5 secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know about Personal Injury Claims

I have learned from over 25 years of experience in successfully helping people and
families with personal injury and wrongful death cases. SECRET #1 Recorded statements
can hurt your claim. Insurance companies go out of their way to encourage
people to give them a recorded statement. They do this to help reduce the amount of
money they will have to pay on a claim. The reason that recorded
statements are so tricky, is that most people think that they won’t hurt their
case by giving the adjuster a recorded statement, or they think they have to give
a recorded statement or else the insurance company won’t fix
their car or pay their bills. But before you give a recorded
statement, get the help of a lawyer. Let him tell you if you have
to give a statement or not. Let him tell you what questions
you do or don’t have to answer. Here is how and why recorded
statements are so dangerous. The questions they ask you are
designed to be used against you later. For example, they will ask you what
injuries you received from the accident. If you leave out one injury, they will
later accuse you of lying, and say, now you complain of a knee injury, but when we took
your recorded statement right after the accident, you did not say anything about a knee injury, so you must
be making this up to make a profit from the accident case. The second biggest way they use a
recorded statement against you, is by getting you to guess at an
answer about how the crash happened. Or get you to say that you don’t know something about
the accident, then later use this against you. For example, they may ask how fast was
the guy going who rear ended you. And you might say, I think he was going
at least forty-five miles per hour. And you just say this since
the crash felt really hard. But later, the facts indicate that the property damage was minor and
that his speed was closer to ten to fifteen miles per hour. So then they may say, wow . you were really exaggerating the speed when we took your
statement, so, are you now exaggerating your injuries today? See how tricky this can be! Or another example is when they ask you where the
other car came from, and you say, I don’t know. They then make up a plausible explanation
of why their insured was not at fault since you can’t say
what they did wrong. The only reason you
answered I don’t know is because you have not had enough time
to really investigate the whole thing, or see all of the
information and evidence. And so when you gave the
recorded statement, it was unfair to you since you were not yet fully able
to know many things about how the accident happened. SECRET #2 Insurance companies
hope you don’t talk to a lawyer. Documents maintained by some insurance companies
show that they track lawyers experience and success and that they adjust their settlement offers
based on the reputation of the attorney. Consider this real life
example from our law firm. A young woman was rear ended in a car
crash and it damaged a breast implant. She tried to settle the case herself
and only received low offers. The young woman thought these offers
were too low and hired me to help her. The insurance company wouldn’t budge until I told them that we wouldn’t
take a penny less than their one hundred thousand dollar policy limits and they had three days to pay or else
I was withdrawing the settlement offer and was going to sue their insured and let a jury decide
what would be fair compensation for my client’s losses. Interestingly enough, with my help, her case was settled in those three remaining days for
the full policy limits of one hundred thousand dollars. This is just one example of why insurance companies
want to settle cases before you speak to a lawyer. SECRET #3 It is very important for you to tell your doctor everything
about your injuries from the accident on the first visit. Documenting the truth about your injuries
is the key to getting a fair settlement. Going to the doctor when
you need treatment, and telling your doctor everything that is
bothering you, is vitally important to your case. Here’s an example of why this is so important: Let’s say you have a neck injury that’s really troubling
you and your knee also hurts a little from the accident. You go to the doctor and for the first three
weeks, you only talk about your neck pain. Then as the pain in your
neck becomes more tolerable, you start to worry about your
knee pain that hasn’t improved. So you tell your doctor about your knee pain for
the first time, four weeks after the accident. He diagnoses torn cartilage,
and you need surgery. Guess what the insurance
company is going to say? They’re going to say you hurt your knee one month
after the accident and not in the accident because if you had hurt your knee in the accident, you
would have told your doctor about it on the first visit. But since you waited, then they can blame
the injury on anything but the accident. This is why you should tell your doctor about every little
thing that may be bothering you on the first visit. Also, your prior medical history
is a key part of your case. In Florida, if you have a pre-existing injury or condition,
you are entitled to recover more money, not less. This is because it is going to be easier to hurt you
since you already have a pre-existing condition. It is going to make your injury
more serious or permanent. This is why it is so important to tell all of
your doctors about all your prior accidents, injuries and treatments before this accident. I say, don’t hide or minimize your pre-existing
conditions, tell your doctors about all of them. SECRET #4 Honesty is the best policy. This is one we don’t need to tell you, but there
are a few people out there who need to hear this. There are cases where the insurance company won’t settle and
then the jury gives an outrageously low award at trial. An insurance company won’t settle a case if they
feel the injuries or damages are being exaggerated. They know if they take a case like that to trial, the
jury will punish the injured person for being dishonest. If a case goes to trial, we trust the jury to figure out
the truth and we’re honest with them about our cases. We find that juries reward this kind
of honesty with fair and just results. As in all areas of life,
honesty is the best policy. It gets the best results. SECRET #5 Insurance companies spend Millions of Dollars to
make the public think that lawsuits are frivolous. The insurance industry has a multi-million
dollar public relations machine that is constantly portraying injury victims and their
lawyers as filing frivolous lawsuits in our courts. They want to mislead the public into believing that
these cases are about making a profit from injuries, which is blatantly false. They want the public to think that
any compensation is undeserved. People who have been injured because of someone else’s
fault are entitled to fair compensation for their losses. That is the law. That is justice. It is about fixing what can be fixed, and helping what can
be helped, and making up for what can’t be fixed or helped. Big businesses want to increase their profits by not
having to pay for the damages and injuries they cause. For example, having truck drivers drive too many
hours, which endangers everyone on the highway. Or by not maintaining tires and brakes
and other important safety equipment. Think about what would happen if a law was passed that
said that no one could ever bring a personal injury claim. Think about how reckless and
dangerous companies would be! If they were allowed to escape their
responsibility for the accidents they cause, and the injuries, damages and suffering they create,
they would have absolutely no reason to be safe. When their only focus is on profits,
no one is caring about safety. Fortunately, the law allows injured victims to bring a claim
when they suffer damages from a negligent person or company. The purpose of a personal injury claim is to make up and
compensate for the damages caused by negligent parties. It is to encourage people and businesses to be safer,
by holding them accountable for the damages they cause. These are just some of the secrets the Insurance
Industry hope you don’t find out until it is too late. There are many other
traps for the unwary. As a lawyer helping thousands
of people throughout my career, I hope that by sharing this information I can
help even more people protect their rights. I believe one of the reasons my
clients get such good results, is that they are well educated about
the process of their injury case. This helps them avoid
making costly mistakes. By watching our videos and reading our books, our
clients are better able to help protect their rights. Thank you for
watching this video. I hope you have found it helpful and will share this
valuable information with your friends and family.


Thanks Matt! You're a sweet guy! I really appreciate the preexisting condition information..do insurance companies cover intent , seeing that would be criminal??

Great job on this video Matt!  We're working on creating more value added content for personal injury victims such as you did here at our practice http://mezrano.com.  I subscribed and would like to connect with you on #googleplus  as well.  Keep up the great work!

Matt, I recently got into a car accident and my mom has a neck problem. The other person hit us on the back of the car messing up the right side of the bumper. Many of our friends have told us to get a lawyer and to go see a doctor to tell about our injuries. Our Western General Insurance Company is only for 30 days because we barely bought the car. We have seeing reviews of our insurance and the rates our poorly. Therefore I assume that our insurance will close our file and not help us. Any advice to help? Even just a little will help. Thank you.

Brandon,  I agree with your friends.  You and your mom should get checked out by a doctor right away.  Also, contact a board certified civil trial lawyer to ask them for help about your case.  Most good personal injury attorneys will give you a free consultation to talk to you about your rights.  It is always better to get good legal advice early to help avoid problems later.

Brilliant video, very informative.. thank you. 19 dislikes when I watched…. does that mean 19 insurance companies have watched this… 😉

My wife and I got into an accident November 25, 2014. We both have whiplash and my wife hurt her arm and hand. Since then her hand and wrist are much better but we both still have problems with our neck. My wife had and still has problems with her right side because of a physical problem she has had for a long time.
The problem we are having is after my insurance paid the limit for my wife and I the guys insurance won't pay anything until we settle. We owe money and they are threatening to put us into a collection agency. We live on social security and can't afford to pay these bills but we won't settle until our necks are well. We have a lawyer but I just wanted a second opinion on what to do. I would like to know how long we should wait to settle and what we should settle for. We have been in continous pain up until two months ago but from then to now it comes back randomly. We still go to the doctor for this weekly. The accident wasn't our fault. The guy crossed in front of us and it totaled our vechicle which we bought just two weeks prior to the accident.

hi matt i had an accident on june 20 2016 back of car … whipblash … 8 days later i was talking with a lady from responsible insurance she recordd it and i accept the setlement very low for sure almost nothing of money at the time of recorded 2 days later i had a lot of disconfort and staring to get dizy … i dont hear clearly rigth ear… im afraid to have brain damages because i have many os those sintoms..is there any chance to sue them even when i accept the money…. let me know if we can do something???

hi every body …. MATT LAW is the best. i had a car accident and i call him because didnt exactly what to do especialy when i acepted settlemnt money and 2 days later after i did settlement pain came back. i was thingking there was nothing to do so i call Matt he gave optiins about what to do. now im briding with hope. He is the best adviser and helps alot pls if u are in an accident cal Matt. im from California and he helped to whom i can contact for my case. Thank u so much Matt for your profesionalism.

Hi Matt, if I were to get in an accident where I'm the liable for the crash, what would be the best steps to take starting from the moment I'm hit? Thanks

My doctors dd not want to know. I had visited the hospitals several times more than time I spent going to see my doctors over 2 years now. I am contemplating of move to another clinic. Its a pity they have got no idea how much pain I am going through. Please what can I do?

MattLaw-i live in nj.my girlfriend was crossing the road but she wasnt at the crosswalk.she was hit by a car and wound up in a coma for a week,brain trauma,metal rod in her leg. any chance she will be found at fault.she has a lawyer but has not yet talked to the insurance company.what chance does she have of getting a payout

i had a wiplash car accident rear end … 9 days after of the accidente a acepted a very low amound of money settlement i was recorded that i was fine i havent changed the check yet… but my neck still bothering and my back is all wrong and i dont walk straigth… i have issues with sleeping and also when i have cars behind me i get panic think they never will stop doctor told to ha e theraphy for that… i also have ringing in the ears that drives me crazy … is there anything that i can do to re-open my case since i did the body injury settlement i acept 2000 dolars but i havent cashed it. let know pls if i can do so.ething over here in california i didnt sign any relese form but i acepted by phone at the recording tome they ask me for social secury number to process it… can u tell me pls if there so.e thing i can do … this happen on june 20 2016.

Incredibly false and misleading. Do you even know how insurance works because it doesn't sound like it. Just like the Liberty Mutual commercials. Good work perpetuating the injury attorney stereotype.👌

I just got in a three car accident this morning. I had 5 passengers. 2 reported lower back problems. I am beginning to tighten up now. Should I contact a lawyer

What if you're a disabled veteran with PTSD and your PCP has done nothing to address your concerns since November and now a regular hospital has concluded that have a fractured L1 & cervical nerve damage. MRI prescription in hand and going to VA tomorrow morning. Any feedback would be appreciated.

i am working in uk injury claim on no win no pay basis can you help me how to convince people to put a claim mostly people are afraid of getting increases there premium mostly people dont belevie this

don't take this the wrong way. But nowadays appearance are everything. Get a bespoke suit that fits you. The better you look the more people tend to listen. and the more trustworthy and believable you will appear.

There are two settlements the Income replacement and the tort how do we maximise getting both? Should we continue the IRB until they cut us off or settle and get what you can and how does this affect the second portion ie the tort?

This is stupid.  If you say you think someone was going 45 mph and the investigation due to the damage does not reflect that, the fact that you estimated the speed has nothing to do with it.  They base it on the damage.  If damage is minor and medical does not support severe injury, then why should you get paid for a severe injury??   That is called dishonesty which many plaintiff attorneys are all about because the higher the value of the case, the more money THEY make off of you!

hi me and my wife got hit by a drunk driver my wife ended up
having to have surgery be maxed out our pip would I still be able to get pain and suffering

hi matt I was rear ended on my motorcycle while waiting at a traffic light by a FedEx double trailer 18 wheeler he drag me like 20 feet's causing me to fall on my back. the tractor trailer continue to make a left leaving the seen of the accident! but there was and unmarked police car at the corner that gave chase! the driver stated that he didn't not saw n justified his true intentions. the driver of the tractor trailer confirmed my statement in the police report by saying he didn't saw me waiting at the light and that he has a double trailer that makes wide turns what that has to do with the front view? but anyway I was taking to the hospital at the spot by a ambulance suffer a fracture toe, whip in the neck low back pain shoulder pain right elbow pain all this injuries I claimed the first day of the accident n are true causes of the impact of my hit. do you think I have a good case to file a lawsuit n get compensated for my injuries pain n sufferings? thanks hope to hear from your knowledgeable understanding of cases…

does my adjuster have the legal obligation to pay the liens before she gives me the settlement? ill get the money to pay some of my medical bills but not the ones with a lien? does she have to pay the liens to the chiro and dr bill first? in georgia.

5 Secrets
Crooks, especially Allstate
Crooks, especially Allstate
Crooks, especially Allstate
Crooks, especially Allstate
Crooks, especially Allstate

Wish you were here in California…

I do have a question if you are allowed you answer..

I started having panic attacks due to by Director unprofessional behavior…I had to take a 3 month leave and fell behind in all my bills…after HR investigated…they stated since I had panic attacks at home that proves its not work related since I didn't simply have them at work…which I now know first hand that a condition can be made and you can have them daily as a result once started like a disease…since the complaint I made against my Director…after I started having panic attacks..,,I feel that I am being retaliated against. I have been sat down numerous times for….not parking in the motorcycle parking spaces even though other bikes park next to my boss…my shift changed to unpleasant hours…received a verbal warning (write up as my signature was required) for simply leaving my walkie talkie on my cubicle as I stepped away…when others do the same and are ok…just they beginning of a case being built against me…are any of these things considered "retaliation" or am I screwed with medical bills, case building to eventually fire me, and more stress created after knowing about my panic attacks. Yes, I was interviewed and recorded by the insurance. I was never told of the right to not be recorded if I did have the choice…is that illegal to not state this does not have to be recorded? Sorry for the long comment. When we are in need, we need people like you you defend the truly abused

someone drove straight into the nose of my car and completely destroyed the front right side of my car. I wasn't even moving I was still in traffic and some woman wanted to join, so she slowly crept forward and once the cars infront of me started going forward she went to jump infront of me. ( I didn't move and I was letting her join) then BOOM she went straight into my car my wifes neck started hurting and my sons head also as he was leaning up against the window. My insurance company tried asking me loads of questions and that I had to answer them as it was "law" and I'm extremely lucky that my lawyer came back in the room before I answered anything. I'm extremely lucky in this case as we also got camera footage of the woman ramming into me clear as day. thank god I got protected and that everyone was okay including the womans 6 year old that had NO child seat…..

In California I guess pre-existing conditions hurts your case. My attorney just released me and I was told to represent myself now with the low offer from the insurance company. It's just now 2 years of waiting only to be put out to handle it on my own. My car accident is referred as a low impact case and the insurance is claiming that I could not have sustained the injury that I'm suffering to date. They also want to make the claim that this was pre-existing and after doing a little research I believe it's due to my age as well what would you suggest I do in this matter. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Avoid all this nonsense just by buying a Dash Cam, maybe even two, one for the front and one for the back. People lie, cameras don't. Insurance companies can not argue with cameras.

What happens if the person that hit me lies and says someone hit him, which caused him to hit me. But there was no car that hit him.. He told the officer that I saw that car and I said NO I did not see that car or the person that he caused me to hit. I was at a complete stop. Now the insurance does not want to pay for my car. What do I do?

These five point r worthless cause we live in a fascist society where liemakers r co owners in insurance company or collaborators. judges r working for insurance mafia; to date, I did not c one correct judge… All Criminals!!!

call 24/7 car accident lawyer san diego gateway injury law for free case review.


I just started a petition "Eva Russell: Insurance Companies Should Fall Under The Anti-Trust Law" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

My goal is to reach 100 signatures and I need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:



Really good and well informative video. Thanks. my car was hit revently by another person who reversed into me. Turns out the other driver is with the samd insurance provider as me. The other driver admits liability but refuses hittig me hard. my back pains have pre existed and it has made my pain come back again. i cant leave the house and in significant pain. the psyhological distress i suffered at the accident scene caused my anxiety disorder to worsen. the other driver was refusing to exchange any details with me at the accident. i told my insurer everything and i could not sleep that night of fhe accident due to heightened anxieties, distress, worry and nervousness and overthinking. This accident had aggrevated my current mental health condition that I take my medication for. Now the insurance comoany says that the driver who hit me is ot accepting full liability but theyre willing to deal with my case on a 'no prejudice' basis. they said the claim is settled ob my policy as the other driver is insured by them and be looking to penalise them rather than me. but it seems very complicated. two days later i informed the insurance company my back pain had come back and is a direct cause of the accident. my Doctor regularly prescribes me strong medication neproxen for my ongoing- excruciating lower back pain. the accident has now flarred up my pre existing injury. the advisor on the phone had said they can offer me in a non prejudice offer. they then asked if mt back pain was pre existing condition and i told them that it was. They then advised they could not make me an offer as it has to be dealt with a more senior department. I was a bit confused why but this video has answered my question. thanks and i'll be happy for any further useful advise you have for me.
im still very anxious and paranoid since accident and have had to deal with significant psychological distress and anxiety from witnessing this whole accident with other driver.the other driver did not accept they came into me with quite some force and they refused to give their insurance details to me at the scene. i took photos of the driver and the number plate at the scene of accident- and sent it to the insurance. i was abused, harrased and called names by the other driver as i ended up lfearing my life by ocking myself in my car as the driver refused to give me their details and by being conforntational and uncooperating with me which heightened my anxiety. I am.now very scared to leave my home, ive suffered sleep depravation for rbe past 5 days and couldnt sleep at all on night of the accident. it was an extremely terrifyingly ordeal for me to say the least. Though we both have same insurance company i hope my insurer will not treat me any differently.because we are both covered under them.

I was hit by a rented car – they settle my case for 5k only taking with me 2300- I definitely spent more money that that, I missed work on several times, I can’t lift anything over 40 lbs, I still have lower back pain
After 4 years they said they will give me 2300 . I don’t even know what to think wish I didn’t even hire a lawyer – I canceled work so many days going to depositions that 1 day before used to be canceled

Can you sure for the state I live in plus CPS that called me a…" junkie ..crackhead "on
Documented records .when I never tested positive for illicit drugs. Yes it has destroyed my reputation and my character so basically they character assassinated me along with other awful things such as had a way of taking my children and if you look up CPS on YouTube You'll see a lot of horror stories on the system doing this to low-income families it's now then comes a known fact of that people are losing out on their children for being low income and get easier targets to pick on because they have to have court appointed attorneys who don't really care about their case or to win it which unfortunately is exactly what happened to my case and I cannot let this go because I know the truth versus there unrealistic facts based on nothing because on my documents it shows what I'm supposed to have in my system versus what they say about me these people the state has been doing to lots of people I'm basically letting him get away with keep doing this in lying and taking away chosen some families without really being able to fight for then. They have decided Lucinda case doesn't mean they lose money.. In fact they make more sense of the state by pre adopted out these children now.. And I think I personally fell victim to this not. They saw me as an EZ TAG at a low income mother on disability despite the father and I've been together for over 25 years and all the children they still got away with snatching two of them and what I recommend for a lawyer to do is look up ….
Senator Nancy Schadefer and this lady can explain with *Alex Jones *
the talk show host ..
also my medical records They didn't allow me to look at them before. I allows a judge and a bunch of child protective service people to look at my records… And how badly it portrayed my character and any illnesses I had well-written wrong and never did they ask me what I like to see them before they go off just in case they might have something written wrong on them… Which they had plenty went and wrong not even a truce at all on them but I didn't get to correct them before they went off to a judge and others to read and by not doing that I lost my case and to me that should be now that God is that a person should be able to look at then medical a kids and they showed that corrected by themselves and gay they have when they are with that because so that I know even the so-called professionals that have documented your so-called medical history still can get a lot of things wrong they deal with so many patients at any given time got. So the risk is had to have any one of them medical people make a mistake after a while people start to blend in together with the same illnesses look alike and that sort of thing so mistake do you factor in when you go to the hospital or any type of medical facility… And that is a risk You Take by going to those places that they can write something up about you because you perhaps look like somebody else act like somebody else that might already be there themselves and that person is also dealing with something similar next thing you know your medical note are being written on that paperwork and vice a versa..

I love it! …and NO Stormchimp (below or above – depends on how YouTube displays it)…it's now 8-30-2018 and 112 insurance companies have now watched this! The insurance industry…car, life, whatever…are all about "profits". The insurance industry is a "business"; it's all about them, not you. YOU will always lose against it. The only thing the consumer can do is become "educated".

Secret number 2, why would the insurance company give a fuck if you're going to sue their insured for a policy limit of $100,000 why would they care??

Hey Matt , great video. Hers a general question about statue of limitations? I Had a motorcycle stolen from my house the insurance company refuse to pay can you tell me how long I have to sue ? I didn't pursue in fear of the insurance dropping me. I'm now selling and I'm hoping I didn't miss my window.

What happened if i stated my claims to the cops? Will that be used against me? I called the cop right away and explain to them everything. When I came home, I started to noticed more damage occuring to my car. Will my previous statement to the cops be against me?

Yes but Insurance Companies need to protect their assets as well because the Insurance industry is also highly regulated to protect against fraud. If you cannot answer the questions that an insurance company has, rule of thumb is don't disclose information until you can recall the details.

Thank you for answering my questions I was called from GEICO and asked for a statement from accident from 2017 I said sure to the caller only would you mind if I record as well and she hung up on me . So I was just curious as to why ? It's already being recorded from GEICO why would they mind if you record the same conversation anyone ?

PS bottom line get an attorney because insurance company lie and want to blame anyone except for themselves. Never give a statement without talking to an attorney because most insurance companies are evil.

I got in an accident (the other person fault) last year but they are just now deciding to total it tbis year(even though we told them to when the accident happened). They are only trying to give us what the car is worth today instead of last year. Also, this was my first accident so I didn't know anything about pain and suffering until it was brought up to me. I didn't get any injuries from the accident but I did experience emotional stress. Fear of driving in the area that the accident happened and just driving in general. Also they have given us such a difficult time, had my husband take off work 5 different times from car issues that continued to come up after the accident, and they even lied to us. Is is to late to file a complaint of emotional distress?

Wish my wife would get a lawyer like you. Her claim never made it to the clerk's office. She has life long enjuries and $10,000 is suppose to pay for that plus the lifelong hardship it's is still causing because no doctor will fix her for a piddly ten Grand.
And she was a passenger, so was I but I chose not to file. Glad I didn't because I still can according to statute of limitations but I need a lawyer like you. My enjuries are mental due to the anguish of watching my wife suffer for life and wanting to bare hand strangle them to death every day that goes by.

I had the right of way green light. Crossing into 4 way intersection. The other driver blew through the red crossing into my path of travel. Collision unavoidable. Airbags deployed. neck, back and concussion. Taken by ambulance on scene spoke to highway patrol on the stretcher and seen 3 other medical professionals all whom documented my injuries I suffer from to this day. The adjuster of the insured claims im 50% at fault. No witnesses before and durring wreck. but after yes I was pulled out of my car. The adjuster says hey we need you to give us permission to move your totaled vehical out of impound so I do not incure additional charges. And that 50% of total damage estimate is all they will pay me. I said I cannot accept liability on a wreck I did not cause. There insured ran through a red light speeding and could have killed me if they hit me driver side door. They need to read the highway patrol report first and adjust liability. The adjuster said its only a tool they use not the definitive answer of the report which stated the other driver failed to drive in accordance with the law causing the wreck and that there were no witnesses to the collision. Well the adjuster says there now is and that even though he had not recieved the collision report he is making liability 50/50 final. I hired a lawyer and for almost 60 days now nothing more has been done of this in fact I was doing all the documentation evidence that my attorney would need to lend a hand. He never got back to me but after 3 weeks of trying to speak to him. His secretary had him drop me from his council. Very disturbing and unprofessional especially i being a refural from his highly educated associates who say "you have somthing big here" now this other attorney i had to scramble to get as everyday that goes by im being completely devastated from the lack of quality handling if this case/claim, adjuster trying to cheat me by giving me the option to take my wrecked car out of impound to only pay me 50% total loss leaving me to pay the medical bills and fees associated to the wreck i am victim of. The new lawyer has got no further with my claim on Oct 2nd 2018 to now Nov 20th as he says yes I do owe the tow yard everyday. Period i have to pay that and that the adjuster still hasn't given him the mystery witness statement that prior to adjuster receiving official naritive of highway patrol . Made a his mind up 50 50. Can I please get some Advice. I can't accept liability on a collision i did not cause. I'm green light fresh green light the other driver 6seconds into my green fly through her red light (collision). I have injuries been seen right away. The next evening, the next few days after, the next week after. And now still just been seen again with doctor documentation linking my suffering from the wreck. I need a good attorney that will not let these crooked adjusters get away with further devastating my life and my future by tricking me into signing into liability so I'm paying out the a$$ insurence on a wreck I did not cause.

Insurance companies are enemy to the people, plain and simple. I know my adjuster who was handling my case throughout this entire year was not informative whatsoever all I could ever hear from her on the other side of the phone was her fingers typing on the computer. She was very negligent funny thing is that I had been through the same exact insurance company was handling a past claim of mine two years ago to be exact, this past adjuster was friendly, helpful and informative to the best of her ability from what I recall. Again, the adjuster was very very harmful instead of helpful even to minimum standards. I'll never forget this experience and I hope nobody goes through a negligent adjuster who would just plain not help you I think she should be fired or spoken to written up at the most. I'll be sure to bring this up when I go to my hearing later on this month. I hope my experience helps someone in the future. Take care of folks in and never ever trust insurance companies.

That video is informative; however, what happens when the at fault party is uninsured. I know you cannot squeeze blood out of a turnip. But if the car is financed and the finance company does not make sure the car they finances stays insured. They ( the finance company) should be held accountable. They were negligent in not making sure their asset was protected at all times while under conract. In some cases if a finance company finds out their is no insurance in place after the contaract is signed they will repo the said car. ALSO they hold a lean on that car so I would think they should also be held accountable for an accident if their is no insurance in place and the victims are stuck with the bill

Speaking from experience. You need to know that the doctors, psychiatrist, etc. Are not working on your behalf but for the insurance company. You need to be careful of everything you say and everything you do because they will find out. Any excuse they can make to not pay you

Hi Matt,i just saw my ime doctor for insurance company today..I saw my gp before,i explained in other videos..but I didn't see the physiotherapy yet.. because my gp didn't specify the time,only let me to book for appointment!so today everything was perfect but the ime doctor say I should have seen the physiotherapist..even though am getting Heald now in ,90percent and am going to see my gp again next week! only the issue of physiotherapy makes me worry I will lose the claim!!can you explain to me please,the circumstances!ti injured my back at work. thanks

Dear Mr Matt, Thank you very much for your informative video. Would you mind if describing how to get contact of a reputable attorney to save for later use ?

Please help me I have a question, I had a car accident back in 2017 and now is 2019 and one of the owners of the car who was involved in the accident now just sued me, I’m not with the same car insurance I had in the time of the accident, will the car insurance I had at that time will be willing to helping me? In the last paper of the lawsuit it states if you had insurance at the time of the accident, please turn this document over to your insurance company the problem is that I’m not longer with the insurance company I had back then. will this affect me? Also the guy who’s suing I didn’t hit him, it was a chain crash I was the las one to hit, but I didn’t hit him he’s also suing the guy who I hit who happens to be the one who hit him. I hope I make sense.

Do they record on the phone without letting you know this call may be recored? I dont remember them saying that

Thank you. I contacted my lawyer regarding traders insurance. They wont pay for the value of my vehicle and it has taken 2 months for them to tell me all this…

i`m wondering what my settlement will be…uhaul truck pulled out in front of me..the guys insurance doesnt want to take responsibility, and the driver didnt report accident to uhaul. the other driver was cited. my car estimate is over $2300…i had to go to chiropractor for 8 weeks for whiplash and shoulder pain…chiro said i`m not getting worse but i`m not getting better. the lawyer has just received the paperwork from chiropractor. i`m wondering who is going to be responsible, uhaul or other drivers insurance, or driver himself?

Im a foreigner from South Korea who is living in the U.S An old lady backing up and hit my car at store parking lot today. Broke the car right side mirror and scratch beside. So just minor accident. She gave me fake phone number intentionally. I tried call the number but her phone was not ringing so I asked her about it. She lied the phone what she is holding…. Thats her son's phone so She cant let me know his phone number. So I took her drive license plate and she ran away. When I called the police station. It was very complicated with my poor English. So I gave it up reporting and asked it to one of my friends. He told me she will lie to police. She will pretend dont know about the car accident. No evidence and no witness. Only her car license plate. What can I do? I feel so bad cuz she looks like a wealthy white grandma who has a nice brand new car. How come lied to a foreigner like her daughter age person to avoid paying little money. Im so mad at her and want justice. Please help me.

I have surgery in 2008 one and another sergery2009in my country my right leg is broken previous evidence in my file on2016

i hit a uhaul truck that pulled out in front of me…other driver was cited..neither driver nor uhaul nor geico wants to take responsibility. i have medical bills and a lawyer for this…i`m wondering who is going to be sued by the lawyer to pay up?

Matt Powell, thank you for sharing this info, which most attorneys would charge a fee to share. You are a decent man and bless you for being generous and not being all about making money for advice.

I really need help plzz guys,I got accident last november,a comapny car hits me nd damage my car,police report and insurance also decided that was his fault,he tried to lies,but he can't,I have to go 3times to hospital for my health,still they didn't fix my car now they want to give only half price of fiximy car,so I'm thinking to go media,is it good idea?plzz help me what should I do

Great video. My insurance company (You're NOT in good hands with all Allstate) did just that. They dismissed my claim over an assumed discrepancy.

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