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what is up guys?
welcome to bar gains! i am Raunak and i’m back with another beer review for you guys! so lets get started! intro – music so today we have a European pale lager beer
called amstel light this beer you wont believe has only 5 grams
of carbs and 95 calories which makes it one of the lightest beers in the market!
lets start with telling you the alcohol content of this pint!
so as stated on the bottle the alcohol content is 3.5%
so this beer is also owned by heinekins United breweries has launched amstel beer
in India which is available in karnataka and pudducherry
this beer has been released to compete with carlsberg elephant! but amstel light is still
being produced in Holland and is being imported so the ingredients of this beer as stated
on the pint are water, malted barley , sugar and hops
lets not waste time and lets start with the tasting of this beer. its a crystal clear pale golden color beer and as you can see the bubbles rising up,
a soapy lacing on the rim and streaming carbonation
grassy woody aroma, a hint of white bread dough, so lets do the tasting quite a light beer with notes of hops
clean lager flavors, a grainy mouthfeel its got a clear dry finish like a proper European
style lager this beer is perfect to be had on a chilled
out sunny day ! when you wana just sit back and relax
a perfect beer to be had on the beach or while you laze around on your couch ! Amstel also produces a shandy by the name radler but it is not yet available in India,
it is a combination of beer with lemonade and has only 2% alcohol
its a nice and light drink to enjoy with your buddies! For those of you who do not know what a shandy is, any cocktail made with beer is called a shandy so let me get back to Amstel light and lets
finish the pint! so you can see a very small head and a clear
, crystal clear see through beer cheers!!! quite a nice and refreshing light beer for those of you who haven’t yet subscribed
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