7 Ways to CONTROL YOUR HOLIDAY/SALE SHOPPING | Tips, & Eco-Friendly Alternatives

if you’re like me and you’ve got about
to stay away from shopping for a long time but you’re taping maybe you’ve
taped already because there are so many sales happening online or in store and
I’m going to help you with that and hopefully this will help me to here are
the seven ways and I came up with on how to control holiday spending or basically
any time there’s a sale I did a video last year I think it also came out
around the time of Thanksgiving because I wanted to do a video on how to stop
spending money especially during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales
although I think that Christmas sales are probably the best in my opinion but
either way it’s all holiday spending I’m going to link that video in the
description box for you to watch or you can catch it up in a car here I can’t
believe that in that video I did mention how much plastic waste there is in the
world and I made a promise this year in the summer when I did my lush haul that
I was going to stop spending and start being more eco-friendly with the
cosmetics that I use so the fact that I even mentioned it last year already and
I completely forgot about it means that I need to get back on my game so the
first tip or way on how to control your holiday spending is to think about what
you have not what you need because in reality we don’t need anything when I
shop for cosmetics now I only buy things to replace what I’ve used up already
even if that means trying something new to see if it’ll work I think I’m fixing
I’ve have it too of trying too many different things to see if they’re
better than the things that I know work for me because I don’t know if they will
work for me so let’s say I run out of my eyebrow pencil I want to try something
new it doesn’t work out for me so then I buy the eyebrow pencil that’s been
working for me for years but now I have two eyebrows pencil and the one that
doesn’t work for me I’m not even gonna use it so it’s a complete waste again
it’s totally up to you on what kind of consumer you want to be I’m not a beauty
junkie that much anymore I love makeup I love skincare but I have to put the
world in front of me and think about how much waste I’m creating just because of
my desires at this point I’m not buying any more
new things and I’m just going to buy things that replace whatever I use up
that I know work for me so that brings me to tip number two on how to control
your holiday or sale spending and that isn’t thinking about the planet you
already know how dire it is for us to band together and stop creating so much
waste in this world so much unnecessary waste I know it’s so important to have
reviews out there for products for people who are maybe trying something
out for the first time but you as a consumer also have to realize that
whatever you put out there for people is going to either convince them to buy
that thing or convince them to not buy something and it doesn’t really matter
though because they might just buy something else if it’s not that good
after reading your review so I’m not telling you to like stop reviewing
things because that’s really helpful but just think about how many things that
you’re buying and then how many things are recommending to other people which
will make them buy so many things so if you’re buying a lot of new things or
you’re trying a lot of new things to and recommending them to your friends and
our family they’re most likely gonna start buying the stuff too I guess it
kind of just came up with that now because I hadn’t really thought about
that before like if I’m trying something new and it’s really good I feel
compelled to tell like my mom for instance and then that one make her
wanna buy it and now we’re buying extra things that we don’t need unnecessarily
so you just put the world ahead of you and think about what we all need right
now in the world and that is to stop wasting our money on things that end up
in landfills or in the ocean the third way on how to control your holiday
spending is to think if you can afford it or not I’m gonna see most of us can’t
afford whatever we want to buy otherwise we probably shouldn’t be buying in the
first place but most of us can’t afford it just buy it because we can you guys
haven’t watched my and my collection that I posted like a long time ago I’ve
only been in the description box where you can cash in a card up here the
reason I have so many handbags is because I adopted the same shopping
habits as my mom and she has enough money to afford a lot of nice things and
I’m saying nice things because she likes to spend her
hard-earned money on nice things not always she’d be things and that was
passed on to me but it started to get very excessive so every time we go shot
me together we see something nice she tells me I can buy it and she also
treats herself but especially when it comes to handbags I have so many already
but just a small tiny change in style is enough for my mom to be like we should
get that don’t buy things if you can’t afford it just because you can afford it
it’s so freaking wasteful you’re not putting any thought into that purchase
you’re just telling yourself that you can’t get it because you make enough
money to be able to afford it so the fourth way and how I can control our
holiday spending has to do with gift-giving I’m not a gift giver
I never made enough money to buy people yes but listen I really appreciate
people gift gifts to me that are reusable the things that I can use all
the time things that will never just be thrown into the trash because I forgot
about it and it went bad or just thrown aside because it just doesn’t match Who
I am something thoughtful is not always some cosmetic something that that person
always said they’ve wanted to try but just never got it I don’t really think
that’s thoughtful even if it shows that you listen to them because maybe it’s
not something that they need I think to come up with a really thoughtful gift is
to listen to them when they say that they need something that they’re missing
or maybe you can see them when you go over to their house and they’re just
missing something or something’s broken or something just doesn’t work the same
and you want to help replace that for instance a very thoughtful gift for me
right now would be a cordless vacuum leader that would be the most amazing
gift an entire world and I know which one I really want but because I live at
home with my parents still I’m not allowed to get it so I think when you
want to gift something to somebody you want to buy something that the person
will most likely repurchase on their own when they run out so adding on something
thoughtful doesn’t always mean expensive I was just telling my husband the other
something really powerful for me would be like if you ask me what my favorite
eyebrow pencil was if you would go to the drugstore and like five of those
pencils for me and just you know give prep them and a pretty ribbon or
something like that it doesn’t have to be like you know all the gift wrapping
is also greedy environmental waste I’m just saying it okay but it’s something
that you know I will get use out of I think fragrances are very personal so
if you think that that person will like it if I’m even a hundred percent that
they’re gonna like that smell and your perfume lasts for so long too
it’s just probably gonna end up on their vanity for like years so for example I
made a Macy’s order a long time ago actually that was when I first started
my channel and I got a sample of a Shiseido serum and Shiseido was a very
expensive Japanese brand I gave so many of those samples away to my
mother-in-law and she really liked this Shiseido serum sample she looked it up
online and saw that it cost three hundred dollars if I bought that serum
for her that would be super thoughtful but don’t forget serums are only in one
ounce bottles most of the time and it cost three hundred dollars if she runs
out of it which she will he can’t afford a $300 here and I can’t afford my $300
to replace it for her so if I go to the drugstore let’s just say because I could
afford that and she can afford that then I will get her a serum to try and if she
runs out she can go to the drugstore and buy it for herself so going off of
reusable thoughtful products like that the fifth way to control your holiday
spending is to buy something that will last my cousin actually hand made or
hand stitched together a bag for me for my birthday
a little she didn’t expect it to be this small this is the perfect grocery bag
for me whenever I go to the grocery store with my husband back under me I’m
rolled in this I can put fruits and vegetables in here this is the perfect
time to get super environmentally friendly with your gift purchase
is you can get reusable bags you can get reusable cups reusable straws even cloth
napkins cloth pads I don’t think you should get somebody a menstrual cup
cloth panty liners maybe those thanks underwear that have like the built-in
pad and the other where there’s so many environmentally friendly products out
there right now take advantage of all the sales before those products that
would urge your friends and families whoever you want a gift to things to to
be environmentally friendly as well this thing’s way on how to control your
holiday spending is to treat yourself in another way so let’s say you want to
spend on yourself treat yourself and you totally should because we worked really
hard instead of spending it on something that
you can like use up in like a product why not treat yourself to a treatment
like a spa a facial kind of Brazilian wax
I’m telling you it’s amazing unless you will like to get laser hair removal
instead because I totally recommend that especially for the armies and I want to
do that for my legs my wish cache and down there but that’s just happy for
another day why not treat yourself to a beautiful dinner with just yourself or
your girlfriends or your guy friends or your partner maybe take a trip maybe for
a weekend that would be really nice how many of us actually go away for the
holidays instead of like spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on
the presents I love edible arrangements I would buy that and eat the whole damn
thing myself you can even have a game night in spending money on hosting so
it’s not spending money on a product it’s spending money on quality time it’s
spending money on self-care instead of buying something because it’s on sale
and you want to treat yourself there are a lot of coupons for spas too and the
seventh way on how to control your holiday or sale spending is to never Add
to Cart to anything that you are not really sure if you want to buy it
I’ve watched a lot of shopping hacks before and obviously because that’s a
way of saving you money but not preventing you from buying anything or
spending money at all so their hack is if
add an item to your card and leave it there so they tell you wait a week two
weeks three weeks a month whatever maybe you might even forget about it because
you don’t even need it what happens is the site will send an email to you with
a discount code or even send reminders to you that you have something in your
car that you forgot about so you’re gonna get reminded of something that you
forgot in your card or you’re gonna be bribed with a discount code so you’re
gonna end up buying it you don’t need it don’t even add
anything to card if you’re not gonna buy it right when you add it to your cart
you have no intention of buying that because I don’t know you want to you
need it but don’t get it there was a video I watched I hope I
remember what it’s called so I can look it up and link it for you guys in the
description box but it was by another youtuber who talked about what companies
do to get you to spend more money and it’s a very useful video so definitely
keep that and watch here’s something that my mom taught me if I see something
in store or online get it right away doesn’t matter if it’s on sale or not
the reason for that is because if you wait until sale time you might not be
able to get it because it will be sold out also if you pay full price you more
likely are going to want to get your money’s worth because you pay full price
for it and because you really wanted it that you would pay full price for it so
you have two options there but you either not put something in your cart
and wait until so much later and so maybe you’re like oh wait I had
something in mind months ago that I wanted to buy I wonder if I still need
it now and buy it or not or if it’s there and it’s full price just go get
the damn thing most of the time when things are at full price your order will
reach free shipping I mean how many times you want to site and something
costs $24 but free shipping is that $25.00 but you have a 15% off coupon
that’s literally the company strategizing on how to make you spend
money making you buy something extra because of that 15% coupon and you don’t
want it to expire guy to get a thing smart okay
instead of buying some crap at Sephora that I don’t need I decided to spend
that money on ulti and I appreciate food way more and I appreciate cosmetics
especially when I don’t need them if this video helped please give it a
thumbs up subscribe to see more videos from me on conscious living I will link
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