ALWAYS get a Top Range car! (no lobby switching) [GTA Online]

What’s up guys, this is Silv and in this video
I’m going to show you how to get Top Range vehicles every time you start a Source Vehicle-mission.
Actually, you can get any type of vehicle you want specifically. This could be handy
if you want to complete those collections for the extra delivery bonus. Now for this
to work you need 32 vehicles in your warehouse already. I know it’s a lot, but it’s definitely
worth it. They also all need to be of a different type, but that’s not as hard as you might
think. I’ll get back to that later. Now you see the Tyrus here… for this collection
you need one with the ‘C1TRUS’ license plate. Now I do have a Tyrus, but it has a different
license plate, as you can see here ‘TR3X’. As I don’t need it for a collection, I might
as well export it. By doing so I can be certain that the next vehicle I need to steal will
be another Tyrus. The reason for this is fairly simple. You see, there are only 32 types of
vehicles you can steal. And the funny thing is, the game makes sure that you never get
a vehicle from the Source Vehicle-mission that you already have in your warehouse, unless
you already have all 32 types. So after I exported this Tyrus it will be the only type
of vehicle I don’t have in my warehouse, so that will be the next vehicle I will get from
the Source Vehicle-mission. And this of course works if you are exporting multiple Top Range
vehicles at once. You don’t know in which order you get them back, but at least you
do know that the next 2, 3 or 4 missions you are going to get those exact Top Range vehicles.
And this makes completing collections so much easier. As I mentioned earlier I had the wrong
liscense plate on my Tyrus. Now, for the next Tyrus I won’t get the same license plate
as the vehicle I just exported. Now every type of vehicle can have three different possible
license plates, so for the next Tyrus I got a 50% chance that I will get the right one.
Even if it doesn’t have the right plate, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a Standard or Mid
Range vehicle; it will still export for a lot of money. After that I can try again.
But that’s not necessary now, because as you can see it is a Tyrus and it has the right
license plate. So yeah, I do admit getting those 32 vehicles to get started is time consuming
(especially without help) but in the end it’s really worth it. It’s definitely the most
profitable business in the game so far. Well, I hope this video helped you out. Thanks for
watching. See you later.


This dude makes 3 minute videos and has WAAAAAAY more content than those maintream clickbaiters desperate for those 2 ads by making 10 minute long videos keep up the good work man!

Hey man, nice video and it's cool that you dont make thos stupid " dont do that before that!" stuff… and that you dont talk 20 minutes around something that could be explained in 1 or 2 minutes.

Unfotunately though, i have to disagree on your video… either it has been fixed or my game is broken, but it got 20 standard cars and 16 mid range ones… but the last week my collecting ratio was about this : 10 cars ordered, 3 standard, 5 midrange, 2 top tier…

Maybe somebody else is having this much badluck… but i really dont hope so 😀

Very helpful, man. Thanks. I have watched 20 min videos from the "big" youtubers and this 3:05 minute video has been 10x the help. Got yourself a sub.

Finally someone who actually gets to the point without saying the same thing for thirty minutes you have earned a sub

You're an actual legend mate, you really should have more subscribers. You're so much better then those other cancerous like thirsty waste of oxygen gta youtubers. Definitely subscribing, keep up the good work

I knew this since day one and shared the method with all my friends, and the only thing I did was reading Rockstar's deep description about this DLC on the release date, everything was explained in every detail, and same for the Biker DLC or even the Finance and Felony. but I guess it's not the fantasy of every one to read a 4 page tutorial about a DLC but instead they all rush onto the game and start playing. After all thank you for this share now the community knows a major tip about the car DLC and will do it the right way.

this doesnt work anymore. ithere is 4 or more different license plates on cars now. its possible to have a full wakehouse without a single top range car

I recently started playing gta again and my car warehouse has a lot of duplicate cars with different license plates and I have more than 32 cars atm. What would you recommend I do for getting one of each of the other cars? Great video BTW

+Silvius am I to understand that all i need to do is source vehicles but only export the top range and eventually I will fill out the low and mid range ones and after that I'll only source a top range car?
Thankyou for the short and content filled video!

This is cool. I have nearly full warehouse, so I'm going to sell all cars I have multiple times and then start the bussiness with top range cars. Thanks for advice

I am truly surprised and pleased by this video. For once a GTA V video explaining game mechanics and how to use them in a non clickbaity or GET RICH NOW format and on top of that explaining somthing that is VERY useful.

So theres one thing i personally do not realy get. Right now there are 40/40 cars in my warehouse. You are telling me now, that I have to sell 8 cars so that i got one car of every type left to get started with this trick. Why wont this work with 40/40 cars?

I never knew of this method. just got to 32 so I can redo the collections. thank you sir. this worked. much easier

I have 40 cars and only one of them is a Top Range (Tyrus) I got a lot of Medium and Standard Range duplicated with different colors. How did that happen?

I really appreciate you not wasting 7 minutes of my time to give me a few lines of explanation. Good stuff man!

Now if there is just a way to research specific projects you want (like exploding ammo) rather than going through the gamut of random shit you don't want, which is what my other problem is.

My garage has glitch out I had 1 of each vehicle and now a couple moths ago then I stopped play now I've only got 11 car in my warehouse I've got to do it again

please when you find a new session how do you spawn in your office? Every time i find a new session i spawn outside and need to wait 1 minute?

So if I extrapolate this method out, if I have all 32 cars in my warehouse and I were to have three other people in my crew and we export 4 cars together and they are all top tier cars, the next four cars I source will be the same four that we just exported?  The game would source me 4 top tier cars in a row?

Why did i never come across this channel? Youre like pyrealm gaming a great gta youtuber! Keep up the good work =D. +1 sub.

I can't seem to get 32 different cars for the life of me!! I only have 24 and every time I source a new vehicle I end up just getting a duplicate of another vehicle, some of my cars have duplicates of up to 4, do I just need to keep going till I get 32 or is there a quicker way to get the 32 different cars?

you fill up warehouse, then sell all top range. Every time you source you will get top range, as long as you have less top range than medium or standard

Hey I know this video was made like 10 months back and I’m kinda late… but so basically I have to fill my vehicle warehouse with 32 different cars, and sell a top range, and I will source a top range again?

I'm looking to do import export as well as cargo but I only have 1,675,000 and doing vip missions currently but it's really repetitive. Know any alternate ways for me to get my 3 mil

So you have to get 10 standard range cars and 10 mid range cars and 12 top range cars which equals 32. Then you sell one top range car, then you will get that same car you just sold?

Great video, this may sound stupid but how do you get money to show up all over the floor and desk? I have the safe and have been doing import/export for a long time, no money anywhere.

So much good information in so short time. I have seen about 3-4 videoes about this topic, but this one was the best, and even shortest video. Thank you!! I liked and subscribed 😉

Thank you, and i hope it's still working cuz i spent like 3 hours stealing vehicles but still didn't complete all 32 types, I took a break and I'll continue later XD

Very helpful, thanks for making this video! This is the best method because you can choose specifically what vehicle you want.

does this still work? btw great video, these awesome videos definitely stand out from the fake clickbait mainstream videos. gained a subscriber mate👍🏻

Are there NPC enemies when exporting a top range car to the buyer? And is it 100% guaranteed that your next vehicle sourcing will be of the same type of car that you recently exported? Or by luck only?

wait, so i need 10 standard range cars, 10 mid range cars and 12 top range cars then i sell a top range one and when i source one i get it again and i repeat it to get more money? am i understanding it right?
anyways if this works ur a fu*king legend dude ill start getting the cars now hope ur channel grows soon.

You have earned my sub! Finally someone who just gets to the point without 10 minutes of nonsense. Many thanks for putting this video up!

What happens if you sell multiple cars at the same time? Will you get one of those cars next time and then the others back after?

Brother ur intro scene with ur logo is impressive. I was like oh wow ive never heard of them who are they? Its this youtuber dude! Nice

I actually don't mind sourcing all types of cars. But I mostly export standard cars in full lobbies, mid range in medium lobbies, and top range in small or solo public lobbies

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