$7500 HAIL DAMAGED Porsche 911 came with a HUGE SURPRISE at Salvage Auction! Cheapest Carrera Ever?

Hey guys, and welcome back. I am SamCrac and today I want to bring to you an amazing auction story that I just got from a viewer by the name of Craig out of Maryland he bought a 2003 Porsche 911 at the Copart auctions in Colorado. If you have an auction story, a general car story, or maybe a cool car you want me to come and check out, drop me a line at [email protected] Craig’s car was a hail damage vehicle. It came with a clean title and had a hundred and forty thousand miles on it. Now, Craig won the final bid for $7,500 and paid about another seven to eight hundred dollars in auction fees and broker fees, then he had it shipped to him and as you see from the condition in these photos, like any other hail damage car it’s got a lot of dents on it, which Craig told me he’s in the process of getting them worked out, but the one thing that we didn’t discuss in my previous hail damage video is the potential for headlights and taillights to get smashed. And if you look at these taillights, they got completely obliterated in this hailstorm. So Craig fixed those. He fixed a few other little pieces, some little lighting pieces and things like that and all in all he’s in the car for a little bit over $10,000 as we speak and likely Craig has one of the lowest priced Porsche 911s in the entire world. Now when Craig got the car, he opened up the glovebox and got a huge surprise: There was a note, likely from the previous owner. And it had a list of everything that was done to the car. Now let’s start with the first thing on the list and it’s a Bilstein PSS10. Now, Bilstein makes some of the best suspension components that I know of, and this is a coilover system made for Porsches. This is an unbelievable setup and cost a few thousand dollars, and it makes the car amazing on a track. And that’s not the only thing that Craig got. In June of 2016, the previous owner wrote that he had all the suspension components replaced, so a lot of times when you track these Porsches, the bearings, the bushings and a lot of the little components get worn out pretty quick from track use. The previous owner replaced all the suspension components, which is awesome as well. That’s something that could be very costly if you took it into a dealership… Completely repaired! Now, here’s the absolute best part of 911. The previous owner had the engine completely rebuilt at ninety six thousand miles. It cost him, or so he says, around twenty thousand dollars. But he didn’t just do a standard engine rebuild: he upped the displacement to 3.8 liters from the original 3.6 liter that came in this car. During the engine replacement, it seems that he added a new clutch and an IMS bearing upgrade, which is amazing because these cars were prone to IMS bearing failures and they cost owners the price of a whole new engine. To top everything off, there was a Fabspeed exhaust installed. Those are very high-end exhaust systems for these cars, they run a few thousand dollars by themselves, and he had all new brakes put in this year. Craig likely got one of the best auction deals we’ll hear about all year. This is a car that would retail for well over what he paid for it without any of these things done to it. It sounds like Craig was completely surprised when he saw this note and is extremely pleased with his purchase. Now, sometimes these things do happen at auction. On a completely smaller scale, when I purchased my Fiesta ST and I got underneath it the first time to work on it, I noticed there was a Cobb motor mount. Fast forward a few days later, after I drove the car, I found out that there was a Cobb tune There was a Cobb air filter, and there was also a really annoying diverter valve spacer that made this noise *Blow-off valve noise* It was super annoying, because every single time you change gears you’d hear it and I couldn’t stand it. So I took it off almost instantly when Craig originally wrote me, and I read the first part of his message I thought: Okay, well, he got a pretty good deal, and it sounds like he’s pretty satisfied. But then when he told me about all the modifications, anybody in the Porsche community knows Porsche enthusiasts eat this stuff up. And this car is worth likely way more than he paid for it and especially once he’s completely done rebuilding it, Craig’s going to have a car that he can enjoy for years to come, and if he gets tired of it he can sell it and likely make a good amount of money. Guys, I hope you enjoyed this story on Craig’s Porsche. 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Some people win on the horses, some people lose!

For every lucky fellah out there finding gold, I guarantee there is someone with their footwells filling up with rain water and rice…

Load of crap and b*******. Notice he said all this was seen and a note and that they have not been able to verify or check that any fit is actually installed. Like he can't look at the exhaust and find out whether it has replaced or not what Liars

One thing I don't understand. If you're an owner of a 911 then why wouldn't you keep it inside a garage when not being driven? Also why drive it on days when the weather is bad? Seems like the original owner was pretty careless about his expensive Porsche.

This guy is so interesting. He's the least knowledgeable about actual cars but extremely knowledgeable about buying and selling them. I can't stop watching.

Aftermarket mods don’t add any value to cars. If anything they hurt the value. Most people want a car in stock condition not one with non original parts. I’ve never been looking at a used car and said wow those mods are cool I’m going to pay extra for the car …

learn to pronounce it right you hack – it's not bilsteen, it's bilstein, have google translate sound it out for you

my brother bought a city truck at auction.when cleaning under seat found unscratched lotto ticket. $10,000! expired the month before…..

I wouldn't pay for Service I can do Myself and a friend for larger things. Suspension & Engine no problem for Me. A Jet Engine Mechanic… I laugh at people who buy these Cars and can't Work on them and Simple things you pay for Service & Parts??? Than just Parts you buy yourself or order and tools to do it..

If the insurance company sent this to auction, how did Craig buy the car with a "clean" title? It would be a "salvage" title wouldn't it?

Just becuz u find a note on a food rapper without any proof doesn't mean it realy or u hve to belive it who know's if the owner hs taken the stocj engine out and just cleaned it and replaced the spark plugs and just smash it bak in and u can never know about the coilovers unless u check them so it's better to get ur car detailed

I once bough a $600 chevy and found 500bucks in it so I really didnt giv a fuck about how bad the car was. I ended up doing soem touch up's and minor fixes which costed me about 180 bucks and I sold it for 1.2k which gave me a huge profit.

If this was true why didn't previous owner chase up the car after the insurers took ownership? Surely he could have bid knowing it was worth more than the final bid and end up with it and the car the insurers replaced it with.

Someone who spends 25 odd grand just on maintenance of their vehicle does not let it go for 10 grand for a few dents

This reminds me of this story.


It doesn't say but I recall that he eventually prevailed because he did, in fact, buy the car "as is" which included everything that came with the car. It was specifically spelled out in the paperwork from the auction.

In 2009 I bought a 2001 Porsche 911 Carerra4 with 80k miles for under $15000 and spent $7k in a total repair and repaint. It was like new and I had a total of $22k invested.

996 Facelift is a very nice car (I had one on my own) , indeed, a great deal. Love your pronounciation of "Bilstein" – greetings from Germany.

I'm sure it was insured by previous owner if those mods did happen I'm sure there's some actual legit documentation rather just written on paper could also just check the vehicle for these components.

A good tip for hail damage is let it go through a full summer of heat before you start body work you can even help it a long by using a cold water source after a full day of high heat, and a lot of the dents will pop out from the extreme heat changes. If you have a friend in a really hot state just drop it off for the summer. I had a ton of hail damage not enough to break windows but peppered fairly bad, and the heat here in SC popped out 90% or more over just one summer now after 5 years of taking it out of my garage just on weekends of driving i can only see like 3 spots. I have heard of fields of hail damage cars that just sit in TX then sold after a summer and little repair having to be done on totaled hail damage cars because the heat popped out the dents; “but that could just be rumors”.

Wouldn’t even repair the hail damage just drive around with golf ball dents slaying every other car for 10k lmao

I hit the like button for the Porsche deal, not for the video. I haven't decided if I like the video yet, so adjust your analytics to reflect my motivation, and thank you.

Dammmm this the same porsha i was bidding on and in the guy this fellow outbid that should of been my porsha if only my stupid wife hadn't given me a limit on the bid fucken shit this is the last straw im going to divorce this stupid bitch she just made me loose a perfect car other than the hail damage and knew this car had something special fuck that was mine but this stupid bitch this the last time someone is going to outbid me next car im bidding on im going to go all out until i get it and now i wont have this stupid bitch giving me a limit on what to bid since im going ti start filling for divorce starting tomorrow im going to call my lawyer and to shove it to her face im going to go bid alot of money on another porsha to see if i find one like this again fuck my ex wife

Genuine or not a piece of paper will convince nobody if you're selling. And buying a car that's been tracked ain't a great thing. And another Copart win, is no physical service record. You need to do an upload of all the pitfalls of buying salvage, that will significantly affect future sale value!'

In Oregon you can purchase these cars for about the same price they can go up to 13k clean title and everything.. Some of the cars they sell on co part they sell here in Oregon with a clean title for about the same price. The only cars you can get at co part are exotic cars! Lambos,bently,z6,hellcat! And try rebuild them and make some cash. You can only profit of exotic cars. Or cheap ones you can fix your self.

Samcrac is the sort of guy that would buy a turbo and complain about the noise. Oh shit wait I thought this was Doug Demuro Channel. lol

Hi Sam, greetings from Australia. I follow everyone of your vids, but I have a question. We don’t get winters here, but we have been known to have hail-storms in the southern states! Sam how would you go about repairing hail damage, because it seems like Cryptonite when anyone mentions it, so I guess filler doesn’t do it. Best regards, Colin.

Out of porsches i hate 911s and any other Porsche that looks like a 911 cause thats what just about every porsche owner has and are way too common

That was the way I bought my G35 I bought a G35 at auction for $10,000 it had some upgrades because although the engines are fast handling out-of-the-box sucks. This had some performance upgrades I put another $14000 into the car to get it the way I wanted to. Between horsepower breaking and suspension.

certain videos have certain audiences. the level of stupid in the comment section is "re-dick". if you think I'm just blowing smoke up your "sam-CRACK", go read the comments for any video on let's say, electrical components. lol.

Is Copar real? I've been watching a Lamborghini and suddenly the bids started over. Also ca someone help me about how to bid on cars? I have uploaded my license and still can't bid on cars. This place scares me.

What should I make my username? My names sam. I smoke crack. Ah! Got it. Samcrac that way nobody knows about my crack issue. lights crack pipe let's talk bout some muh fuckin cars

2003 140k miles dents all over and people think this is a goldmine? The cars engine transmission and suspension has been raced for over 100k miles, and is 15 years old. The new owner barely got a decent deal if that. At 140k the car has little life left and will be breaking down constantly.

I can't help but wonder why, if all this work was done by a very enthusiastic owner, Why did he let his car go to the insurance company? If the only damage was hail damage? Seems fishy to me!

Seems strange they totaled it out from $7,500 in hail damage. The total threshold is usually 75% so they must have valued the car at $10,000. He should have bought it back from the insurance company and had the body work done with the payout money he'd received.

You can get the same model year with similar miles for like 14K without dmg. Just buy one of those and save yourself the salvage headache.

That note wasn't a receipt, that was his wish list. He never actually got round to buying the parts before the car was totalled😃🤣😂

Correction. These cars are NOT prone to IMS bearing failures. This has been confirmed by Porsche mechanics.

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