6-Speed vs 4-Speed Gear Ratios

One primary advantage of using a six-speed clutch-to-clutch transmission, like the 6R80 with our Quick 6 transmission controller, is the tighter gear ratios when compared to traditional four speed automatics. From first to sixth gear, there is a 6.04:1 ratio spread. If we compare a four-speed transmission, like the 4R70W, to a six-speed transmission, like the 6R80, you can see the difference in shift recovery. This efficiency will not only improve the acceleration and performance of high-horsepower applications, but also make a dramatic improvement when applied to near-stock or mildly-modified vehicles. As you can see, a six-speed automatic maximizes the performance of your vehicle’s combination. The Quick 6 adjusts shift firmness based on driving conditions, can provide OEM quality shifts, and maximize fuel economy when driven conservatively. To learn more about the advantages of the 6R80 transmission, as well as useful information on implementing one, visit 6R80.com

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