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Spotlight on: Famous Watches, that made a killing in the auction scene. Aside from being rare and exotic, very few
factors can cause a watch’s value to sky rocket, other than being previously owned
by a famous personality. Celebrity watches, or those owned by iconic
stars or leadership figures, are not only popular because of their provenance. They’re also considered a piece of history,
and a reminder of a bygone era that its previous owner represents. Just how badly do collectors want these kinds
of watches? We checked out some celebrity owned timepieces
and how much they made in the auction block. Let’s start with James Bond’s Omega Planet
Ocean. Since 1995, British spy James Bond has been wearing an Omega watch. For the 2006 film ”Casino Royale”, Daniel
Craig wore an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean reference 2907.50.91 (two nine o seven fifty
ninety one). The watch is a special edition Planet Ocean,
and was especially made for the film, in which it helps extricate Bond from underwater. The watch was auctioned off in 2007, at Antiquorum’s
“Omegamania” event. It fetched $255,000 dollars – the highest
ever for any Bond watch that has been auctioned. Up next is John F. Kennedy’s 18 karat gold
Omega Ultrathin timepiece. The watch was a present from then Florida senator Grant Stockdale. The caseback was engraved with the words “President
of the United States, John F. Kennedy, from his friend Grant.” JFK wore this watch when he was inaugurated
as President of the United States. Interestingly, Grant had given JFK the watch, months before
he even won the election! In December 2005, the watch was auctioned
at Guernsey (Gern-see), New York. It was sold to the Omega Museum in Bienne,
Switzerland for $350,000 dollars. There are Cartier Tanks, and then there are Cartier
Tanks. The one owned by Jackie Kennedy is one of the latter. Given to her in 1963, this Tank was a gift
from her brother-in-law Prince Stanislaw Radziwill. (Stanis-lo Radzi-will) At the back was an inscription that read “Stas
to Jackie. 23rd February 1963. Jackie’s old photos prove that she wore
it often. The 18 karat gold watch was sold in June 2017
at Christie’s New York’s auction of “Rare Watches and American Icons”, selling for
$379,000 dollars. The Heuer Monaco watch of Steve McQueen, Hollywood’s
King of Cool, also sold for an astounding $799,000 dollars. In 1970, racer and actor Steve McQueen was
to star in the racing movie, Le Mans.McQueen asked to be outfitted just like legendary
racer, Jo Siffert (Sih-ffert). Jack Heuer himself sent their newest timepiece at the
time: the Heuer Monaco Calibre 11. There are at least four Monaco watches known
to have been used on the set of the movie, which could have driven down its value. But, collectors apparently can’t resist
the allure of a watch, once worn by The King of Cool. The stakes get higher and higher. Here’s
a watch that has sold for millions – music legend Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe Platinum. Eric Clapton is a known watch connoisseur
and collector of rare Rolex and Patek Philippe watches. One of the watches he owned was a rare Patek
Philippe reference 2499 100 (two four nine nine one hundred) in platinum. It’s one
of only 25 vintage platinum Pateks known to exist, half of them in the hands of Patek
Philippe themselves. The rarest of Patek Philippes, owned by one
of the greatest rock stars ever, sure rocked the auction block. It sold for $3.6 Million dollars in 2012,
at a Christie’s auction in Geneva. Last but definitely not the least, is the most
expensive wristwatch ever sold at auction. Racer and actor Paul Newman’s very own Rolex
“Paul Newman” Cosmograph Daytona. You probably already know the story, but just
to review: Newman’s wife, actress Joanne Woodward, gifted him with a 1968 Rolex Daytona
reference 6239. Not a fan of race car driving, but supportive
nonetheless, she had the watch engraved with the words “DRIVE CAREFULLY, ME”. The watch, which Newman had given to his daughter’s
former boyfriend, James Cox, resurfaced in 2016. It sold for $17.7 million dollars, after
a 12-minute bidding war at Phillips, New York in October 2017. With such fascinating history, it’s no wonder
these watches are worth some serious cash.

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