3 of 12. Auto Auction Bidder Registration And Marketing.

The next thing about Auction Simplified I think you’re going to really like is the way we manage our bidders. We have a beautiful registration page that’s built right into your auction web page allowing the new bidders new people to register put in their name address phone number cell phone and even put in their dealer license information. Now, you’llget a notification right away that you have a new registration and you can go in there and put some details and maybe set credible and that’s in that kind of thing. Now when the buyer shows up for an event you can print a bidder number put in a nice lanyard form so this way that that can be kept with them and used over and over again. His bedder number never changes and then you can set credit limits and things like that. Now that’s one part the second part is we can actually broadcast message to those buyers either via text you can set up get a list from our software so that you can set up a an email campaign you can do call campaigns but more importantly with our software you can identify who your best and worst buyers are so let’s talk about best first. So your best buyers are people that you need to maybe work on and keep them coming and make sure they’re comfortable with the the events so you can identify maybe your top 20 or top 50, Send them Christmas cards postcards things like that keep them in the loop. Even call have the owner Call Them. Have the Owner Call em, and say hey thanks again for… You just hit the million mark or whatever the milestone is. Now on the worst buyers you know these are people maybe they have registered but have never actually come to the auction. Never won a car. You could send a broadcast text to them if they buy something this week they get a free bitter fee or something like that. So there’s all kinds of ways you can grow that business and again number of bidders as you know is the key to a successful auction so I think you’re going to love that about Auction Simplified, take a look at it when you get a chance

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