2020 Toyota Camry: FULL REVIEW | More UPDATES Should Have Accord WORRIED!


until they make this car awd…..then its game over…..same with the accord too…both cars have really stepped up their game. The only thing that can really boost sales is a awd version.

Vented seats are also an option in the highest package on XLE or XSE for 2020! What do you guys think about the Camry? Is it still the best??

๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. That color combo is exactly what I need. With the v6

After much consideration I have come to a conclusion… This car can't be touched! I test drove an XSE V6, Altima platinum and Accord sport back to back and I still love the Camry! Nothing beats the feel and drive of a naturally aspirated V6.

I love the 2020 Toyota Camry xse!! Itโ€™s so sexy!! I love the red Interior! I sat in one Saturday at the car show!!! The red Interior feels great!!! If I did not want a Tesla! I would get a Camry like them one! That awesome yโ€™all family members has Camryโ€™s! One of my auntie has a 2007 Camry!

loveeee my 2019 Camry XSE V6 ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ตโšซ๏ธ from working both at a honda and a toyota dealership, i knew the camry is the best deal and best looking and more reliable

Honda has nothing to worry about. Both vehicles are neck and neck. All Honda needs to do is release a Type R Accord but don't lock it to just a manual transmission.

Great job as always Drew and Mason! When comparing Camry and Accord from my experiences/research, I like that Camry has non-turbo V6 option. Hands down that V6 is a powerful reliable Toyota engine. Shame that Honda took away their 3.5L V6 for this 10th generation Accord model. I am looking forward to your up coming TRD Camry review. ๐Ÿ˜„ When it comes to looks…I do prefer Honda Accord Sport or Touring 2.0T 10 speed mix of sport, space and refinement over all Camry's exteriors and interiors. The digital dash portion of the Accord is very user friendly and customizable. I have not aquired the taste of the Toyota Entune infotainment VS Honda infotainment; Entune icons just look very generic to me. Android Auto does not work properly on Camry at this time? ๐Ÿ˜ŸI hope it just needs software updates for Toyota's sake since problem also affects some Lexus models. But over all the Camry upper trims and Accord 2.0T models are very solid reliable vehicles worth every penny with each one having eye catching differences that make them stand out among most in this class! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi Drew and Mason ๐Ÿ˜„. I'm so wanting to change the date of my guess when you all will hit 100k subscribers, I think I'm way off on my guess. Will I be allowed change my guess date? Boldest Toyota Camry hands down, the red leather against a blue exterior color might be cool.

Unfortunately this car still carries the stigma of being lackluster, dull, and lacking personality for the longest time.

Also besides APple Maps, Google Maps, you have WAVE is preferred by more Millennials so they can see where Police are hiding.. No USB in rear seats of a modern Family Sedan? Still loving my Impala in Red Tint Coat-after 2 years. And with itโ€™s giant Pano Roof and 4G LTE and Tons of room and plenty of power and great MPG. I use the auto Start almost daily and still manage 28MPG combined. And I go through 10 sets of red lights round trip to work. On the way home the traffic is brutal I listen to my Audio Book over Android auto, while looking at Waze Maps. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I trued the 2018 Camry and at 6โ€™2 and 200lbs I was like a sardine in a can. Very cramped cabin.

So the update that you were referring to was android auto? Which accord owners have had, and apple CarPlay, since day 1 in 2018 lol. Accords aren't really worried

Nicely done. While it is difficult to dispute the value proposition Camry offers given historic reliability and strong resale values, I still find the "bold" design language a bit much. The Camry is a wonderful appliance, but trying to make it look like an aggressive sport sedan is just silly, and perhaps a little desperate.

I think I would prefer the Accord's driving dynamics but I'm just not crazy about the way it looks. The Camry looks much better in my opinion, but I love the looks of the Avalon in black…it looks mean.

Very handsone! Have you tested this one out for yourself, Drew, I can't remember if this one was part of your new car list?

cant go wrong with a toyota. condition those leather seats though. not sure how often but i'd say once a month. dead skin needs moisturizer. i'd wear gloves for the steering wheel too otherwise with all the skin fluids coming off the hands it will become glossy and there goes some resale value or just your own pleasure value if you keep it a long time. rubber floor mats are a must have too. or do like the japanese do and set your outside shoes in a box and put on your clean driving shoes lol or just barefoot and with rubber floor mats for everyone else if they're not as keen on such things.

Android auto is straight garbage ๐Ÿ—‘. You have to first open it on your phone some how. Then after opening it on your phone plug it in and eventually it will communicate. Apple car play is just plug and play. Android auto needs work

This tempted me. More room than the accord. Good looking body style especially since 2018. But being 6 foot five I went with a crossover

Honda Accord has been more than worried for more than a decade being the Camry's sales lead over the Accord continues to widen each and every year.

I love this color combo on the Camry itโ€™s a great choice!! Toyota really did a fantastic job back in 2018 when they redesigned it. Great review as always!!

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