Aly Bargains With Rhonda Over Winston’s Divorce | Season 6 Ep. 17 | NEW GIRL

–being a turd. Aly hates pranks. – What?
– Yeah. Like a normal person. No disrespect, Aly,
but that’s basic. (HIGH-PITCHED) OK. OK, that’s very disrespectful. Winston, I’m worried
about you marrying her. Here’s a prank, I’m– I’m– I’m gonna kick
you in the head. See, that’s not a prank. See, Winston, I’m worried. Stop being a turd. Now we’re never
getting a divorce. You’re a crazy person. It’s just gonna
be pranks for life. – What?
– Pranks at 50, pranks at 60. Aly, ignore her. Pranks at 80, pranks
in a nursing home. We’ll figure something out. (QUIET) Hey, you’re small. What? I’m looking for somebody small
for a prank I’m cooking up. Actually, I could
use all of you. OK, look, Rhonda
yeah, this won’t work. Aly, you don’t have to do this. If you do this for me,
I’ll give you your divorce. If this is what I
have to do to marry you, then, Rhonda, the three
of us will do your prank. – (WHISPERING) Yeah.
– Wait, what? I have in no way
consented to this. We’re gonna do a group Rhonda. That’s awesome. How do you feel about having
a bunch of jelly on your head? Not good, Rhonda.

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