4 Reasons Why Manual Transmissions Are Dying

So it seems like every year that passes by fewer and fewer cars are being made with manual transmissions today I’ll be explaining why stick shift cars are dying off here in the United States Sup guys, I’m Cristian, and this is vehicle virals If you enjoy the content make sure to subscribe for more weekly automotive content well except for last week but anyways Let’s begin the first reason is barrier of entry you’re gonna need someone willing to teach you how to drive a stick But let’s be honest most people here in the u.s. Drive an automatic car you take that already small percentage and cut it down to people you know cut it down further to the people That will actually take the time to teach you What are you left with not that many options then add that you’ll need a manual car to learn it you have two options either You buy a stick card to learn in or you use someone else’s car and I’ll tell you from personal Experience no one likes teaching a newbie how to drive stick and their own personal cart due to the obvious Increased wear and tear one mistake and there goes half of your clutches life Then there is the actual Learning process sure it may not be too bad learning to drive stick in a open parking lot or a big isolated area but what happens once you get on the road to practice you know with actual drivers traffic obstacles and Pedestrians around the Ivan’s thinking the open road can be terrifying for beginners even more terrifying for those that live in a crowded urban Environment arguably the hardest thing to learn is taking off from a complete stop Especially on a hill sure it’s much easier to do that when no one is wrong, but in traffic That’s a whole different game The pressure of bumper-to-bumper traffic other drivers honkin in the fear of hitting another car Can be rough and something most people just rather not deal with it’s much easier to avoid all those steps and just drive an automatic Second reason manual transmission cars are dying is because US Americans. Just aren’t buying them They are doing just fine in other parts of the world, but in the u.s. It’s just not the case back in 2006 47 % of new vehicle models offered in the u.s. Were available in both automatic and manual transmissions according to a study made by IDI Montcalm in 2011 that number dropped to 37% and in 2016 that number got slashed down to 27 percent. I know what you’re thinking well 27 percent isn’t that low? In 2016 less than 4% of car sales were cars with a manual gearbox Now compare that to some European and Asian countries where their sales for manual car as high as 80% The sad thing is that in the US that percentage is not going up It’s heading for zero less unless car manufacturers are offering the option to equipped a manual But can you blame them after all it’s just business Many car manufacturers offer a few amount of manual transmission cars on their cheaper low-end models for reasons you might not know since manual Transmissions weigh less and are cheaper to produce car Manufactures can price these vehicles low enough to entice customers into the dealership that doesn’t mean they sell in great numbers though a car manufacturer Or dealer can simply use the lower price point solely for ads to get you to come in and once you’re there They use many of their sales tactics to get you to purchase a more expensive Automatic model Marketing at its finest some automakers want to appeal to the real enthusiasts But when sales for manual transmission cars below 4 percent it makes that tough third reason is efficiency Many of the pros of owning a manual are no longer a factor things like cheaper sticker price better performance and better gas mileage It’s not what they used to be automatic transmissions have come a long way They were once less efficient than a manual car and much more expensive, too Nowadays many automatic vehicles here in the US are more fuel efficient and much quicker to then add the recent addition to the quicker shift in dual clutch transmission Which many performance cars are using and where does that leave the stick shift? Pretty far behind if you ask me the sad truth Is that the dual clutch transmission offers better performance results by eliminated human error and decreasing the time between shifts? Super car companies are always chasing the fastest track times and this explains Why companies like Ferrari have completely transitioned over to the dual clutch? Transmission that in the fact that you can tailor your driving experience with the quick use of settings such as knobs or switches Something that a car using a manual transmission Cannot do the fourth and last reason is convenience of course convenience doesn’t matter for most enthusiasts that ultimately want a more engaging experience We prefer to have more control of our driving But for everyone else why I own a manual transmission when you can own an automatic where all you have to do is press on The gas pedal to move forward here are some examples. Why driving a stick can be inconvenient Let’s say you go to a party you get wasted What are the chances that there will be someone there that knows how to drive manual and can drive you back or maybe you decide? To take a long road trip with the friends you either make sure your friend can drive a manual or you end up having to fork over some money and rent them over and rent an automatic car this all might sound like small reasons not to get a car equipped with a manual transmission But this all adds up to what I previously mentioned about us Americans not buying stick shift cars It’s also much easier to multitask while driving an automatic Something you should never do people text you put on makeup all while driving those are just some things That would be much more difficult to do while driving a stick shift car and those are some reasons why the manual transmission is dying here in the US if you enjoyed the video make sure hit that like button and If you want to see more of my content make sure to subscribe like always guys. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys next time


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in my opinion. i rather shift gears myself instead of having the car do it for me. Stick is much better and more fun to drive😉 great video Chris🤙🏽😋

I am 12 and me and my dad want me to drive stick because our mom can’t and it’s really annoying sometimes. I als9 am going to get an older truck so it might have a manual transmission

Too many people don't know how to drive them. I've heard stories of people trying to steal cars and being unable to get away with them because they couldn't get it into gear lol.

I love driving stick. Would never go back to an automatic. When I learned, I bought a used car and a friend taught me how to drive. People who only drive automatic have no idea what they're missing.

Owning a stick might actually be a deterrent to getting your car stolen. Many of these car thieves only know how to drive automatics.

Sales numbers are one thing, but the nonsense "benefits" of an automatic like reckless multitasking and needing a designated driver because you're a filthy drunk, are just nonsense. Manual transmissions require very little maintenance and have a much longer lifespan compared to automatics.

I'm 35 years old now, and my first car was a 15 year old Nissan Sentra with a 5 speed. Bought it before I was old enough to legally drive and fixed it up on the cheap with Daddy! Once I got my permit I started to learn, and my Dad was in shock! After he told me to push the clutch in when breaking, I took to it like a moth to a flame, he coudln't figure out why until I had him play one of my Sega Genesis driving games that had a physical button for the clutch engagement LMFAO! That blasted game taught me in glorious 16 bit the basics of driving a stick, then it was all refinement from there.

I miss my stick shifts, owned 3 in my time but they are hard to find in a decently equipped vehicle now. 84 Sentra, 2000 Dakota, and a 2009 Civic all 5 speeds.

Those fancy 10 speed autos are fast and effiecient for sure but good luck finding someone who can repair it when it fails (which it will soon) and good luck paying for it lol

The death of manuals is the one thing that makes me happy about autonomous cars. For the crappy drivers who can't cope with a manual transmission; ie the same people who insist on lane departure warning, blind spot warning, parking cameras, automatic handbrakes, radar guided cruise control, permanently engaged traction control, automatic lights, automatic dipping main beams, automatic windscreen wipers, autonomous parking etc etc; there's going to be an option not to have to drive at all. Once they get off the roads, we'll all be safer.

I can drive both but pefer Auto (Duel Clutch if possible) My 1998 Supra Turbo is manual my 2011 Eclipse GT is Auto and my M6 is Dual Cluch

Honestly the main reason just because automatics are just easier and less annoying to drive, sure manuals are nice and all but changing gears when slowing down get's tedious and annoying, not to mention automatics are good for those with disabilities, myself I can never drive a manual regardless of learning in one, I've got ME and joint pain so my leg hurts from so much as putting the clutch down.

tl;dr automatics are just easier and less annoying to drive, hence why they're more popular

People are lazy and don't want to learn. I learned to drive a stick by driving a farm tractor. My first car was a 4 speed I bought it because it was cheap and I perfected it's use by myself.

I personally love stick; future car is a Toyota Matrix equipped w/ stick shift. Just gotta wait couple more months b4 I get licence.
Another reason stick is just not popular is because so many noobs aren't taking the time to learn at all, they are scared and helpless.

(Before I watch) well, it couldn't be that learning to drive a stick-shift isn't mandatory or the first option, or that only about 10% of you know how to do it, right?

In Europe, most people drive manual. Why? One thing – Money. It's not because people here are better drivers or something. It's just about money.

Cars in Europe are far more expensive, because of taxes.

The registration tax and insurance is closely related to price and power of the car, so if you buy a powerful car with an automatic transmission, you'll pay a big tax. Not to mention the price of automatic transmission and possible maintenance – significant part of Europe is not as rich as US.

Also cost of fuel is also an argument. Automatic transmissions still have a bad rep for being inefficient. Sure it's probably not such a big problem in US where gas prices are lot smaller. Currently, 1 liter of gasoline cost about 1.33€, that's over 5USD per gallon. And more than half of it are taxes.

So if we had same prices, taxes, … most of us would also drive an automatic. We're also lazy and want to be comfortable, we just can't afford it.

Autos are getting much more efficient and faster than manuals. However, they will never be able to beat 3 things, "funness", cost/maintenance, and reliability. 3 reasons enough for me to get a manual last year.

Stick are more fun, And they are less expensive to get it fix, and depending on the car especially on a sport's car the price will increase as time will pass. I can do a whole video of why skick is way better that on automatic transmission. If your battery dies just push it and you can go your way.. And let's face it here in America we are just getting to lazy.. That's why automatic are taking over..

Actually effciency is still better with manual for about half the cars dont count the v8s bc autos get equiped with 4 cyl deactivation which is unfair to compair although most of the time its only 1 or 2 mpg gained but the wrx the manual is much better on gas then the cvt

It's simple. It's just because people are really lazy nowadays to shift gears. Thank god my country still has a lot of these.

I drive a semi truck in the U.S. and they are trying to get me to go auto but i will quit driving before i do that the auto cant handle the weight of a 40 ton truck and break gears all the time. I tested one and within 3 months i broke the first three gears trying to take off uphill with a full load not for me to unreliable

In all honesty I like driving a manual car because 1. here in the U.S. you are one of very few people who can drive them and 2. It’s a pretty effective anti theft device 😁

If car brands really want to keep car culture alive or modern, then they should make a enthusiast line/edition where manual fanboys can actually enjoy there cars even if it means they are slower. Otherwise if they are really desperate, they should make a manual aftermarket. (And they will need to make it reliable as well)

Good video to sum stuff up. In the EU, AT is gaining ground too. Aside the electric-hybrid motors, higher trims come with AT as the only type of transmission offered.
Driving a manual is hell of a challenge at first; stalling, revving hard with the clutch depressed. However in the long run it is something that comes as second nature. Handling the stick to shift, feeling the vibe, matching revs while shifting down, dancing with both feet while operating the stick is THE fun factor.
Indeed you can not do stuff so much meanwhile, but man, executing a downshift perfectly is a reward hard earned.

I love my manual. I got my Mazda 3 used for about 3000$ cheaper than the automatic alternatives of the same year. In Canada I think they’re coming back with a lot of teenagers

I can remember from the mid 80s to the late 90s even a little to the early 2000s most of the cars came manual transmission…when your younger it's a blast to drive stick..then you reach a age when it gets aggravating especially in the death of summer stuck in traffic your foot and foot starts bugging you your hand starts cramping up…but still it shouldn't have to die out because some people still love it they just like the whole feeling of interacting with there vehicles u could be driving a 4 banger and feel like your to furious for your own good lol

Wait till that ten speed automatic is out of warranty and begins to have problems. Then you'll understand the true benefits of a manual transmission.

Manuals are fun
They make boring cars fun to drive. I like that you can "crash" start one if the battery dies so you don't need a jump start

I was taught by my dad at age 8 tobdrive his f150 4 speed and i can get into anything that has a gear shift and drive tractors heavy equipment deosnt matter my kids will be able to drive my truck without stalling it or they're not getting their license

This is all the whining I see in United States

1) CVT sucks

2) Automatics suck

3) Manuals are the best

4) Manual cars can’t get stolen unlike automatics.

5) Anyone who says otherwise will be killed.

This is the problem in the USA –

Too many regulations by Govt , too many safety regulations too – which must have been the reason for manuals dying out.

I don’t really think people in USA have the freedoms to do what they want to do – the Govt dictates it to them

Had manuals all my life, the car new car I bought last year was an auto. I'll never buy a manual again.

I learned how to drive stick in a day. I was good at it within a week. I don’t get why everyone thinks it’s so hard

One more problem for manual transmissions. Cant drive them in blue cities during commute traffic. I recently spent al.ost 1/2 hour going through Everett WA and the I5 US2 interchange. Besides all the stop and go there was also the problem of traffic moving at such a low speed that based on memory it would not be possible to crawl with the traffic because the speed traffic is going is less than the speed of a manual transmission car in 1 gear engine at idle.what to do . Slip the clutch. Stop wait for traffic to go forward then go a little distance and do it again. Dont think so. I grew up with manual transmissions. Everything i know sYs wear out clutch real fast and driver fatigue and wear and tear on body.

if they work hard for manual i think in my opinion manuals will be better like auto better fuel and better acceleration but i think mostly these days people are lazy and after a few years we will be at the age of automation of EVERYTHING imagine the automation of everything our jobs will be taken by robots and we will just sit and always press computers.

well first of all just because manual cars are not oftenly use in your country it doesnt mean its dying.

I just bought my first automatic car (Subaru outback) in 30 years of driving. It feels so weird not having anything to do with my left foot.

Also Philippines Number #1 that dont know how to drive manuals all I see are only auto's my classmate has even an only auto car!

Everyone in the USA is fat lazy fucks that are too lazy to learn. Mine as well go to the McDonald’s drive through and get a cheese burger.

There are a lot of hills in San Francisco, CA and I would prefer driving cars with the manual transmissions because I love the feel of stepping on the clutch pedal and I feel more alert when I have control of my own car. I am not surprised how scarce manual transmissions will become available in the United States market because if the countries outside the United States manufacture them there, then they should be available for America to have more transmission choices.

I love driving but I'll be honest, my old manual gearbox car after 10 years was tiresome.
When driving my audi automatic car I have now is like a load off my mind. I can observe the traffic more and react to everything instantly.

the truth is that the companies a.k.a. the rulers of the world do not want you to become good at anything. they want more dumb idiots who drive while facebooking..

I love stick! ❤️
I remember when my dad taught me how to drive a manual. It was a little intimidating at first, but I got the hang of it and enjoy driving it. It took me quite sometime to find one. Like it is said, 90-95% of cars in US are auto-transmission. It's disappointing that not many drive manuals these days. :/

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