5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire – Grant Cardone Trains His Sales Team LIVE


"Don't own anything, Just rent and lease"

"I don't care about having good credit, the past is the past and a bad deal. I'm not going to buy anything anyway"

Lol smh

For debt and student loans. Study the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You might not even be paying the actual creditor and debt collectors might not have standing to collect debt. If that does not work then negotiate for lower payment. Can't live in debt for rest of your life.

There is a secret few know and wont share…. that secret goes deeper and it's hard to see. Also it comes with a high price and commitment.

Bless you Grant, fuck 80,000 $/year. I make 55 k right now. A family friend told me 10 years ago that 1-2 millions was not enough to retire when you're old so even less when you're young. One thing that helps is always increasing the income… And of course making way more than what you need to live.

🚨🚨🚨 Love It! Real Estate is the best vehicle to building long term wealth! The opportunities are endless what you can do with this. Would love to have Uncle G on the podcast at some point to share some knowledge with the audience. Let us know!

Grand Cardone is the best! I learn so much from him. Lately I even found this app to make money https://share.moneychaser.co/register.php?referral=/mmnow
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Yeah…. Keep you million in a savings account uninvested and then this math works. Use your wealth to make more wealth. Geeze.

Hey grant! Question for you I make 2670 a week gross I only clear 1600 I live in MA. How the hell do I put away 850-1000 a week??

Man this guy doesnt know how to be poor. 900 on groceries?? jesus christ. that would feed me for months. 1.5m for college? Are sending them to yale? Like fuck man. The first step to being rich is. It doesnt matter how much you make. live poor. own a cheep house, drive a lower end car. Just because im rich doesnt mean i need the fancy shit.

only in America would people think spending 1 million on rent and groceries in 25 years is a good idea lmao everybody thinks they'll be grant cardone only 1% will make it(if that). Most these people are going to stay with their 30k median income per year. The average person will be a lot better off buying a cheap apartment for 150k and be done with it, instead of playing the rat race and providing land lords with cash flow. lol i'm only saying this cause in miami 66%+ of people are renters and it's rated one of the worst cities in the u.s for renters. Most of them will be poor because of it(renting long-term). They can't figure out to stop renting tho >_>

Grant I love your stuff man! Your spot on on 95% of the time. However you can make great money in the rust belt states in single family housing. I've have gotten rich from the crash buying things dirt cheap and renting them for 80-120% returns with cash with no debt in Detroit. Oh yes my tenants stay and pay just as long as anyone else's. I've been doing this full time since 06' no job and no other source of income. With that said it is time for me to scale up so I will be getting my first MF next year. Easy to own free clear when the damn house is only 10k-20k. rent for $850-$900

Talk about a firm kick in the ass💪💪💪 I knew I knew based off his interviews on youtube I'd like this guy on various levels. Woke me waayyyy the fuck up.

And then after I store all my money, give it to you, right? Lol. Ive studied real estate investment. There's actually more ROI in Index Fund investments, and tons of work with real estate. Can you shoot a video releasing ROI numbers?

Whose paying 40% taxes? If you made 10 grand a month that’s 120 a year. Go ahead and google what the top income tax bracket is; you’ll be shocked.

Out of all GC videos this is my favourite. It’s like sitting in a chair in speedos and receiving few buckets of cold ice. You think you know but when it hits you it’s shock, you hate it but than you inspired and feeling better.

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“Léase don’t buy” “Rent don’t buy” Whattttttt!
How about buy cheap and pay low until you pay it off and then you have no payments. Make it a priority to pay it off ASAP. My car is paid in full and my mortgage is 11% of my income.

Basically don't spend money on useless crap early on in life…
My issue right now at 22 is finding out what type of business I want to invest in or devote my time into building.

if i watched this video the day you've published it i would've been a millionaire by now but really thank you now i know the secret now i know what to do and now i know what is my target for the next 10 years thank you so much for sharing this knowledge which is very clear. IF im gonna be alive after those 10 years i will shake hands with you in person and tell you that you were my success.

I'm 24 and about to finish paying my house. I live In Bayview t.x the cost of living here is cheap. In 8 months all i have to worry about is light ,water ,gas,food ,500$ -800 a month

Amazing how everyone, including Grant, missed the Bitcoin part.
And talking about 'money'…i don't believe he is wrong on his strategies, I just think the game is changing.

Literally a race against the clock… you spend your most valuable asset – time , for money that is being devalued constantly.
Inflation, QE, trade wars or whatever other parameters you want to consider.

@Grant Cardone , you have a great understanding of the current system. I would urge to look into Bitcoin.

Hi guys,

I currently am trying to find out how i can get busy business owners who also want to stay fit manage being fit better. For people who want to gain more muscle than they have right now: what biggest problems are you struggling with? I am asking this because i want to gain muscle and i'd be awesome to hear you guys' stories!

He should teach you a good lesson, all salesmen look at you as their bank. "I don't pay for my vacation, the guy on the phone does". That's a good lesson when buying anything or listening to a salesman. They are essentially trying to ROB YOU. Don't be a sucker. Avoid clowns like this guy. Never pay retail. Never pay a 3rd party when you can buy from the owner. Don't be some one else's bank. Don't work hard for your money some sleazeball guy that doesn't wear a t-shirt under his white button up can take it away!!!

Dont buy a house or buy a car… rent a car……. I hate payments… gonna stick with my shitty car that's paid off…

I love Grant Cardone. But the problem is, he is so out of touch. I can live off of 1 million dollars for life.

this guy at first seems over the top and funny, but he's actually super smart can think on the fly, and has some good basic fundamental financial advice I'm honestly impressed

I like how he tells his staff not to worry about investing because they need to be selling 7 days a week and then just happens to mention top earners get fired all the time and the suffering of the family. Now thats motivating!

4000 dollars a month is 48,000 grand a year.
If you only have 4000 dollars a month then you're below average anyways lmao.
1,000,000 dollars a year generating 5 percent interest is 50k a year.
if you had a million dollars you can live at 4000 dollars a month for the rest of your life as an average american doing nothing.

Be so rich you can write words on board and people will think it's full of wisdom that they write it down on their notebooks.

I don't understand, please explain.. he says we need to be broke, and rent house .. but isn't renting a problem ? creating expense ? inflation also plays agains you… cuz inflation makes your money worth less .. i dont get his last puches :<

We buy houses for cash but will never call your house "ugly" like many other companies as we believe "no house" is ugly when you or your loved ones had owned or lived in there! Please check our webisite.

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Wait.. don’t own a house, rent it??? I actually don’t get that bit, so we should throw money down the drain and pay off someone else’s mortgage instead of investing in a house a earning equity and asset ourselves?

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