6 boxes = $300 ! WHATS INSIDE ? I bought an abandoned storage unit

they’re going to continue on in this
fashion here Hades and gentlemen boys and girls pirates of all ages it is I
your captain speaking our energy is high we’ve been making videos all day and
we’ve been finding great stuff if you’ve missed those videos make sure you hit
the notifications button more importantly than anything so that you
get a notification every time I upload a video I’ve noticed that I might check
the other day and said 20% of people have notifications on that means 80% of
viewers that subscribe to me are missing their videos and I’m just saying hit the
bell double tap so you get all the notification we’ve been finding
phenomenal stuff this video right here $3,000 and stuff just in that video this
stuff here women’s accessories for days and more accessories you may have missed
this box that could be three thousand or ten thousand dollar item we’ve yet to
determine which one it is right there you missed this box here that has
possible 1,500 to 2,000 dollar item in it we’ve been finding great stuff like
this expensive kitchen items and high-dollar camping gear and the word
bows on things it was course that was actually a nice headphone so I’m gonna
keep it and we are gonna continue on in this fashion here and get more stuff out
for the fleet oh why what do we got here Teddy rides
and large free worry snowboard close interesting we might be going to snow interesting this is Nike is expensive stuff no New
Balance under on the Under Armor Magus trip will record it on there this must be her snow gear I’m guessing
Under Armour’s good-humour Betty writers interesting you got much
better writers some more space look at this North base quartet what size is
this women small petite whoo-hoo
ah look at that my women small thank you I could might fit those no large twelve
to fourteen oh look at that cold pants just sweaters interesting oh we got them bold eh I
think these are money right here we’re gonna need to look these up but I think
these are Moony all right we’ve got a purple strap and some gloves these are
some nice you need to look these up I know that stuff is expensive when you go
to buy it Solomon Evolution 9.0 and that rosy prayers that REI Rosie
Perez no thought it was it’s this is kind of cool
look at that I want one of these actually I need someone is my first date
with bandages now I like that whatever that is and I like this one too
you tie stuff with it printer ink that’s good for eBay not when you break it on
the ground Michael Axl table style event house we keep all this aside because it’s
potential we have a sewing collection we’re gonna keep that with our selling
the collection because the sewing machines are very valuable what do we
have here the metallic stack an olympus on the best stylist wants to
look better but i don’t think we have here look at that little fishy earrings
nice sterling silver we got coupons Extreme Couponing I am NOT an extreme
people sewing stuff showing Kirby might have chased it right now making some
lease expiration okay I thought because I have okay one avenue of the palm I
don’t have to take a look at there when you get technical here look at that t-mobile antiquated technology that looks like with my good friend
Jebus this is even youtubing mg1 key features and hold your phone to a movie
this bad boy sealed antiquated technology because people save
everything they ever get GC avatar samsung mobile she got a lot of cell
phones and couldn’t part with all this stuff I always checking for that like
Android cable and I like phone chargers reach out and touch someone you look this up I don’t think this is
the one they use they look like a for a second we have to say that this is all
right this is a possible eBay item right here looking like 150 bucks get it nope
temper let’s go to the bed this looks like a thing that was very boring box I apologize for
that ladies bit I’m not really do we have not had a club meeting in a long
time a prayer for you right stuff Oh what is this life is good what is big is it thousands
of dollars of money or million or so I’m getting a little carried away Carol’s Daughter body cream Carol’s
Daughter body cream Carol’s Daughter body this is not a repeat this is the
same thing over in order okay we’ll look those up see if they work we
got Karos body cream daughter she really liked destroying stuff this is not her
first know what I’m her ser this is not her first final thing that we found
look at these brushes right here those are looking fancy and then what do we
got here Visio okay that’s a good sign summer
we’re gonna have nice go DKNY this is a bit of Poshmark let’s see hard drives for the main
program though gold zero switch mode power supply what was that goes zero here doggy say give these to our dog go
dog I don’t know

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