ACV – Don’t Take Our Word For It

Historically, buying and selling wholesale
vehicles is time consuming, expensive and loaded with risk. With ACV, our 20 minute online auctions
provide immediate access to thousands of
dealers who are ready to buy. I have found it to be the most
convenient and profitable way to wholesale vehicles. They’ve kind of changed the industry and I think everyone else is now
playing catch up. I trust me wholeheartedly. My sell through rate with vACV is at this point about 90 percent. The ability to get onboard with ACV was extremely easy. Our inspectors complete
comprehensive condition reports right at your
dealership. From engine fluid levels and OBD2 scans, to paint meter readings and tire tread depths with tons of high res photos, our condition reports take the
guesswork out of wholesale. It’s more accurate because there’s a
lot of mechanical information that’s provided from the VCI and they’re very confident when
they’re providing that information. I can’t even trust the physical
auction’s condition reports anymore because I’m so spoiled with the condition
reports ACV provides. I think ACV Auctions gives us as dealers the most complete condition reports of all auctions I have dealt with for the last 20 years. The ACV team comes to your
dealership, inspects the vehicles you’d like to
sell and loads them into the app. And you are selling vehicles in no time. There are no fees for running a vehicle that doesn’t sell, and you don’t have to worry about
transportation to a physical auction. I can sell a truck-load of cars
pretty much in about 15 minutes, which ‘ve never been able to do in
this industry ever. With ACV, it’s allowed us turn the
wholesale inventory over and keep it flowing through. I prefer to sell all my cars on ACV rather than going to a traditional
auction because it takes me a whole day to
go to a traditional auction. Here’s how ACV works. First sign up with your local territory manager and meet your team of vehicle
condition inspectors. Have these VCIs do full condition reports of the vehicles you’d like
to sell. Using the website or mobile app, launch your 20 minute auctions. If your car sells ACV handles the rest. It’s as easy as that. One of the vehicles I sold I
launched during the halftime of our Patriots football game and the vehicle sold for a premium price well above our
reserve. The app is really easy to use and actually saw guys at the auction and using the app while they’re in the lane. You know I usually go to bed and the next morning I wake up and I’ll have three or four cars sold. So a lot of the cars that are sold
to me are done when I’m sleeping. The ease is worth its weight in
gold. I mean there’s no doubt about it. Our dealership is in central Florida and at first I thought that I would just be attracting buyers in
this area but come to find out some of our
vehicles have been bought out west and even a far Syracuse New York. I have not done a bid sale since
starting with ACV and I never will. It’s about as easy of a system that can get. You guys got to try them. I’m living proof. I’m a real guy if you want to give
me a call, call me at the dealership. I think that the people at ACV do a great job. I would definately recommend ACV
Auctions. The results are quicker and faster. I think more dealers should get
involved in it. As long as you guys are here I’m
using it. This makes my life easy. See how ACV can work with your dealership. ACV Auctions dotcom.

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