ACV Auctions Employee Bio – James Raymond

So my name is James Raymond. I am the Territory Manager for ACV Auctions in the Buffalo New York region. As a territory manager of the Buffalo New York
region, I represent the franchisee sellers and also the buyers that are
using the application on ACV. My job is to go out and preach and evangelize about ACV to my sellers and show them why I believe we are
the best digital platform out there to sell
vehicles. With the buyers and get them engaged pumped up an amped at the inventory that we have running everyday on the
application. So I’ve been with ACV Auctions now
for seven months. Before ACV Auctions, I spent over 12 years on the retail side of the business as a used car
manager, a finance manager and of course as a salesperson. I’ve been with a couple different
companies in my career personally and ACV Auctions is the best company I’ve ever worked for. The amount of growth and opportunity within ACV it’s unlimited, and we’re fun – It’s engaging it’s entertaining and at the end of the day you have
everybody that you work with’s back. So when I’m not working I’m married and I have three children. I have two daughters and a son. So my time outside of ACV is usually spent with them. I’m also a disabled
veteran. I spend a lot of time with working with veterans locally but most of my time has ramped up with my family and like I said with veterans organizations locally. I was lucky to find ACV and hopefully ACV was lucky to find

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