ACV Auctions Employee Bios – Hope Moore

I’ve been with ACV since August of 2017. I recruit the franchise dealerships to sell their inventory on my
platform and I recruit the independent and franchise dealerships to buy their inventory on my platform. I think ACV is an amazing company to
work for. I get all the support that I need. Management is just a phone call
away. I’ve never reached out to someone and not got a response within 30
minutes to an hour which is pretty much
unheard of. My clients felt the same way. They know that I’m a phone call
away. There’s always got to be a
middleman. There’s always got to be a
facilitator and I think the ACV does it very fair. I would only recommend people that I know personally, that are hard workers and deserve it because they’re a great company
to work for and they deserve the best employees.

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