$3,800.00 SPENT AT STORAGE AUCTION ! I bought an abandoned storage unit

all through lock it up solo 30 seconds ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
parents of all ages it is pirate time we are on our way to the auctions now once
again we are still out of stuff to take the flea market and we got to keep the
ball rolling so let’s see what we have at the auctions we drove an hour away to
Napa got to see what they got nice town high-end money up here the owners got
think quality over quantity and the best place to find quality is gonna be in a
nicer neighborhood even though I’m a firm believer that people are nicer
neighborhoods have a easier time of paying bills they’re friends family
neighbors etc have more money than those in a lower income area and they tend to
pay up more because when times are tough they have a little more on their side
that’s just the firm belief in mine but anyway let’s see what we have another one will fit in your van that
auction was a bust we’re here at the next one now we went from Napa Oh well I wasn’t feeling the public storage
run I almost bought that last one I’m kind of like hesitant to pull a trigger
I’m being very cautious lately so we’re on our way to a whole other town whole
nother run whole another area the beauty of being a pirate is you have the whole
open sea so we are traveling the open seven seas I call it Omaha know what I
call it just made that up really but we’re on our way now in this commercial
industry area I’ve always been a believer that commercial areas have a
tendency to yield some good units because you have a good chance of seeing
a business unit you have a good chance of seeing things of that nature not just
residential so I like coming to areas like this you can see it’s all
commercial all around them all back so you get a clean we’re going to fight to
get you a little bit more time so we got some 8 by 48 I got charged tax well so
it’s cash so we clean which do get back 48 hours on the clean-out and sales tax
without resale license guys I thank you in advance being kind of base with each
other guys take a file and work on better oh I got $40 here for now mini bag right
here six now we got six dollar been guys 50 bucks with mill for six seventy
seventy I need I got six bid on 700 hey different like 70 bucks guys six dollars
right here gonna go one time the divorcee of no-bid he’s done in 79 80
hey here now 99 to go 90 I get even on $99 bid now we’ve done nothing I got
either here gonna go one time over 1908 guys what’s on my ATR wheel don’t know
true soul all right make way for the next person
thank you very much so we make sure we get everybody there get a look guys you
gotta crack these out got a bunch more alright guys you guys get a peek get a
paper started out you guys going to have plenty of time jump in one herb cheese
2:09 guys move the startup chick 20 miles down a bit–that Sahni 25 here 50
what you do I get fed down some accent I’ve sent my money no I’m here now
hundred hundred we do now 125 125 where you go I’ve heard of it on 125 98 what
am I thinking you’re back at Josie I got what’s been here now setting about send
it back let’s go first I’m fine now – I need to tube it
on – I got one send it back there oh we got $200 bid guys Tony came in at 25 –
25 20 back will you do – 25 I got told I needed Twitter $25 bitch turn around
here 25 payment now fitting here now Sunday – any valve on these naps ready
three metal tray where you go 300 who’s got three now 25 an extra fifty if you
want to go I got 25 benefitting funny bitch made a bit of a new decorator
video I did 325 right here gonna go one time
look 350 guys doing some mine 325 are well done alternate or sole 345 and
again guys when we’re done here with four four and now we want to go one time
for two came in that 20 miles 20 my will you do it okay for 20 – meet him up and
down came in si Madison bat where you go I got 450 outside about 500 now if you
want to ring bell 2500 500 guys for center back right here take it out one
time over $500 got twice my 425 so like I like that one is said
performing arts on the trunk on the bottom with some slides and look like
old letters just had to have it you buy something if you pay attention there was
a lot of dust on it and I like anything that’s been sitting for a while it look
really gone through but I guess we’ll find out soon I never going to wake side neck they
should have said this is the last one here in a sense I’ve been up there a
certain organ destiny we go 800 now if you like I got 50 minute rapid and
there’s a bit so 9 no I’m here not fitting out that we’re gonna bail on it
don’t know but I gotta know if it Reuters got downloaded so stealing I
take pictures to jump in here now lemon let alone L 1 by 1 5 0 1 by 12 but
wonder what you do now 13 13 or 14 – 13 14 under I mean I got 12 anything else
13 13 13 o of it like 1312 sit right here 13 a pity that’s better okay we go
13 for there 39:13 oh you’re gonna go one time concertina 1440 50 bayonets on
your TV now 15 15 go like a 40-minute up visit been to the deputy knowledge
Epstein a 50/50 s 1660 19 I got 15 bit about 1650 Peter we’re over 1500 of you
guys 50/50 gonna go one time new shooter 69 an outfit in L 16 17 I know what you
do why get sixteen thirty minutes 17 17 you got 1,700 so tuner came in after
bathing often do we live in a teepee thank you mm right here that’s twenty
one twenty one twenty two twenty two weeks out three three get on twenty
three twenty three twenty four or four I need for who’s got 2422 right here over
twenty four twenty twenty five hundred and twenty six twenty five hundred six
here now seven 10:07 he’s got 2,600 2,700 now about twenty seven twenty
seven point seven twenty six over here one time over twice under our dead guys
wax on my twigs he’s dead twice I’m 28 now 29 3 huh guys 137 all done all through line
it up solo 37 for them how you got to take the one back there I don’t know all
of YouTube guys look this is not your game micros favor of cussing no any
enemy goes estamos a pasando juntos pero de Siddiqui mejor
Salil me quiero comprar ax y todo esto no moto siendo Nikita Rita
pero le van a ser Llyn para vendor los después ya GI cautious optimism on our
own say no Trotman a D or e Plata haces que si got my coffee la casa cotton wha


The Norton 750 looks in pretty good shape although will need some chrome work. If it runs, will pay for the unit. The CRT monitors in the back would make me leery.

Wait so…did you get the bike or no? I don’t speak A lot of Spanish but I think I heard the world lien in there

Dang pirate I wish you would have got a hold of me I've got a whole bunch of Collectibles for sale cheap gold silver all kinds of stuff I'm up here in Sonoma County

Anyone that does not payoff the unit with a nice moto inside could have left some very valuable stuff…or not. Doesn’t seem to be a lot in there…. this one seems like one of your biggest gambles. Looking forward to hearing what you saw in there that made you want it so much.

Way to go Pirate! Beautiful bike. You should get all your money $$$ back just for the bike alone from a collector. The rest will be free and clear. 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌❤🙏🙏☠🤓

Great chance to pick it and hit it! You scored the only locker that had any potential. Keep doing going hustling and dealing…you work so hard it's humbling. Stay true and may God be with you. In Christ. Amen.

Sometimes you can be fooled by road dirt.
Road dirt happens a lot on units in gravel lots.
Doesn't take long to get "dusty" so beware.

Couldn't make Parr . Boxtruck is full partners van full . Plenty of chumalishesness for this weekend that is now half over .
Liked the Norton unit but when they changed the ad I was over it . As I am writing this the video is not finished so I am thinking that was the unit you went after .

I have a 1969 Norton Commando, great vintage bikes. The one in the video would probably go for between $3,500-$5,500 depending on condition & paperwork imo. Goodluck!

Hi Pirate ✌🏻 felt like I was taking a peek at the auction seeing how people signal and bid from the neck down very cool !!!🧜‍♂️☠️♥️🙏

Not sure, but I think the motorcycle is not something Pirates can keep and re-sell since it looks like it is operational/mostly in-tact and probably registered with the state. ????

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