$7,000.00 STORAGE UNIT! LIVE AUCTION TO BEGIN! I bought an abandoned storage unit!

whoo ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
parents of all ages is your captain speaking what’s up good afternoon
happy Sunday salutations on my happy Sunday sighs I’m getting feedback is you
guys hearing feedback or that just means that just me you had feedback or did you
guys hear feedback too cuz I was just I don’t know for some reason was playing
my volume I don’t know some reason was playing my volume oh hell no it’s fixed now are there more feedback
oh great it’s always something it’s always something it’s always
something is the auction online so we cab it first thing asked from Caleb yes
there is a link in the description you can go bid you can go bid actually well
it’s not gonna be live the auction is gonna start tomorrow live on Grimes fine
site there is a link in the description for the pre-registration I suggest you
pre-reg I believe he said sometime tomorrow night he’ll be on here in a
second I’m sure and he will clarify that what’s up Juliana what’s up
medley what’s up storage auction pirate comments and look at that as hell it’s
hard you got storage auction pirate in here Greg Bram what’s up sand dollar
jakoria juliana greg louis rains marine look up the sky is falling
no it’s not anthony hated I’m scared to talk now I can’t tell if
it’s going if it’s messing up like it bugs me
I hate when things go wrong 300 people in here already holy smokes Jim Lynn borderline what’s up Kimberly
thanks I love the Hat I’m hiding my hair I cut all my hair off
I decided I needed a change I want to regrow my hair so I have no hair right
now so I’m wearing a hat in this life we’re not gonna we’re not gonna unbox
the hair Suzanne what’s up what’s up Michael
where’s Harold at didn’t come see me what’s up Wanda wake rip dose Ronald
Natasha storage stalkers in the house oh my god we got storage doctor in the
house what’s up Chad Pat willing Teleco Tracy thrifts what’s up Tracy Liz
lampion it’s great you could just stare at us and we’d be fine Laura stop it I’m
not gonna have people on your one to watch my goofy self just sitting here
not talking I appreciate that that’s flattering good luck on the oxygen get
that house yesterday uh definitely want to get a house but I don’t know
depending on what I get I don’t know I got a lot to think about there’s so much
to think about with the opportunity ahead of me collecting dust hobbies
what’s up hi ray hey what’s that michael says sweet there’s grime spines sup
Tanya why aren’t you in the auction house Mike Allen I have not been able to
get there I have so many I’m trying to get there
I gotta move units we’re looking to go out there in the next few days sometime
this week we will definitely be there 100% for sure
he said 8 o’clock the auction aw that must mean 6:00 p.m. my time what’s up
Kevin from Columbia Wade hey what’s up from Texas hi Piratas all good thanks Shaun Debbie
said it’s fine xoxo from my matrix sounds great
lowest range retracted a statement what you say Louis we don’t like retracted
statements just let it rip what’s up Robin so upset out audio went out you
had George what happened there my audio is messing up now to left you a post on
Facebook is Danny may Danny may uh I appreciate that post you left me I was
just reading that a little bit I was very sweet very very sweet of you it’s
fine now What’s Up sir necromancer how do you guys like my new ring a little
sneak T and sneak teaser here a sneak peek at a unit I bought this week I got
a new ring where’s my camera there it is I’m keeping this baby I think I def
halstead he said he’s subscribed to Jay pepper what’s up I’m trying to get her to make a youtube
– we’re trying to get her to do a school vlog we need to get her to do a school
blog cuz she doesn’t get to work of us every day but she is in a lot of videos
though she actually did my camera Manning today so there’d be two videos
coming out where I found this spoiler alert there was a safe spoiler
alert there was trunks spoiler alert I found gold and this is the one I kept dear Don Grimes the other night show us
Debbie says you are fine now coming in fine let some but break a record a smash
let’s break records Greg I love breaking records we’re 373 I don’t know what my
record really is I think my record is six hundred and forty three people and
alive it’s okay don’t cut us off like what the house did they don’t have a
choice they did they didn’t do it on purpose trust me I can promise you
Jeremy and George did not want to cut their live early but they’re there
something happened with their stuff no we’re not unboxing there it looks silly
right now I’m not used to it yet you two better get it together hey how was your
day going Lillian I’m doing great Alex look-alike hairdo who everybody’s hoping
the best for you and the kids Michelle with the pre-register yeah right there’s
the link Michelle just set it up pre-registration to the big auction
Pirate’s Booty auction has Grimes labeled it
just check that penny and the magnet picked it up what’s it’s the beautiful
salt Prince this is awesome we have everybody in here tonight the salt
princess the stalker Grimes the Hales we had a think I saw Locker nuts in
there too I don’t know if I did see them there or not you got to let us know what
you make on this unit trust and believe Bugsy got one thing I’m not scared is to
show what I made on a storage unit and I could promise you I’m gonna let you see sound great lost Jeremy and George they
had a thousand fifty on their chat to man who how what’s the guesstimate you
all have seen there’s only two unboxings left I might do both tomorrow I’m not a
positive I’m not positive commanding Mondays kind of suck I have one more by
myself in the salt princess and then I have one more with Grimes and storage
docker and that will be it for my unboxings on that storage unit only
thing left will be my recap which I got to get to Texas to do what do you all
think is the what do y’all think right now legitimately those who know what
they have seen a lot of people think that I’m kind of crazy they see my
numbers I’m putting in they say I’m click baiting but they
underestimate the fact that there was so much in the first few videos before I
even started using the money and then I slowed it down but what do y’all think
is gonna come in on this could be YouTube super chat at marks tudi
I did see a super chair oh no a dollar at marks duty he didn’t say anything
sent a dollar appreciate that I Love You Man
why do you do your live videos in your car music 55 Kathy well i’ma tell you
real simple for one me and my kids live in a hotel and the hotel sucks for live
internet there at all so I come here and my favorite spot in the whole world
where I come and watch all the happy couples and children run around and play
and I do things like that and it’s fun to be near a positive atmosphere so yeah
that’s the marina over there my favorite spa since I was a kid is where I come
that’s why I come here Wade from Chico California what subway
yes oh my my older side my stepson my ex steps I don’t know what you call him
child I love very much he lives up and Chico how much super
chat to unbox the hair no you like this ring I think my cell I think I’m
thinking about auctioning this ring I don’t know why I get bored of things I
like changing of every now and then I like letting go of been practicing let
it go it’s been my biggest thing lately I’m trying to let go of everything
literally this businesses made me hate things it’s made me really think about
life really think about what’s important and I don’t care about things no more
and I’m kind of bored of it I’m thinking about auctioning on my eBay thinking
about auctioning it maybe give it away as a prizes at 100 thousand I said I’d
give away an ounce of gold when I hit a hundred thousand subs
maybe there’s a giveaway the ring is that a Power Ranger Power Rangers not
Power Rangers it’s a pirate ring I’m looking for the
blue topaz earrings I don’t know which ones those were you’re gonna break a
record with the auction I hope so what’s up all that with all the boots was it
just one guy with one pair of feet yep ooh
reselling meinen with the $2 super chatter excited that Jebus is moving it
you’re doing right I’m excited that my friends moving to California my YouTube
buddy storage nemesis will be my nemesis now we’ll bet to be bidding against each
other I’m pretty sure what color is going to do now it’s not I’m gonna do it
silver but I have to regrow it I didn’t like the way I did it and I want
something different I’m gonna have somebody do it for me so I’m gonna
regrow my hair you like that ring don’t you Benjy what hair he said he shaved it
yeah I don’t have any hair no more I don’t have any hair no more I want to
see you bus 250,000 I gosh I would just give this to ring away as a prize if we
hit $250 swear on everything thought he was setting up but I didn’t see you
there gag share this videos get out 750 well I love your style Kim 250,000 1 million dollar unit $2 super
chat from Carlos Garcia what’s up Tess I’m glad you made my life mother of one
says a 100k Cynthia shouting us all out doc fleiss’s 2 and 20 gonna guess 90,000
detector I like your enthusiasm definitely over a hundred thousand I’m
loving it Debbie Vaughn says 500,000 I love your
attitude but that’s that’s pushing it a hundred and seventy-five thousand after
X that would be Chad if he put 175,000 my pocket I’m gonna kiss him on his lips
promise you are you filming all your units looking
forward to them oh man Lois I got I’ve already got
several units in the bank like I mean I’ve been already buying and selling
stuff I’ve been putting up posted things I’ve already sold haven’t even got to
unbox them Kevin says don’t worry about you being you I know I’m not ever I
don’t really ever think about anybody being me but it’s awkward because I’ve
had a mohawk for a long time and I have no hair it’s just weird part I shaved my
head steak or that way I don’t have to pay a barber how much you have made so
far the tools I think I’m in like four or five grand Danny but it cost me a lot
like I every day to go sell in Stockton cost me about 175 to $250 every day I
sell in Stockton 60 is 70 after the fees what’s up saw prints they said don’t
forget to go check out on the unboxing on Saul princesses Channel he is at his
favorite spa Victoria knows I love it beautiful there Mike thank you Grimes
lots of money coming in there’s lots of money people saying lots of money we
share the hair for hundreds of horse Super’s Jack stop it
I’m not trying to share the hair I’ll release a photo soon pirates for life
I’ve loved the view make enough for your house and dreams yeah Diana like I said
I’m thinking of a lot about this what I’m gonna do with this money whatever it
may be I feel like a house is wise but also there’s a lot of things I would
love to do with the business and there’s so many options and I’m really got a lot
to think about warehouse would be nice see Jack’s
already reading my mind there jack as Mehran you did good of Grimes he has
your back pretty place love the willow tree a paw
aren’t you going to Texas I will be Virginia trust them believe it you
should unbox the hair somebody pays a thousand on okay to love someone watch
your business laying in the hospital because that knows watching my big heads
can you set a high bid Kathy are you losing the Mohawk I’m not losing it I’m
revamping it I don’t like this the phase when I’m in between this and that and my
person who’s gonna do my hair cut him for a minute so I said screwed I cut it
off and I’m gonna grow it back and let them cut the Mohawk for me so uh it was
gonna be a little awkward transition till I grow it all back a beautiful
sunset pirate Jebus moon to the west coast yes he is 175 thousand auction
five hundred thousand if you could have allowed from individual sales I’ll be
happy 175 grand swear on everything I said on my on everything that if I had
believed I’d be happy as static of 175 grand I would be tickled pink
our kiss Grimes on the lips no tongue which is on the lips
Frederick wants to contact me Frederick I’m on Instagram Facebook storage option
pirate what is the other ones snapchat storage pirate you can find me uh all
over the place Jack wants me to show my hair really bad
stop it jack I just missed all my I got messed up on
the comments II think they’re flying fast
cuca says $2 the unbox the hair of a super chat Renee bargain hunters
bargain hunters drift good luck with your trip to Texas appreciate that man
thanks pretend our super chat don’t forget to check out my buddy Renee
putting out lots of good units Hardman to keep up with Hardman to keep up with
my color silver Pat that’s what I’m gonna do is silver maybe like a pink or
a purple root my lady she says she wants me to do it
some undertone things I don’t know for now I don’t got time to worry about it
so I just cut all the hair off I did not did I see a pirate no parrot on the
Hales video now I don’t know if I did but I want a monkey I can’t have one in
California What’s Up Chuck being real 75 to 100 GT and free so now that’s still
being real as you know me I pride myself on being real sometimes it doesn’t get
me where I want to be definitely not where I want to be what I know where I’m
going which is very important it’s very important to know what you want and
where you’re going I say that a lot I just thought I’d throw that out there I
know what I want in this world Tootie 100% without a shadow of a doubt but I
do keep it real maybe we start a pool must see the hair I worry the auction
buyers a youtuber trend buy coffee cups and teachers hoping Grimes has actually
antique collectors I think you’ll do 250g Cynthia man I love your attitude
cucas a $2.00 unbox the hair I don’t know about the Pandora bracelet Kim
wants to break my record she wants to get to 750,000 Anthony I think that he
does have I know his record auction was I think Grimes type it in here what’s
your record auction hundred forty or a hundred fifty thousand I think you said
I’m so excited I can’t watch your playlist sharp Rick watch watch the
playlist start pick s I don’t know why I said that I said prick I have dyslexia
sharp pick watch the playlist man you got you’re missing some videos pucker up
I am praying that you clear over a million from this auction elite Akash I
want to know about the native him I’m still waiting for him to tell me about
the native him Karev’s he said he has someone to come
and look at him and he hasn’t told me nothing about him I think he’d reveal
their hair for two hours super chat locker nuts unbox the hair telco says
with the $2 and unboxed the hair uh-huh did you sell the Pandora charm maybe
well let me let me think about me by the end this is live I’ll show my dating
here Kimberly wants to shave her hair let’s
start doing the part on boxes here let’s show you take your hat off you get five
hundred you guys are funny buy some land so yeah I don’t even know
what to do because I don’t even have Gunther Gunther nezhoda I had horrible
with names says it shoulder hair no I came to see the hair maybe at the end
Jack my credit is shot that’s a big problem I’m not like I said I always
keep a real I spin the hardest part for renting a house like I literally have
money to rent a home right now cuz I’ve been working my tail off to rent one but
my credit score sucks without a cosigner or somebody else renting it with me it’s
extremely tough think it’s hard you know so buying a house to me seems even
harder because of the way my credit situation is etc etc I can’t go wrong
with property warehouse with apartments to the side or above that’d be awesome
me and my kids each had our own apartment my wife is a dog do my hair
cut my hair I’m cheap I wish I could shave off all my hair but Jeremy well I
won’t no one wants you to either George you look beautiful with your hair don’t
shave it off and you – Kimberly all you women start talking my shaving their
hair I’ll just leave your hair don’t get crazy I’m not trying to set a trend I’m
in the middle of reprocessing my trend everyone laughs at my top not high super
pirate how are you what’s up Harry property in California is crazy money
hey man and I’m not ready to leave when my son gets older once Michael graduates
I’m ready to leave I don’t mind I just got to get a few more years let him
finish way he wants to and I’m out might go somewhere else don’t know where what
I’m gonna do only true men drink from gallons that’s what’s up Chad that’s the
only way to do it I’m gonna try to sip a little bottle no we have a gallon of
water here that’s how I drink my water come on
everybody get him to show his hair keep on him show us your hair wait till baby
Jesus gets there he can have paint a new mohawk he’s a good at art so anybody
have any questions what did he just say milady
I didn’t say milady oh my hair lady no I don’t have a girlfriend beautiful life I
have a lady I wish was my girlfriend but no I don’t have a girlfriend
Virginia it’s coming back in a different style when it’s your auction it’s not
gone for long okay that strays 300 bucks there who’s in with me girlfriend no I
did not say girlfriend Carlos I can’t explain to you what I want my life is
very personal and I’m not gonna let anybody else feel the effects of my
personal nest because I know exactly what I want what I want knows what I
want and everything else is falling into place so we’ll leave it at that
guessing 241 Katie wants to I pray on everything he breaks his records me I
would love for him to break his record with my auction stuff got a hawk myself
not pink like yours though gotta get it grown back out
did you tell Harold 200,000 I hope 200,000 I got all kinds of videos of me
in all kinds of ways Benjy Pyrrha you have a girlfriend no Tina I have no
girlfriend I am single I am seeing going let’s see the hair let’s see the hair
maybe maybe you at the end of this video I’ll be like real quick hair and in the
video show the hair come on no fouling virgin chat please probably shop in a
row day oh no I won’t thank you George for reminding everybody that I don’t
have a wife or a girlfriend your biggest fan and – what’s up Irene
we said people when I get there what crimes that with I’m trying to get
alleys to go with me here’s one of the problems we have saw
in says can’t fly she don’t have an ID and I don’t know if the seizure is
messed it up – but she don’t have an ID there’s no way to get done I’m trying to
convince Alex to go with me I thought it’d be cool we can have people come
meet us when we got there Grimes maybe like a meet and greet at your auction
I’ll you everybody come together and just say hey what’s up meet us all we
seem to have a lot of people in Texas who watch yes Laura it sucks about the
credit score but it’s the truth Jack as Moen says he needs to talk to me because
he has some two ways to work around let me know jack a storage option pirate
Facebook Instagram you the dad you the great dad Thank You Wayne what’s
happening guys what’s up Patrick Simon come on in Michigan just north the Hales
won’t compete for units where’s princess she’s around I know you’re not hating
just you know just hoping he does really great I don’t even hey don’t bother me we’re in California right now we’re
about to live in California from Texas I’m in the Bay Area
sure brush your hair or lack thereof kevin says did you find any guns you
have to watch the last two videos Terry to find that answer out
thanks for the infamous George do you have do you want a girlfriend I do want
a girlfriend beautiful life my biggest problem in the world and I’m
sure if you ever watch my videos you know there is somebody who completely
has my attention whether I can get her or not I’m stuck for right now working
on that that’s all I could say about that I have a very specific person I
want it’s that simple living would be insane love to do that
when is your plane landing in Dallas I’m relaxing and everyone registered yeah
yes the auction keep reminding me to say that the auction is pre registration
link is in my video right now you want to pre-register grindr’s told me
specifically that’s better to fit everybody pre registers so make sure you
go in the link in the description there’s also a link for the full 7,000
or playlist of this unit you can check out pretty much every fine because I
yeah I told Alex if I hit 200,000 and Grimes pays me
200,000 I’m giving him $10,000 to help him get his things going so yeah Alex
really wants it to be 200,000 I’ve no I did tell him 250 I’m gonna give him a
break I’m gonna say to 1,000 what’s your guess I’m gonna be the most valuable
item Debbie my personal guest is an item that will be released in the final
unboxing two unboxings from now that’s the best I can say there’s an item in
there that I personally think is the best but once again I haven’t heard
Grimes’s feedback yet on anything I asked him he won’t tell me
lorilee with the suit on two dollars super chat that’s awesome God’s got you
pirate appreciate that Joe I hope there’s something in there to goes for a
lot by itself he shaved it there’s no hairy single a nice pokey but the thank
you marry uh I kind of stopped making my poems I think I made the person the
object of my desire uncomfortable and they probably know that my poems are
about them and they probably see them and I kind of got a little uncomfortable
and felt bad that I was doing that and I stopped putting poems up as much as I
was because that’s hard for me to write poems that aren’t about what’s on my
mind and that’s on my mind too much so I’ve been releasing them hope nobody
minds I does seem like a lot of people enjoyed my poems Joe says stay single
until you’re rich I am rich Joe rich is a state of mind is not actually a
financial situation I’m rich with energy love life Mike have you ever considered
two older women Karen says that’s a good question have you ever had
a beard if we’re talking about your hair I don’t like my no beard I look like an
18 year old kid where’s your favorite fine from this locker that you’ve
already posted my favorite find was the whale stitute that I almost kept the
scrimshaw my daughter wanted me to keep it too but I decided not to come to
Texas I thought would be cool I’m not ready to leave like I said my son needs
to graduate my son’s in his sophomore year once he
graduates I will move and I’ll give him the option
to come with me or stay behind open a big one big open house party visit
locals – that’d be awesome salt princess can get a state ID
meet-and-greet would be excellent share share share this video let’s get to 750
watching love your channel rooting for you my
Kayla does not want to fly no she doesn’t but she was gonna I had her
ready to go beat best pirate situation I’ve seen you hit the jackpot it’s been
an amazing rollercoaster this unit I thought your fans were your girlfriend’s
Debbie Vaughn says Debbie I’d have to I be wrong wrong me to have that many
girlfriends right I have asked them out ocean wave and I’m just really just
spinning my wheels but I’ll figure it out
don’t trip one day I’ll just have to say okay Mike this is enough you got to walk shooty G Grimes says make sure you go
and sign up we’re almost at 97 pre-registered who is single ladies
let’s set up pirate music Kathy appreciate that let’s not do that let’s not yeah he do need a girlfriend
thanks all princess appreciate that jerk sin it’s not about being in love with
somebody or being ashamed I know that that person will be awkward most
everything I ever say makes them awkward cuz that’s just the way they are and I
would not do that to her in a million years I would not put her in that
position if y’all pay attention to my videos you’ve already seen her I heard
her it’s been there I’ve done my best to kind of show it because I’m not ashamed
but I don’t put that put I don’t put that pressure on people
I’m not that type of person she said said no that was one of the worst ideas
thanks the salt princess for convincing me to send a note that was a horrible
idea take time to do it right I take time to do everything right Grimes patience is the key good luck on the 250,000 I wonder what
item you found hmm Benjy that’s not fair you already know rich is hard yes older
well then him would be a thief Grimes I think you’re older than me buddy
gypsy alleys what’s up Alex what are you doing
I’m buddy I saw you at the flea market I think today was that yesterday we love
your poems Thank You Terry I pirate from Stockman subdennis the
Stockton will be out there tomorrow me Alex and Jack I think we’ll all be out
there beautiful life says if I was single what would you do a view a single
beautiful life rosetta Gibson with a $2.00 super chat no words that stubble
is a good look on you thank you tell us about the bats out here and told
me about those either my sons in the tenth grade how was your I doing the rat
poop infection I think is gone what take let’s leave the glasses off let’s leave
the glasses off now now he took them off how do you get thing that YouTube money
yet what do you mean by YouTube money I mean I’ve been getting revenue from
YouTube for some time years now is this all princess your daughter yes a lot of
people think she’s my wife as a second fighting people I got your wife as your
girlfriend laugh out loud she likes the poems too dude how many guys write girls
poems even Joe I honestly actually think she doesn’t – believe it or not cuz I
have a lot of women who tell me they like my poems and that women love poems
written about them but I think this specific person doesn’t oh man you guys
want to see guys make me write more poems I got I’ve got so many written I
just won’t put it and put him out there right now all your fans of your crowd chicka wow
I’ll marry you’re funny you’re still going to auction off your ring I’m think
I’m going to soon Brian I just haven’t decided to wait and where I went in
pre-register was easy make sure we all do there’s going to be some amazing
items and it’s your chance to own a piece of pirate history Oh Mary Mary
Flynn says Michaela put me up on auction on eBay that’s funny
this auction is going to be legitimate come on I’m supposed to happen and we’ll
keep the faith Terry uh I can tell you one thing I
preach this a lot like that’s the one thing about me I know a lot of people
talk about things but that’s all they do is talk not a lot of people are walkers
are just talkers trust and believe you hear me say things all the time like
live with no regrets I am a type of person who will do whatever it is I
desire to the fullest extent I would chase my dreams my desires I will try
even when people think I’m ridiculous and I shouldn’t and I will try just so I
know when I walk away that I won’t have regrets cuz that’s the worst thing for
me is to walk walk away from anything and sometime down the road I’m looking
back and I’m like I should have done this no I don’t live with regrets I will
do something no matter what anybody thinks of me because I don’t care what
anybody thinks of me I will try so I yeah I have faith one thing I have is
faith when’s it kicking off tomorrow night I am guessing a world war 2 or
nope you should hook up saying things I shouldn’t be reading out loud on my chat
I commend you on your awesome morals and values
Mindy with a super chat to 79 what does your hat say I love lovers everyone needs to click like everybody
needs to sign up for the auction if you want to bid to love seeing your eyes I usually have them cover up a glasses put
them on out there don’t be shy your eyes don’t look tired as they do sometimes I
hope you’re getting no Alan I have been getting no sleep lately I’ve been
tossing and turning all night every night for the last like two weeks I have
not slept a wink I don’t know my mind’s racing a million miles an hour
shoot my subconscious is spinning a million miles an hour I don’t know my
dreams are driving me nuts being honest helps a lot I try to be
honest as I can be I think I’m too honest sometimes I’m too abrasive you deserve a good woman thank you Rhonda I
love your outlook thank you Aleta I always hit the first thing the shirt
showing off the blue in them I want them to be silver like on my my eyes are gray tears Juliana said get over the counter
sleep aid I don’t like drugs storage auction
pirate booty uh-huh this thing every time it says that it sounds funny to me
because I don’t have a booty so it’s like it’s a kind of ironic to me when
you’re going to change the hair color pinky I don’t even have a hair right now
so there everybody wants me to unveil my hair I cut the Mohawk off I’m regrowing
it and I’m going to change the color soon I want to try something different
cuz I like my eyes silver so I want to try to manipulate that by making my
mohawk silver but there’s no hair it’s under here yeah under here is no hair
what’s up Grimes Grimes says pirate dang I got through all the comments does anybody have any specific questions
anybody want to ask about an item in the $7000 storage unit what was y’all’s
favorite item tell me what you guys thought the I want to hear guesses now
with the single best item you think that you’ve seen so far tis gonna sell
I believe the auctions gonna be two weeks
that’s what Grimes told me and I agree with it completely have you gotten your
7,000 back here just selling stuff not gonna no no no Gary I’m about four
thousand plus are almost five thousand and sales and tools and stuff but the
problem is I’ve got a lot of expenses to hey man you’re doing great yeah Michael
I’m doing awesome Rhonda wants to see my head no what’s
that mama Jean a high pirate can’t find any links for donations where are they I
don’t know what you mean donations there’s a super chat button persued
chalk 205 that polar bear school I like the polar bear school Jesus from the
Philippines hey Seuss from the Philippines let’s
donate two hundred fifty to unbox that hat Diana you’re funny pipes pipes pipes
weather vane tooth with the ship deep purple duct that nekkid woman’s
statue Benjy says what’s up Jeremiah purple
color what’s I’m gonna do it something below the gray I’m gonna do great
weather something she wanted me to do something about my roots I forgot what
she said I haven’t did it couldn’t meet her to Sunday so I said screw but I was
it was irritating me didn’t have no pink my razor was in my bag in the hotel I
said off with the head ash I’m doing a the the salt princess is such a busy
woman she hasn’t had time to collab with her old dad
she’s so Bentley she’s a superstar now but we’re gonna do a collab on the $7000
storage unit change because uh yeah why not I saw two phenom
hat stoar nice their little world war two and this is for seeing the bald head
drift trader says two dollars uber chat to my boy thrift trader
I think the knives are my fit there’s so many knives the Indian rugs I think will
sell well I think so too boot boots will bring 7,000 I’ll be awesome if they
brought at least 7,000 some of those pipes could be worth 100 or more I like
the glass bowls Civil War shin guards Grimes II did you have any idea on how
original all the blankets are all the rugs where’s the buffalo hide in Texas
this captain I’m not sure what I’m gonna do I’m gonna get a home I don’t know if
I’m buying anything is so much to think about
I loved everything from the heart to pick when you keep my anything from the
unit I did but I sent the one item I kept I kept a camping box with all sorts
of cool metal stuff to camp and dude it like dishes when you go camping I like
to get some camping in some day here soon
hey you said give away a ring I would use that I could use it would go a long
way if I get to 250,000 if there if he sailed two and fifty thousand dollars I
swear I’ll give this ring away won’t even sell it I only have this hat this
is the only one existence do a blue silver or purple silver I could dig that
I love the rugs and the vases Kelly she got Benjy she contacted Benjy in herself
and took care of all the coins herself she’s a smart little child a knife and
the canes are you going to buy you a house now captain I’m not sure yet how
many people helped you move in sort action items there’s so much I did it
all by myself planning meet-and-greet auction canes
were cool those baseball hats I loved the Western Marsh trophy give the knives
to George I will but those are some expensive knives I feel your boots will
christen Williams says love with the unicorn emoji drift trader says five
well what’s it gonna cost we’re at a hundred and one pre-registrations but
don’t stop there don’t stop registering it’s a Grimes’s auction I think Harold
should get those Hawaiian shirts in the unit no no I love that tiny little gun
lowlights the glass all the lights yeah it’s getting dark here by thomas live
bands it will be dark jeromy’s hoodies over 14 grand what’s the total I was
awesome I hope I have something sell for 14 grand what’s the total number of
items from the locker I don’t know because you Perry said I’m a very hand
thank you Perry I appreciate that there’s something beautiful things
thinking I think you’re gonna do very well I really like the lost in space
robot I saw princess she helped you soar she
did a little bit Dennis she did a little bit a grave my name then auctioned the
ring I got to say that you know his crazy awesome was the best I think the
native pottery will pull in the most to bad unit finding Western related items I
did find I found spurs and boots in all sorts of Western things I’m trying to
get Harold to do a YouTube channel you don’t see a super Chapman I’m gonna know
it can I do it from here you need to let streams there is a super chat button
because everybody’s super chat it’s a little money sign on the bottom right it’s like a little money symbol on the
chat window Jebus already has a home
he already has taken care of why he’s moving out I did it ahead of time what
happened to the box with a dead rat in it Uncle Mike see your stuff or it left
Grimes how many registered anything on the owners back story super chat but and
that hat isn’t any good take it off telco don’t talk about my hat is the
only one existence what size were all the boots and shoes
Grimes what size were all the boots and shoes if you guys have any questions
right now just direct them answer them and I’ll get Grimes to answer them he’ll
LexA says 550 for the garden hose I don’t know what you’re talking about enjoy your videos easily thanks for
sharing Thank You Jay Dennis Jamison I think there was various sizes because
some were women’s and some were guys so obviously there’s gonna be more than one
size in the boots can’t wait to see your favorite item Laura Lee says this might
be a good one to auction Grymes check out this one that might be a good one to
auction a big down payment will help with a low
credit score Grimes did Mike let you in box that I love the
rant where the guy is 11 or 12 the knife’s were cool people want the big
pink one I bet they do and it’s red it’s red 24 grams of 18 karat gold right
there a holy Snookers big ring yeah maybe this one’s cool what’s the best
knife you found thrift trader $10 things for always keeping a real bro much love
back to work I go thrift trader that’s like your third super chat buddy what
are you doing over there it must be a good mood tonight I not you laugh out
loud I love it why don’t you like the Hat love the
haters – they’re just going through their own stuff wishing that for I mean
I I I’d not saying I don’t love haters you know I as I say let haters or
misguided lovers but the fact remains this when you have more haters than
lovers and by loving haters and not emphasizing that you love lovers you are
only willing more haters into your life and I’m just trying to balance the power
in my life Mike I think everyone’s underestimated things you have I think
you’ll make close to 300 Lin I hope you’re right native saddles playing as a
rug plus fly fishing gear and painting some eight expensive course knives
swords and knife collectors for years moving to Kali’s guns auction the red
one will when you hit a hundred case should be too long it there yeah I want
to say I think it’d be a better price for a hundred thousand subs borderline
that’s what I think super chat for n okay one hundred found it probably just
tired as forth 43 a.m. I don’t know what n okay is that must be a certain type of
money I live in garden text if I win a bid on the items can I just pick it up
in person Terry I’m sure you can I think it’s a synthetic synthetic stone
a little 17 literally it’s once a love yous pair of shoes no biggie sharing the
love awesome thrift trader what’s up Julie our TV maybe you can get 14k on
your ring like Jimmy got for his hoodie that’ll be better on eBay wouldn’t it he
was trying to get the hat removed to see the non-existent hair everybody wants to
see the hair thank you pursued choc 100 I don’t know what that is
hope you make $800 picture we should make more than 800 true positive
thoughts you’re almost at 250 to have the unboxed a hat we’re not unboxing the
hats I said maybe at the end of the video
will unbox the hair I don’t know if I want to I’m kind of nervous
how far is Garland Texas the Phoenix Arizona see the hair Amy says that’s
funny he was trying to get the Hat removed okay thanks you just how far
what’s up see the hair yes show the hair we love your hair my mother loves your
support Thank You liquidations come on pirate please damn it I know I
got a stick around and not get worked up yeah we got 14 minutes left the trip
trader I’m boxing the hair at the end with the roar I don’t know if I could do
that we love you with or without hear poetry emotions show – hair poetry
emotion I like that that’s a good name actually what is that what’s up Richard
Lopez what are you doing waiting don’t be nervous it’s your
spirit that shines loving the fact that grind is helping you out this auction
good luck just register to see the hare ash mosh with a $2 lira I think a bald
head don’t change the man you’re right we got a hundred and three
pre-registered already Grimes that good is 103 pre-registered good Grimes I could use Oh Jeremy let me go back to
the hotel and let me get it out of the garbage can because I already shaved it
and cut it I saw that Michelle it’s a hundred knock I then okay from I believe
I shouted him out pursued chok 205 he said it was 443 a.m. and he don’t know
how he’s awake still I don’t know how he’s awake still cuz I’m usually awake
at 4:03 a.m. to not be able to sleep thrift trader says there’s 513 peeps in
here if everybody types in a one if you want pirates on box that hat look it’s
you pilots trip traitor really wants to see the hair where can I find your
poetry beautiful life most of my poetry I basically started releasing a poem a
day on my community page there’s a page in my wall that’s just it’s called
community and I release a palm a day there sometimes thanks for the great
videos the best unit I’ve ever seen hope you make enough for a new house so tell
us what’s your next move Randy I really I want to do something
different I want to expand my business I want to I’m not quite sure
I want to uh I want to make the business better I want to take things to a level
where it’s easier for me to make videos easier for me to sell the stuff easier
for me to get this stuff out to the world and I don’t got to do the flea
markets I just haven’t figured out what yet Maria says I think you’re a very
macho handsome man Thank You Maria appreciate that good evening Liz what’s
up dawn I’m already registered so I don’t need to he said Jamie helped
pirate auction off his ring hey come on let’s see I am pre registered we got a
lot of ones here unbox the Hat it’s about eleven dollars look at all these
ones sorry if this was said exactly what time does the auction go live tomorrow
how many items was in the auction there’s a lot I think he said fifteen
hundred lots take the hat off unbox the hair I think they’re afraid we’ll put
dollar bills in your pants if you were in a Oklahoma right now I probably let
him you buy a warehouse not least that’s a good idea Angelica are you thinking of
opening a store I kind of like the idea of what Grimes does I believe have a lot
of moves I want seen you have well over two hundred thousand dollars he wants to
open pirates auction house that’s what’s up Grimes I am praying for a new house for you put
an apartment in a warehouse a warehouse for innovative living quarters you
should get into construction business I love my job
why would I quit my job what’s up mama C take it off the salt princess says it’s
all presidents are texting everybody photos of it she has a photo I showed
her at first I was like I was like baby girl look what I did she said this emoji and yes you would what’s the total
amount and the whole auction you might run to the bank $4
do you have minimums on the same some of the valuable stuff I don’t know what he
does I left it all up to him will we get a preview before the art it’s gonna be
all up on there Jamie says an auction school for a
couple I’d rather I like what Grimes that’s where you don’t have to do
auctioning but I don’t I don’t want to be a physical action here yeah I got a
photo y’all you look good no matter what is under
the hat love the Hat I saw princess great videos probably checked out resale
rabbit he’s got a good gig going mostly eBay and Amazon sales my problem is I
don’t have an e bear I need a bears I need full-time a bears
like literally full-time a bears I’m trying to work on that right now I might
have a possible eBay or she said she would eBay for me I’m trying to figure
out how to teach her and we’ll see if it works out be the best possible eBay or I
could think of for me your future is the destiny and your future is your destiny
and you will succeed we have faith in you and your work ethics and love for
your family awesome Makayla do it live and show his photo that’s a really good
idea what the Hales Saul princess needs to dye her hair pink release the photo
do what makes you happy that’s all I try to do oh I’m getting shade right now I’m
throwing shade it’s you baby girl go to my page and on my teeny tab is a picture
of someone’s items we have gotten items by a storage busy I would love to buy
storage business Alex with the $2 super chat shout out to the storage stalker
says show us your met Ellen Gregg brim says he’s ready to be a full time eBay
or next year Mary says I’m an eBay or send jewelry we split cuts all princess
the shoe of eBay for sure that’s all I do and I make about seven to nine K a
month jasmine is eBay or she doesn’t want to either I would help you buy a
bay if I knew how take it off we put fifty s in your garter Grimes takes I
use I don’t think so Jason loves watching my storage family I love you do
then buy storage business that’s mean you’re not going to rent a place to have
all together I am renting a place I’m not
gonna try to buy a place I don’t I don’t even know what I’m gonna make off this
well if it’s enough to even buy a house if I have the credit to do it but I know
the housing markets at its peak so I would not be a wise businessman to buy
something at the peak of it and it’s a very rare opportunity for me to take my
business to another level I’ve been talking to a lot to Alex about it what I
want to do I want to do something bigger and different and that would only affect
what levels I could take my youtube channel to but a home is a definite home
is most important where I’m going next you missed your chance George was fired
and you could have and could have been your eBay $5 super chat for plunders and
fines dang that would have swooped up on that and harpy I would have definitely
made George my a bear in a heartbeat um Jeremy’s a wise man for unn firing her
that’s for sure I only put garter money for Uncle
Michael and stop it can’t wait to see how much the new young green base goes
for sending love your way where do you need to live in the Bay Area in order to
keep your son in his current school he’s in Martinez I’m looking at a few towns
near me Antioch Oakley Brentwood Pittsburgh Concord Benicia I’m looking
all over the place not around here Gail is not a buyers market around here how
about three amigos auctions are you calling my daughter an amigo just
kidding keep thinking praying what do you what day do you go to Texas not sure
yet sometime this week $50 pre bid on the Probus three nine
just wait she’ll want she’ll want fired again tomorrow oh that’s funny
that’d be a good video George covers the work for pirate bro a cashew possible by
a sheriff sale you shouldn’t be nervous unbox the hair you always be our pirate
did you did you out video locker not what do you mean out video no I think he
got me beat I think he what’s up baby Jebus in the
house little Jebus long time no see buddy little Jebus wear my hat tell me
where i’m at right now you know exactly what I’m a little Jebus we went in fed
some pigeons here once wear my hat that’s okay a good question the infamous
George I have been suffering from depression and you and your family have
lifted my sport spirit probably I pray that you would do well this auction
hi little Jebus pigeon feeding place a man dude baby Jesus in the house the
marina thing what’s up Jeremy should buy rental house in the Bay Area
he should we are at 106 K pre-registration to the Pirate’s Booty
auction now we’re only a few short minutes from this live ending saw West
once again as anybody have any questions they want to ask hopefully we will be on
point will we be on point for an a a meeting this week guys cuz I really need
one I haven’t been able to stop buying storage units and it’s getting a little
crazy I’ve been buying like crazy I haven’t to take any time off I just
keep buying and buying and buying so I definitely need to a a meeting so will
you be having one this week hopefully buy and renovate a not-so-good house
many vids by one with storage and rented to you Rhonda hang in there just
pre-registered renting is best option to moan for next couple of years cash gold
and silver that’s what I’m talking about John spring Christie appreciates you
always got the kindest words such a such a kind lady I’m so very happy for you I
can’t wait to see how well you do I’m so excited for you and your family you’re
awesome I like this no audio problems you have
done a fantastic job with the way you handled your unbox and you kept me
interested to see what you have next the key no drama I don’t know what to say
Randy I appreciate you that’s all I’m gonna say you’re looking good Mike Thank
You Dede thank you I appreciate that how are you a little are
Mystikal II talented Jebus uh-huh that was a good one I almost have me trippin
there for a minute ever think of moving to Texas not so
much Oh at a sheriff sale maybe Amy wants me to show the hair Grimes is
hosting if I buy a rental complex I’m living in one and that’s smart Jeremy
wants to live out here too Jeremy wants to come to the Bay Area too
the only way is up my friend a man Rick market B I appreciate that
almost where your heart is what size were the boots I’m not sure they’re on
his site there’s a B quick hit it with your hat you almost had me
I’m the bee whisperer have I drug-tested Harold why he’d fail what’s the point of
testing him what was your question Juanita huh just wants to know what
everybody wants to know Jess I’m sorry but uh all right I cut my hair off cuz
I’m regrowing it now the video is about to end cough cough she says good for you pirate
keep saying the serenity prayer I don’t what prayer that is but I just
keep having the most positive attitude that’s the hair now baby Jebus how much
money did you win on the lottery tickets what’s its Costa pre-reg high auction
pirate been a while since I saw it what’s up Laurie tomorrow was the first
day of the rest of your life that’s how I live every day of my life Tish every
day that I wake up is a new day everything happened in the day before is
out the window and there’s out of my control there you are our baby Jebus
cost nothing Chuck it’s free to register buy it you know what I want to do I want
to go to a container where I was talking to storage Scott the other day that’s
one thing I think I want to do is I want to do a container auction where we go
and buy one of those 10 $15,000 containers that came off a boat
I still want to hear Harold say indubitably imagine every day is a
collab if the Hales move out there – that’ll be crazy I don’t mind I loved
collabing Alex and I got a collab we bought it the 20 foot unit together
today we’ll be watching the end of the box and carry oxygen tire unit off why
aren’t you married you’re a handsome young man Germaine we’re not gonna get
into that hello store stalker and thank you for
thinking I’m handsome Germaine appreciate that I presume you’re a guy
with that name but I could be wrong looks good hey looking good you look
great sweet Thanks oh man did you ask for the tow I know
thank you a Ronda Thank You Virginia Thank You Angelica New Mexico’s a lot of
adventure novel I love Navajos being as I am in Navajo how fun would it be if we
moved out to the Bay Area George I know that the berry is fun if you uh we all
have some fun out here Gail says nice hair mr. clean Thanks thanks Mary
storage locker says thanks but yeah what’s up fat man a flipper Alex in the
house nice not bad the hair that it isn’t there you remind me of a TV show
called Kojak looking good wet hair I can’t see the picture of the glare was
too bright smart Alex you look like a golf ball on a tee
we need the hawk back man it’s free to register chrome-dome looks good y’all
are funny so handsome thank you beautiful life I appreciate that great
head of stew cuter now musics I’m cuter now I’ll take that stay positive press
they don’t you can do can’t wait to see what it looks like when it grows out
looks good Grimes is the catalog up to view not yet
it will be tomorrow your hair looks fantastic Thank You ash don’t forget to
go to Grimes channel for the a a meeting this week don’t forget that go to the
pre-registration the link is in this video right now
there’s a full playlist to the $7000 unit there is a link to his
pre-registration the auction goes live and I think 8 p.m. his time tomorrow
which is I think 6 my time I got one more unboxing coming out tomorrow I
might just put out two I might I don’t know might as well wait next two days
will be the last unboxing I got a slew of the rest of them I gotta get to
Grimes this week we got to make a recap can you answer about the rugs and if
they are authenticated I can’t see Grimes can you answer about the rugs and
if they are authenticated gray and purple will look great Thank You Reid
that’s what I’m thinking about babies you’ve assist me and Alex have matching
haircuts only difference I chose mine I’m trying to buy a shipping container
how Oh fake do you think storage wars show really is I don’t have any thoughts
on that whatsoever I know that my show is real I know that
every move I make is 100% to a tee authentic genuine and whether I win or
lose it’s real and that’s all I could tell you bald is good on you Thank You
elite I appreciate that you are a handsome either way Thank You kitty cat
you need a sucker now like Kojak thanks Mary good night good night how do you
find containers to bid on I don’t know yet we got to look into that pink bald
unicorn or sprinkles you’ll always be an answer man oh that is so kind of you
spring Christine you are so just a beautiful person with all your kind
energy you put out all the time can’t wait to see what their last unboxing now
is the hat unboxing is over oh okay that’s I decide to move the bear when
George gets fired again tomorrow can you bring her so I can hire her at least
Jeremy could you see hitch a ride and I’ll give her a job I appreciate that
you were wrong I am alright Jermaine well I’m come makes me happier that
you’re a woman when you said that I’m not that I don’t I know guys think I’m
cute I’ve been through this before Wow salt princess is laughing with her
flappy face emoji over here I can only imagine what she’s
laughing at your looks are just a plus but I love your person I think you brat
and boo keep the hair that way grow the beard you and Alex will be the blind the
auctioneers may all your dreams come true Juliana that’s what all life is
about you were always cute at you’re sold
Thank You Diana salt princess don’t make fun of your dad that’s I’m a clown her
later on trust me well at least you won’t be pulling your hair out around
here Oh for a while you need to put the hair in a hunch and
that’s already gone 499 super chapter JD West hope it helps I appreciate that it
all helps checkout Terri Carter’s blogs on superstition glad your I got better
Jeremy wouldn’t move without me out you’d be dumb where’s your video today
he didn’t pull one out bye Felicia ooh we got a fight it’s a fight ladies
and gentlemen good night pirates sleep well looking forward to the rest
yes handsomer the infamous George heck no good night to you and have a good
rest of your day bye everyone of course the infamous Georgian want you both here
in California still looking good man but missed the pink what hurt Alex you were
the real deal pad much love appreciate that Laura we love you with or without
your hair thank you mama see I wish I can win the lottery and buy unit Julia
our TV the dollar super chat much love to you Julia oh you guys want to see the
sunset look let’s watch the sunset together we’re all here let me get out
of this truck and we’ll watch the sunset look there’s a sunset Jeremy you bring
George here she can watch the sunset every day like this these beautiful
sunsets good thing have a lot of hats you could get a unicorn tattoo on your
arm no I’m not getting a tattoo on my arm what time won’t be on the east
pensive one more time she just tell you to fire her every day it’s all right I
don’t play them games I just think I put in I put in little ear plugs
Uncle Michael said is it all the time you don’t see that him fired him yet
what’s up be himself he needs a unicorn horn tattoo on his forehead baby girl baby girl I think the salt pans are
starting to come out of her shell a little bit and she’s starting to get a
little bit too uh Brenda like she’s starting to get a little I want to watch
you cuz you’re gonna start saying too much I’m gonna stop talking to you
I tell you way too much you need to hire her since she’ll be supporting Jeremy
out there until he gets his groove on I think Jeremy’s just fine with his
revenue in his whole business he’ll be fine he can make it in
California love you Mike talk to you soon handsome thank you heavier brought
shop returns not yet wishing for nothing but the best in life for you good luck
with the auction super pirate good night talk to you later should I
show my first unboxing video on Facebook live YouTube you will if she tells you
do borderline heartless the infamous Georgia wants you here in California have a good night don’t leave me I have
to go I gots to go that’s what I was asking about I got to go to dinner baby
girl you coming to dinner with me to here to your grandma’s house aw princess
cuz your grandma’s invited me to dinner so I’m thinking you should come with me
you are the best dad ever I love you Thank You Rebecca
I appreciate that those are kind words that I love I love about all y’all
people to watch my channel you all bring beautiful energy to the channel look at
all the beautiful and the beautiful beautiful good night you’re so romantic
Ave Maria this is our romantic I am it’s me and a bottle of water I’m super
romantic Wow super nice sunset love it easy maintenance
and do all the storage places of auction you’ve got to have a job to get fired
from Jeremy if you’re hiring I’ll come out here and hire me come out here and
hire me I got a very keen sense of buying we could just buy together you
have created a monster are you talk about my daughter she’s a
actually I’m a little nervous I am a little nervous of my daughter being me
coming to talk to because I that’s my go to my daughter’s my best friend my son
my best friend too but he don’t like talking as much as her my daughter her
and I talked day and night we spend our time together she knows everything about
me kind of scary those yellow speakers were on my wish
list but I know Grimes finds got them your auction will be five hundred
thousand Julia arty Buda $5 super Chad that’ll be awesome store doctor plan
thanks for sharing the sunset hope you make a fortune I’m going to Cali to buy
buy again 7,000 stalls storage unit Oh Alex come on through I think Alex and
I would love to do a little a little video did you come by storage with you
would take you to flea market gorgeous he’ll be awesome sitting a
porch of a log cabin Hydra Wharf a cup of hot cocoa on a porch swing wrapped in
a blanket watching that sunset I would love that
that sounds great spring that sounds that sounds super nice maybe a Modelo
instead of a cup of cocoa but I would love to watch a sunset in a blanket on a
porch I come here instead sunset good night chrome dome Thank You Virginia
good night way my great days are coming to you have a great night what the Hales
love you you’re the only person who can fire me is me tell Mary Lou I said hi
will do Mary Harris man I wish I could give fire some days fast Batman what’s
up good night prior there’s always a blast yeah I’m gonna get up out of here
I just got all the comments I’m trying to get through higher you are awesome
father man less I want to work you there too
Grimes you come through two we need a pump I’m about your water
gotta be careful cuz the water means a lot of things in this day and age
storage I still mean measure on yours and Salty’s and little Mike oh great
we’ve got all about that baby girl what’s wrong – salty frenzy you set her
no she this is what she does what this means she’s in a good mood if she’s here
giving me sass like that it means she’s in a good mood I like it because she
knows what makes me squirm she knows that talking about that
subjects gonna make me squirm so she’s being a funny little child but I like
that because what it means to me is she’s coming out of her shell and that’s
the whole point of me getting her on YouTube is to get her out of her shell
and for her to show the world the person she shows me when she’s not shy princess
is an amazing young lady where are you at in California I’m in the Bay Area
Anna so you won’t can’t share info on the previous owner of the fabulous unit
I’m pear and I’m going to be praying for you every day
Grimes finds is 110 the mother so I go to my first storage auction it’s fun
watching your channel okay she does what she does exactly why cuz she knows that
something made me a little uncomfortable on it’s live she knows the very moment
and she went wild with picking on me I know back and back in the salt Prince’s
head she’s sitting somewhere from these little what’s that devil emoji with the
horns that’s what she’s doing right now let’s start a super company crime says
like a storage facility blessings everyone to work I want to work I want
to work for you I want for nothing what a great and loving death thank you then
I appreciate that my mom I’m in on the super company Cynthia says yeah it is
the salt princess says when she’s quiet she’s upset like Mike yeah no I know
exactly I I always tell her I have mental telepathy and she knows that she
knows she knows there was this very specific moment that I got kind of
nervous and she ran with it she’s sitting back there like this is this is
mckaela right now she’s sitting there next to jasmine and she’s going I’m
gonna get dad I saw that I got you baby girl just remember that I never sent deserve all the happiness
live life can give a good job when does the auction start tomorrow night I know
who your secret is Bob Ram I don’t even know who you are Bob you don’t know what
any secret what secret if you’re waiting on those poems keeps showing on the
photo she loves her dad you are teaching her well by showing her hard work
awesome dad good drawers beauty drawers beauty etc the sky is beautiful Jasmine’s laying down Mike’s happiness
brings me happiness that’s what’s up Alex Missy says we all sought a moment
hmm interesting you tell Jasmine lomez pepper I’m
obsessed she’s not watching my life I gotta get used to this no didn’t find the porch wash give it up Susan Swifter I would think
it’s a pictures of some pirates items you mean
this one is this one is the saw a princess at the moment
yes Mel Mel Mel girl that is her I already took the hat off already got
took the hat off a minute ago I’ll put it back on I’m interested Ella Bob things over here
the camping win a box of plates is the chuck wagon set for cattle drive I’m
keeping that yes looks good the heck huh where hey
wear your pink mohawk oh it’s not here right now
oh my god put it back Mary I’m gonna keep it off just because it bothers you
now you’re two kills to see the cute saw princess loving you be brave and strong
you’re learning from your great dad great pics no hair looks good reach out
I’ll be there could you hear that Michael someone’s playing uh someone’s
got the dang musical in the background we get demonetized yeah but I broke my
window up people here just rockin out that’s messed up alright well with that
being said got some killer screenshots for the suit Oh memory so princess got
some secrets but I wouldn’t say she got secrets but she knows the things that I
don’t like to talk about or I won’t because I can’t make people
uncomfortable you were gorgeous with the new hair Thank You Julie appreciate that
thanks from Bostick in your hair remember it’s your soul why did you
shave your head I’m trying to regrow it I didn’t like the way I did it I made it
too thin I’m gonna have my my lady who does the hair redo it but I have to grow
it out and I wanted different styles so I got irritated I just took it off
earlier I was pissed off the salt princess look your dad is very handsome
you heard her baby girl I’m handsome now you need to wear a pirate bayonet
protect your bald head new you’d better keep all them hats on eBay
I got a huge hat collection so fresh and so clean
seriously Laura says Uncle Mike doing flea saw princes eBay or jasmine
researcher pirate and boxing’s without your he remind me of Stone Cold Steve
Austin I can take that tales of my childhood heroes you’re good now saw
princess got some quality secrets she got some quality secrets about me I’m
pretty sure I’m pretty sure that young lady got
some quality secrets I don’t know what toe jokes you’re talking about Grimes I
don’t know oh I think I do get it now because I think I told you jerk no you
don’t tell him the toe jokes don’t tell him about what in the world was this I
gotta go guys I think it’s time to go to dinner she would give them up for a jar
change she probably would just if she do it just to watch me squirm I remember
one time she loves to do that I remember one time I took her to meet my friend
for the first time I think I took her to meet her and I was like baby girl gonna
go here and introduce you to her and I don’t want you to say nothing
embarrassing we’re just sit down we’re gonna talk and just kind of keep
yourself and don’t say nothing embarrassing right just you don’t keep
it cool five freakin minutes in the conversation she shows this woman a
video of me dancing one night I had too much Mondello that’s a little smart
aleck Makayla Jordan is supposed to be posed before you leave he says cute why
not stay a little longer please I gotta go to dinner tell grandma I said hi
let’s hear music good night much love that’s your daughter
it looks good Mike excellent I paid five hundred seekers from assault Princess if
I had it stop it she tell you all my secrets for violin her bugs don’t forget
to announce the meet and greet so we can I’ll try
set that up it’s a it’s not my mom Suzanne it’s actually the kids mom’s is
mom not my mom I shaved my head bald so I can make a tote joke I think you’re
thinking of something else about to I don’t know what you’re talking about good night from the east yeah I’m gonna
go I’m out of here all I love y’all peace out goodbye


Hey Pirate love you guys.I am so broke and broken hearted that I won't be able to bid on anything this time. I know Grimes will do great by you. Get a place for you and your family and enjoy.

The feedback sure was annoying. Thanks for getting it fixed. My first time here. Jeremy and George sent me over.

Those bats n blanket/rugs could be big $$ .. I think from $250k to $500k.. Sky is the limit.. With auctions it's whatever someone wants to pay!! Blessings n praying for big $$!!

Why so many nags about making you show your "hair" ? Irks me that people can't let it just be if one says no. Pirate, You are awesome and Everything you do is Awesome. I pray the auction brings in LOTS of $$$$$ ! Peace and Love ❤

Pirate look at land contracts.. Private sales of home n land.. A lot of people that buy houses without perfect credit do them..

You look very nice and cool without the Mohawk. It will grow but you may decide you love it that way! God Bless you and your family!

Great bone and ivory pieces, so many authentic relics to chose from! Best of luck! Have a nice italian comfort meal for dinner and you will sleep like never before.

Gutted I missed your live but I always watch the replay.
Haha when I know you're going live, I tell my kids I have a date with a Pirate 🤣🤣
I just had a discussion with my boys, apparently I'm logged in on every device in the house and now they see what I watch on YouTube 😂😂😂 so they know who I'm talking about 😉🤭🤣.
What can I say, I'm addicted to watching the AA team in action and try my best to not miss a live.
Btw, not that its anyone's business but since you bought it up on your live, I did wonder if there was something happening between you and some special lady that appears in your videos 🤷‍♀️. You seemed smitten when she was around. Anyway I hope it works out for you Pirate.
"Love only grows by sharing, you can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.."

Pirate you can buy a foreclose home. You put out good in the world it will come back around. If you get a wearhouse when we come down to Paradise we will make sure to come down to see you. Told hubby we need to go to Alameda swap meet for old times. 💗💙💚💛

My ??? Is how much is all the cowboy boots are going to bring??? Someone has a Birthday coming up soon!!! 🙏🏼📽️🏖️🤠🐎🎯🏈🏀🐈🐈👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💝💙♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜

Pirate I would like to get a couple of sword canes. I need 2 matching sword canes. I am disabled and use 2 canes to walk. I always wanted a cane with a sword inside. I am a 71-year-old ex veteran. I served 4 years 1 month and 28 days from 68 to 72. Please consider me when these (or this) come up for sale.

So, you think in about living out here in Texas? We moved from Antioch/Pittsburg back in '99. Bought 40 acres for $1000/acres and a double wide huge home, 2100 sq Ft. In the country. Closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away.

Time to grow up and get rid of the Mohawk and get a really nice do. Be a business guy. You don't need gimmicks

Why do you wear cheap plastic sunglasses ? Get you some B&L Ray Bans You can afford them, I think there were a few pairs in this locker. lool

Everytime i listen to you Jimmy Buffet just starts playing in the back of my head…..https://youtu.be/df1E4NJu7ng

You know what Pirate… ignore the haters lol.. they’re just jealous of what your doing.. keep
Doing what your doing, living your dream! hope you find the Holy Grail of Storage units! Good luck with these auctions!! Much love and respect ❤️👍🏽

Wishing you all the luck in the world with everything I hope and pray that you get a great house for you and your kids . Your hair looks good so don't be nervous. Sending big hugs from the UK xxx

I can fly and I am epileptic and have a few different types of seziures Although there is always concern I tend to to have more issues on smaller planes where the pressurization is differnt. My work has a few planes but the smaller King Air and epilepsy do not get along. Do take into account I was fully diagnosed after an car accident on the Golden Gate Bridge when in 1975 where I sustained significant head trauma. I do take medication daily. I have been on several over the years but the one I take now I have neen on since 1991. If I know I am flying I try to avoid all the other triggers. Get sleep, eat, take supplements, dont drink alcohol, avoid stress etc. Hormones can play a part as well. It made me nervous to fly for years but I eventually just had to try and see how it effected me. Every case is so unique. Hope this all gets sorted out. Would love to see your Daughter make the trip with you but her safety and ease comes first.

Guessing that each box has value ! Possible that you get a thousand a box or more ! So you just do the math . Over a hundred boxes . You'll do great . Anything over what you paid is all profit. Have a great auction day !!!

I think people watch you because they can relate to you and your family and living situation. They are fascinated by your fight to better yourself and create friendships. Your outlook on life is hopeful and uncomplicated. You dont seem to be materialistic and yet you see the value in the items you come across. Loving your family takes first place over everything. Just a few thoughts. I wish you well in your auction today my friend and thank you for the INSPIRATION!

some love and respect from the Netherlands again keep on going its in your blood i see you gonna make it let the haters go hope you get your house don 🙂

get your house and holiday magnet fishing in Hawaii then invest in a passive income so you can relax and not have to work so hard.

Sorry missed live was sleeping,lol, can you get a house in northern cali or is that just a down payment? I think $200-225 of auction if he gets right people seeing the auction.

Weird to see you without the mohawk, but you still look handsome without it! Huge hugs for the auction & tons of love & luck to you & the kids that it goes your way & you reap the rewards. 😘👍😁

So bummed to miss the live…those are awesome. Can't wait for the auction , should be exciting. New hair…that's cool.

Buying without credit good bad can be done. But hard. I know i have done it and its paid off now. Mortgage brokers and companies can be very expensive . I wish you luck on the housing issue. Prayers.

You need a house, you put all in for this auction and God Blessed you so you can get a house and get out of the Hotel.

Hey Mike, watching replay trying to catch up on what I've missed, this unit is gonna pay off big👍 I think u look much better after cutting off that pink hair,it's very manly now!! Missed y'all bunches 💙💜💙

Best of luck with your auction Pitate. Would love to bid however postage to Australia sucks lol. Cheers, hoping you find many more units that makes you money 🙂

Я рад твоей новой прически,теперь ты стал похож на мужика,если честно этот розовый эрокез,раздражал

None of those bats are worth much of anything. The “Derek Jeter” should have just been thrown away. It literally says “Tee Ball” on it and the signature is stamped on it.

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