A Day in the Life of a Car at Manheim

Welcome to Manheim, the World’s Largest Wholesale
Auto Auction. We’re part of Cox Automotive, and we’re transforming
the way the world buys, owns, sells, and uses cars. We move over 12,000 cars and trucks each week
through our weekly auctions. This means we’re always looking for versatile,
hard-working people to join our team, and we offer part-time and full-time opportunities
to do just that. To understand the many jobs we offer at Manheim,
let’s see the team members in action at each pit stop as we follow the day in the life
of a car. The first pit stop is when the car is welcomed
onto our Manheim lot by a vehicle check-in clerk. The clerk checks vehicles for transport damage,
enters information into a tracking system, applies ID stickers, and directs the vehicle
to the next stop. Next, our vehicle inspectors, who carefully
perform over 4 million inspections each year, look for damages, missing parts, and mechanical
problems, and determine cost estimates. The car then enters the mechanic shop, where
the automotive technicians change the oil, flush the transmission, and check for mechanical
issues. These positions require experience with boom
and hydraulics, brake components, engine, electrical, and design or fabrication. After the car gets tuned up, it heads to the
body shop. Our experienced detail-oriented body shop
preppers, painters, and buffers are responsible for making every vehicle look its best. Don’t have a lot of experience? No problem! Ask us about our Manheim Apprenticeship Program
which can get you started in our mechanic or body shop. You can get paid to learn while you gain hands-on
experience. Now, it’s time to make the car look its best
in our detail shop. Detailers thoroughly clean and detail each
vehicle, so it’s fresh and shiny when it drives onto the auction platform. Now, this car is photo-ready. The vehicle photographer is responsible for
photographing, posting, and distributing images to the auction website. This position requires a creative eye and
attention to detail. Finally, our car is prepped and ready for
the auction’s sale day. The quadrant coordinator organizes the cars
into staging areas so the auction runs smoothly and on schedule. Our lane leaders and crew leaders function
as air traffic control to ensure the safety of the team and keep the vehicles moving on
the lot. With that, it’s one car done, and 11,999 more
to go this week. And, with a number of different jobs available,
you’ll have a chance to help us move even more cars as a part of the Manheim team. Apply today!

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