9 Advanced Sales Techniques For Business Professionals

So many of the ideas
in today’s world of selling particularly
around sales training are really geared
towards the beginner, right? The person who is
just starting out, who is nervous, is
trembling anytime you’re in front of a
prospect, is worried about just not
sweating, right the real basics how to
smile how to make eye contact. But what about those
people like yourself maybe who are
further along who are comfortable whenever
they’re in front of a prospect but feel
like you could just sharpen your saw
a little bit. Well, this video is
going to be all about those Advanced sales
training techniques that are going to
help you be that much more effective. There are so many
ideas that if you just implemented one
or two of these it will make a huge
impact on yourself. So in this video,
I’m going to show you advance sales
training for business professionals. Check it out. Number one
distinction is everything I find
that when we’re first learning to sell. We just want to be
like everyone else right? We just want to be
good enough and that actually can help at
the very beginning right as long as
we’re not shaking and our palms are
sweating and we don’t look like a complete
Bozo we’re actually doing okay, but then
you get to a certain level of comfort
a certain level of expertise and
suddenly you’re like a. In in that middle of
the pack and that’s a problematic place to
be now as an advanced sales professional. We need to
be distinct. We need to have
that mindset where whatever everyone
else is doing. We are doing the
exact opposite. We need to be a
complete opposite of what that Prospect
expects and then suddenly it’s amazing
how that distinction makes you seem so
much more high value in the eyes of the. Focus on being
distinct have a different approach
phrase questions in a way that are
unexpected. You’re going to find
that your prospects are far more
receptive to whatever it is that you’re
saying number two. You don’t need
the business. This is so key
for more advanced salespeople. We all have off
months and when we have those off
months, I often find that sales people
start to give off almost like a
perfume or an odor of desperation. And so when we behave
in a way with our prospects like we do
not need the business suddenly our
prospects look at us like. Wow, this person is
a true professional when you’re talking
to prospects say things like you know
what I just want to determine whether
this is really a fit both ways because
I’ll tell you right now not everyone is
a fit for what we do you start sprinkling
in Concepts and lines like that. Your prospects are
gonna be like, wow. I really am
interested in this person because they
don’t seem to need my business number 3. It’s not
about French. Friendships in sales
are a real problem. I want to clarify if
you have long-term clients who are
friends of yours. That’s great good for
you, but sales and particularly
prospects are not a place for creating
friendships. So often a lot of
sales people in the middle are real
relationship sales people, they’re
not top performers because they’re
trying to make friendships with
their prospects friendships are only. People that are
actually buying from you or of course your
friends and your real life, but we need to
let go of this idea that we want to be
friends with our prospects because
when we’re trying to be friends first and
foremost as opposed to actually closing
business, what we’re going to do is we’re
going to sacrifice and those really
important moment. When we could really
hold that prospects feet to the fire and
instead we’re just trying to have
a friendship. And so we’re going
to have all of these people who think
positively of us, but don’t actually buy. So let go of the idea
that we need to be having friendships
and instead Focus really much more on
being willing to end a relationship if
it’s not a fit and then move on and
go on to the. Next number for cold
calling won’t get you there. This is really big
and this is a pretty big transition in
just the past few years. If you are an
advanced sales person and you already have
a book of business and you’re more
of a closer. You should be
spending your time on closing business. There are the
occasional really really high level
opportunities. We’re making a cold
call or sending that cold email is a
worthwhile use of your time. But if you are a
seasoned Advance sales
professional you. Should not be making
cold calls every single day. It’s just not the
best use of your time. You can be doing
other things like using a sales
prospecting campaign. You can have a team
of people who are making calls
on your behalf. You can be using cold
email automation. There are so many
other things that you can be doing to be
getting those leads in front of you. So that way your
focus is converting cold leads or maybe
warm leads into sales not generating those. Leads in the
first place huge distinction
particularly for people who are
more seasoned. Your time is better
spent on closing. That’s a higher value
activity number five. It’s all about them. Not you now. This is a really
important idea that as we become more
expert in our field we start to feel like
we have the answers. And sometimes it
can turn a selling situation into a
place where it’s more about us than it
is about them. The ultimate moment
of where it’s about them is when we’re
total newbie and we don’t know anything. So all we can do is
focus on the prospect but as we become
better at selling sometimes our Focus
can be more on us where we have
the answers. So we stop asking
those questions. We stop focusing as
much on the Prospect and this is a
critical mistake. This is a place
where sales go wrong. And I’ve seen it
happen over and over where a sales person
when they’re newer they start to take
off and then they hit this plateau and then
they kind of just ride at this flat
level or even go down. It’s all about them. Not you number 6 not
all questions are created equal
everyone gets the idea that they’re
supposed to be asking questions of
prospects yet. The true top
performing sales people are asking
much more effective. Then everyone else
so what we see our average and mediocre
sales performers are asking a lot of
questions around product. Do you want the
product in this color or that or would you
like it to look like this or that you know
those types of real in the weeds
product-based questions as opposed
to top performers who are asking the big
picture questions who are focused on value. Tell me what are the
biggest challenges that you’re facing
right now from an operational
perspective if. Able to solve that
challenge, what would it mean in additional
profitability to the organization when
you’re asking questions that are
about them and are about what’s most
important to them and then you’re tying
that back to value. Now you are cooking
with absolute fire. We need to be
recognizing that not all questions
are good. In fact, a lot of
questions in sales are bad. What we want to do
is dig deep and go. Further down
understanding what the prospect really
cares about number 7 get them to
articulate value. This is a real
Advance move because most intermediate or
even big of course beginner salespeople
are going to when it comes to Value it’s
going to be the salesperson
articulating the ROI or articulating
the value but truly expert sales people
are great at actually getting the
prospect to. The value now, I
actually just kind of gave away a little
bit in the last role play that I just
showed you what something like this
looks like but say you’re getting a
prospect to talk about some of
their challenges. The biggest issues
that they’re facing our what they
most want to be accomplishing
from a high level perspective. Then the question is,
George, if you are able to accomplish
this what would it mean in additional
revenues to the organization or if
you are able to solve those challenges,
what would it mean and increased
profitability to do? When they answer that
question now that number is coming
from them. They can’t argue with
that number that’s their number
they own it. So now they believe
it as fact and this is so key because now
that they have shared that number that’s
what the value of your offering
actually brings assuming you can
actually solve the challenges that
they’ve talked about they have now told
you what the value of your offering is to. There are no
arguments. There are no debates. That’s the value get
them to articulated number eight quit
talking about price. This is so important
particularly as an advanced sales
professional. We need to stop
talking about price. Ever all we ever
talk about is budget budget is very
different than price price is what it
costs for someone to do business with
you budget is what a prospect is willing
to invest in order to solve a problem
that they have. Huge distinction. So when we start to
focus on budget, it’s a conversation around
them and what they’re willing and able to
invest to solve these challenges that
they’ve discussed when you talk
about price. It’s just the cost
of your service or of your product and
quite frankly. That’s an arbitrary
number prospects don’t really care. It’s more likely to
turn them off when we start talking about
price as opposed to. Getting into a really
in-depth conversation around budget number
9 jealously guard your time. You are an advanced
sales professional you’re looking
for advanced sales training the most
scarce asset that any advanced sales person
has is their time. So we need to
jealously guard our time. Think about how you
are spending your time each and every
day if you were an attorney or a CPA
or a doctor you are literally
clocking your. I’m by the 7 minute
increments yet as sales people who
already have a good book of business who
are already selling. We don’t often think
about the value of our time which quite
frankly for a top performing sales
person is going to be more than the value
of a partner at a law firm in downtown
Manhattan. We need to be
absolutely guarded about what we’re
doing when. On that sales time
that doesn’t just mean not surfing on
the internet, but what it really means
is who are we talking to who are the types
of folks that were willing to have
conversations with get very clear on who
is someone that you want to be talking
to and who is someone that you don’t want
to be talking to because once you
start to create these rules for yourself
around who you don’t want to be
talking to? Now you free up your
time to focus on the people. You really want to be
talking to jealously guard your time. So there is the
advanced sales training for business
professionals. And if you enjoyed
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Great inspiring talk. One thing though: in purchasing training it s taught to never tell sales person your budget.

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