California!

I don’t like this vehicle. There is no purpose for this vehicle it also does not sell well. Each month I probably see 1 or 2 around.

Great Review congratulations love the Passport what’s so crazy is that I saw And Honda Passport Sport today it was black it’s very nice. And cool Honda let Mason drive.

Absolutely amazing national park along with an excellent midsize two row SUV! You guys deserve 100k!!! Can’t wait for the celebration!

Excellent review. I own Honda Passport ExL Awd n I love it. it's a complete 2 Row SUV with a huge space and fun travel for families.

cons: interior is boring

Congrats on 100k! I’m happy for y’all!! The Honda Passport is ok, my momma has a 2011 Honda Pilot now, she wants a 2020 Hyundai palisades now!!! It’s awesome that mason Finally got to drive lol!

455th view, 63rd like with 4 dislikes and 24th comment!!! I think they need a new look, it’s pretty copy and paste at this point.

Worst steering of any car I’ve ever driven. Light and no feedback. The cut in the back and the front in really life is really shitty. This car does not look good at all from the side, although it looks great from the front.

Woot!! 🎉Woot!!🎉 Grade A quality review gentlemen!! Thank you Drew and Mason for serving us up a yummy visual delicacy of Passport Elite 3.5L V6 naturally aspirated raw reliable Honda engine power backed by the silky smooth 9 speed transmission wrapped up in a sporty chic exterior and filled with delicious intuitive electronic class and essential daily driver features for the SUV fan boys and gals out there that like outdoor fun mixed with city comforts!! Love me some good reliable V6 fun without turbo lag and real transmission without CVT simulation shifts!! Elite would look even better pulling a waverunner/jet ski behind it on way to lake 😎😁 (it is still 96°F here in south central Texas 🌞). Thank you Honda North America for going above and beyond allowing Mason to flex his automotive review skills from the driver's seat for first time while attending their first ever press event! Congrats Mason! Great first impressions from behind the wheel.😎 Ya'll are almost to 100K! 😄😀 the 100K celebration will be here before you know it!

Whaaaaaaaaaa Mason is driving, this is truly an epic review hands down. First ever press event and Mason driving during an in depth review. Would I be able to change the date I chose for when you both will reach 100k subscribers? 😁

My best friend was one of the first in the country to get one on Jan 31. She got a touring. I love her truck. Wish there were a few minor changes but overall it’s a nice suv.

A mini Pilot looks better Needs a new engine a more powerful engine for outdoors fun very spacious in the back seat Almost 100 K subscribers 🙂 :-)Nice Mason driving looks good

I saw the Passport in the summer before I knew it was even coming out. I was disappointed because I have a 2005 Pilot and I've made it more for off-road. I was excited they were making something for overlanding. It's not though. It's a missed opportunity. I just hope Honda changes the body style of the Pilot and this smaller Pilot soon. Thanks for the review and congrats on 100k!

Congrats guys! This is quite a milestone, being invited to your first press event, and in such a beautiful environment. It is nice to see your diligent efforts being recognized at a more professional level, and hopefully we'll see you at more of these events in the future.

I have had this car for 3 weeks. I previously had 2 F150 trucks. It is a little on the hard ride but the Tec stuff is excellent. I needed lots of cargo space as I drive to Florida for 5 months. This SUV delivers, even my cats like it!

Hello guys good day Wowwww what a nice new Honda Car model first time.I.see that Honfa Car Passport nice.specs infotainments and Large.s interior Wowww and nice smooth driving experience thanks to both of to our again guys for you nice.excellent review gooooo,gooo road to 100k subscribers,I pray for that godbless u. Gus greetings from.your solid FAn viewer subscriber from the Philippines sir Vhin ☺😊😊😊😇😇😇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

I just love your cars review, the way you guys demonstrate every vehicle and the pause you take in every line just make the review “THE BEST” . Best wishes and congratulations in advance for the 100k subscribers.

Congrats on 100k. !!! You guys definitely deserve it. Definitely one of the better automobile reviewers. I like your comparison videos a lot.

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