A Look Inside: Business/Professional Sales | AT&T

Business-to-Business sales ranging all the way from small business, all the way to the enterprise. We’re able to do things here, I think that other companies have a difficult time matching. We can provide wireless. We can provide wire line. And we can provide hosting cloud. Our applications are private or public cloud. We can do everything that our customers are looking for as one company. You know, the possibilities from a career standpoint are limitless. It’s a fabulous company to work for. A lot of mentoring. A lot of training. A lot of opportunities for upward growth. I really love the flexibility in the corporation. We have an amazing opportunity to do lots of different career paths. They have multiple organizations that we interact with on a daily basis. So working within a team environment, being able to work within a team environment, is key to success at AT&T. As far as diversity, I mean, I think in every ways, kinda AT&T touches that. You become surrounded by individuals with amazing backgrounds, all from different sources and you can take that and learn from it and leverage that in your day to day work. And if you want to do well. If you want to succeed in your role, you will, right. We will provide you the rest of the tools that enable you to do that. It’s a tough job. I mean, it’s a tough job, but it’s, there’s just so much reward at the end of the day. Any job here at AT&T is really a demanding role. We’re tasked every day to be creative and innovative. We have to come up with unique solutions in order to solve some of the unique problems that our customers have. So from a demand perspective, you’re challenged every day to be better than what you were the day before. And they do provide the resources for that and the compensation
for it. We have goals on a monthly basis for which we’re greatly rewarded if we achieve those
goals. The commission structures are built to drive
the overall focus of the objective at hand. We pay very well as it relates to that. We also have numerous incentive plans where you can earn,
you know, additional dollars through an “I Points” program, for example, where it’s basically dollars on a credit card that you can go spend wherever you like. We also have fantastic sales contests that allow you to go on trips with
you and a guest to really great destinations. That’s just perks that they’re always thinking about doing to make it just a little more fun. Working in the culture that we have here at AT&T,
you have to keep yourself up with the latest and greatest in technology. Everything from what’s current to what’s coming down the pipeline. We encourage lots of training for folks to grow in their careers. We do have some amazing formal career development programs in the company. There’s numerous leadership development programs that you have access to. Self development is just an ongoing thing with AT&T. They foster that environment. They encourage it. They are constantly seeking to make everybody’s world
a little bit better. Numerous benefits. Everything from the latest and greatest in technology. Health care is fantastic. The compensation system is world class. The educational benefits from tuition reimbursement are fantastic. I have the opportunity to work wherever and whenever I want to because I
have access to anything that I need in order to
get my job done efficiently and effectively. It’s through our use of tablets and like smart
phones to do work on the go. So there really is capability to take your desk and put it in
your car, put it in front of a customer that you
may have, and do it right in front of them. So one of the things that gets our team most excited is
when some new process or some new tool is enabled to
allow our sellers to get out there and really kind
of showcase, not only what we want to sell to
customers, but that we use those tools ourselves to provide
our own customers a better experience. Good customer service is my passion. Because I want to help your company be successful. I want to increase your productivity and your efficiency. In the Sales organization, it’s very easy to point to success. And because of that, the demanding aspect
of it is okay. As long as you can see the work that your producing. As long as you can feel that sense of accomplishment at the end of the quarter,
at the end of the month, in my opinion, it’s worth it. Making the customers’ lives easier is what we’re
all about.


It really makes you wonder what these people had to go through, who they had to meet, where they had to go, just to be in the position where they are now.

It’s been over 6 months and ATT has
NOT refunded to me my credit balance ($52.00). I have call them over 10 times.

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