6 of 12. Auto Auction Pre Bid with Proxy or Silent bidding for Independent Auto Auctions

The next feature of Auction Simplified that every Indie auction would love is the ability to have Bidders pre-bid before the auction starts. AuctionSimplified.com has two versions of it we have proxy bidding which allows them to put in a number and that bid competes against the auction in the lane we also have silent pre-bid which allows him to jump right to their max number in the lane so those become your starting numbers at the auction if you choose to use it that way. Great feature especially for buyers that are out of town that can’t make it to the auction and especially if you’re competing against another big auction in your area you know and sometimes you can’t get all your buyers to show up on time imagine if they could pre-bid at your sale they could look at your run list view the condition reports make some decisions put some beds in so i’m positive that will take your auction to a whole new level imagine if every one of your vehicles in the lane had two or three or four three bids from outside bitters what do you think that would do to the numbers that you’re achieving at your auction so that’s a feature built into Auction Simplified think you’re going to love Music Plays

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