Wow i stopped at exactly 4 on the stop watch and i did it 2 time in less then 30 tries all i did is 1 2 3 4 in my head and right at 4 i stopped

I tried the 4 second challenge you had your friends do, I did it under 1 minute. No it's not that impressive but I think being a gamer really helps. 🙂 Loved the video.

bruh me and my friends used an arcade hack on monster drop and won the jackpot 30 times and the monster jackpot like 5

Just because they can set the time between jackpots, does that mean that they all are doing it or could some still make it honest? Personally I feel as if I’ve always been great at this game, I feel as if I could get the jackpot in about 5-6 tries.

This is why i go on arcade before and i go for fighting games cuz you know u can win on AI and Players not just by pure luck like this game…

And the thing is: You can't sue them because they are not exchanging money directly, therefore it's not gambling – cheating

Blah blah blah just tell me how to win…….
Can’t believe you have to cheat an arcade game to find out the arcade is cheating…
Well I can believe it

I'm actually surprisingly good at this game. At least at my local Dave and Busters, I've hit a jackpot a few times in one night with minimal attempts to do so. I circle back though, I don't just stay there so maybe I'm just truly getting lucky 😂

I love your videos! I learn more here than in school, and its wayyyyyyyyy more interesting when you teach. no offense, Mr. Shaw!

omg i tried the stop watch thing with my phone to try to get it at exactly 4 seconds and i did it. i’ve never been prouder of myself

Funny, the first game you showed, I play it 20 times, and win the jackpot 5 times, get the 10 tickets 10 times and got the 8 tickets 5 times. I can do it easily.

(Btw this is in Dave and Buster's.)

When I was eight years old I won A wheel that you pull the lever to start and press the button to stop and I got 10,000 tickets or something like that (why didn’t know the exact amount is because I was I was 8 three years ago I am now 11)

One time, I was playing that game (I'm pretty epic at it) and when I was done, an employee opened the game up and did something with it. I went back to play and I think the lights went faster

more like the business is ripping you off by conning you into a false sense of your ability when that don't exist which is also known as fraud

this should also be illegal fact that you put money in a system that essentially is gambling because its not based on skill but chance to win said item so it's no longer a game as of there skill which last I looked you have to be 21 years old in most states to gamble sold by fraud to get people to put there money in it (false claims as skill instead of chance)

Why not test it by setting the delay to consistently hit a light that's not the jackpot? Conceivably you should be able to consistently get the light right before the jackpot and right after the jackpot.

Additionally, rather than telling us that 1ms is good enough, you can also calculate how much precision should be necessary: it's just the period of the light rotation divided by the number of lights.

Both of these tests could be done in the arcade, and wouldn't have required you to go home for troubleshooting.

Is it only me that's actually won a cyclone game in an arcade??
Obviously I'm not the only one but I mean in the comment section.. 😅

The arcade game is LESS as scammy as the (first 300 people discount) the odds are astronomically against you.
Oh, sweet Irony…🙄

Whoa, you just blew my mind,
To think I spent so much money on a arcade bonus game and almost all my tries are fruitless
But I did succeed a few times


Each bonus is 200 tickets😎😎😎

Arcade games have become games of chance, which makes them mere gambling. Long gone are those that were games of skill, such as claw machines.
Claw Game : Try Again!

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