4 Ways to Pull a Truck From the Mud | Allstate Insurance

Uh oh. Stuck spinning your wheels? It can happen to the best of us. Here are four ways to pull your truck from
the mud. The first way to try is rocking it out. Put your truck in reverse, keep your wheels
straight and slowly accelerate. Then shift into low gear and gradually power
forward. Keep going back and forth — and have your
passengers get out to help push along the side of the truck. If that doesn’t work, put dry, solid objects
under the tires in the direction you want to go. Rocks, tree branches and boards may do the
trick. Still stuck? Loop a steel winch cable around the base of
a tree. For safety, place a heavy blanket over the
center point of the winch cable in case it snaps. Then use the winch to slowly pull your truck
free. You can also try having another truck pull
you out. Attach a heavy-duty nylon recovery or tow
strap to both trucks’ tow hitches. Leave a little slack and make sure bystanders
stay far away. Accelerate slowly. These tips can help you get back on the road. Just try and stay out of the mud — at least
for a while.

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