Hey guys and welcome back to my channel for
another video. I have a haul for you today, I haven’t uploaded a haul in god knows how
long. I used to do them all the time but honestly, I’m not shopping as much anymore. I feel like
there’s a lot of discussion to be had around haul culture on YouTube in general, I have
cut back on my shopping, my clothes shopping, significantly probably in the last six months
to a year. For money purposes (I’m saving for a house) and just for general environmental
reasons as well. But I’m only human, I do like to shop. Fashion is one of my favourite
things in life, I’m the kinda person who follows all of the catwalk shows, I read all of the
fashion forecasts. I love love love fashion and staying in fashion and I just love all
of it., So it’s really difficult for me to balance the ethical side of ‘okay how much
should I be shopping, how much should I be buying new things’ and my just love for clothes.
So I’ve made a compromise with myself in that I buy most of my clothes now on Depop and
eBay. I’m a huge Depop person, I love Depop. I also sell loads of my stuff on Depop, I’ll
link it down below if you want to go check it out. But I also do really, really love
ASOS, a lot. It’s my favourite place to shop for clothes, I just feel like they’ve got
everything. So what I do now is I save stuff to my wishlist and then every six months I
go through my wishlist and see what things I’m still interested in, things I still want,
and in the Christmas sale and summer sale I’ll pick up the things I still really need.
And that is kind of how I’ve done this! So these are things that I’ve had on my wishlist
for ages and they went down in the sale so I picked them up. And we’re gonna start, I
feel like I’ve been rambling for a really long time. This skirt from Bershka: oh my god. So this
was originally £15, I saw it ages ago and thought £15 was a great deal, but I was like
‘I don’t really need a new skirt right now, I’m just gonna leave it in my wishlist, see
what happens’. And then it went down in the sale to £7.50! £7.50! I was well chuffed
with that so that went straight in my basket. This is the kind of skirt that just fits me
really nicely. I’m 5″1, I’m a size 8 and this is the perfect length on me. When I saw it
on the model I was like ‘that looks like a SHORT mini skirt’ and considering that the
model is about 5″10 and I’m 5″1 I knew this would be the perfect length on me. I love
a really short miniskirt, I feel like I’ve got to show off what leg I do have, there’s
not much there. So I was really chuffed with this, I wore this on a night out last week
and just really really liked it, I thought it was really flattering. For £7.50 I was
so chuffed with that! Of course I’ll leave all the links down below
if you want to go check any of this out. A lot of it is still in the sale, I checked
this morning so I’m sure it’s still there when this goes up. This is something I’m not so pleased with.
I’ve had this in my basket a while and I was kinda umming and ahhing as to whether I should
get it or not because I knew it would be hit or miss as to whether it fitted me. And it’s
alright. It’s basically… it’s called a curved smock playsuit. Basically it’s this deep v-neck,
long sleeved, baggy playsuit that looks like a dress and I love a really basic piece that
I can just throw on whenever and it looks like I’ve made an effort but I haven’t really
and I thought this could work really well for that. And I do like this for that purpose
but my boobs. My boobs are a problem once again because this is smock style it doesn’t
have much of a shape around the waist and it just makes me look pregnant. That just
isn’t very flattering and I tried to put a belt on with it but where the seam is doesn’t
fit with the belt and it just looked weird. So I’m gonna send this back. Really disappointed
but I kinda knew this wasn’t going to work, I just wanted to try it. Try my luck. It’s
really sad. Talking of a belt, I am in desperate need
of a new belt. I have one belt that my sister bought for me for Christmas about 5/6 years
ago, it was from H&M and I wear it every single day of my life. It’s got to the point where
I look at pictures from five years ago and I’m like ‘I still wear that belt every day’.
It’s getting shameful and it’s not in the best condition any more, it really looks a
bit gross. So it’s just this… this… it’s a belt. But it doesn’t fit me! This is bloody
massive. It’s a New Look waist and hip belt, I got it in a size small. This ain’t a waist
belt, this isn’t even a hip belt. I don’t know what’s gone on with their sizing here.
Like I said I’m a size 8 but like… it’s massive, it’s so big! I’m going to be sending
this back, I don’t know what went on there, I thought this was gonna be a sure fire, definitely
going to fit me kinda thing but no, apparently not. So the main reason I actually started putting
things into my shopping cart is because I am in desperate need of a pair of blue mum
jeans. I had a pair of blue mum jeans from Topshop, I loved them with all my heart but
they just started to get a little bit big for me. Like they got really loose and the
knees started to wear away and I just had to get rid of them. So I got rid of my mum
jeans, this was like a year ago, and for a whole year I’ve been like ‘I need a new pair
of mum jeans’ and I just haven’t done it. So I picked up two pairs on ASOS and I made
a bit of a boo-boo. So story time! I’ve been losing weight for like a year and a half now.
Not loads, but each month I’m losing just a little bit more weight. Which is really
really strange, it hasn’t been a sudden thing but before I’ve known it I’ve gone down a
whole stone. I don’t really know what’s gone on, I think it’s just a natural thing, women
in my family are very skinny anyway. So I’ve just slowly been losing weight. But I’ve always
been a size 10ish, I’ve always been a size 28″ waist in jeans. For as long as I can remember,
since I was like 18 years old, I’ve always been very consistent with my body shape and
my body size. So all of the jeans that I own have slowly been getting bigger and bigger,
I’ve noticed the waist bands are getting a little bit bigger and the knees have been
getting a little bit loose. But in my head it wasn’t because I needed to go down a size,
it was just because they’re old jeans and they’re just stretching a little bit! So when
I was doing this haul for some reason I picked up a 28″ waist. But I’m not a 28″ waist anymore.
In my head I can’t be a 26″ because I’ve always been a 28″ and I don’t really know what was
going through my head. So I’ve picked up two 28″s but I’m definitely a 26″ now so both
of these are actually massive on me. But I’ve tried them both on, these one are… I think
these ones were £12.50. One of these was £12.50 and the other was £22. Which, both
are really really cheap for jeans. But I think these were the £12.50 ones. Of course these
ones don’t look good on me. I don’t like the fact that they’re button up, it’s really fiddly.
Even though they’re both too big on me, these ones look really oversized, really unflattering.
I don’t like how these ones fit really at all. But the other pair, these ones, these
are thankfully zip-up. These actually fit me perfectly, they fit me just like my old
Topshop ones used to, they’re just a little bit too big. So I’m gonna try and return these
and get the 26″ waist and they’re a 30″ leg because short legs. Oh I’ve got another story time for you, this
ASOS haul is just full of fun story times. SO. I bought this jumper from Primark a few
months ago. I’m gonna show you the jumper, wait. Okay so I bought this jumper from Primark
a few months ago. I have worn this for the last few months RELIGIOUSLY, this has been
the only thing I’ve bought from Primark in the past six months, the only clothing item.
I fell in love with this so much, it’s just the cutest jumper! Only I shrunk it in the
wash and it’s so small now. I’ve tried to stretch it out, I’ve tried everything, I’ve
googled everything and it won’t stretch out again… I said that really weird. This would
probably fit a child now so I’m going to find a child to donate this to. But I love this
jumper SO much and I’m such an idiot. I’ve been living on my own for two years now, two
years without parental supervision, and I have never shrunk anything in the wash. But
I just have to shrink my favourite jumper apparently. So anyway, they don’t have this
jumper in Primark anymore, I’m really sad about it so I thought I would go on ASOS and
try and find something similar to heal the hole in my heart. So I got this one from Pull
& Bear, they’re both this cable knit kinda jumper. They’re not the same but they’re alright.
This one is quite a baggy, oversized kind of knit. I like the neckline on this, like
it’s high but its not too high. And I also got this one from Pimkie, I think I’ve got
a couple of jumpers from Pimkie. And this ones a much thicker knit, it’s a little bit
fluffy. And it’s white and cable knit… I don’t know how well my camera’s going to pick
up on the cable knit. And I really do like both of these, but I picked them up knowing
I’d only keep one and I think I’m going to keep the Pull & Bear one just because it’s
a bit of a thinner, more open knit. And I couldn’t resist this, this is another
cable knit. Me and cable knit are having a moment. But it’s just this really loose fit,
grey, cable knit jumper. So I’m very basic when it comes to winter dressing, I like a
pair of jeans or a pair of flared trousers. I maybe like a checked trouser and then I
alternate three jumpers I own: I have my cream jumper, my black jumper, and this kind of
jumper that I get from Primark, the high neck ribbed one. And that is all I wear, I have
three jumpers and three pairs of trousers that I just alternate. And I kinda realised
that maybe having a nice grey jumper would add something new to the mix. That was my
justification there. So I got a nice grey jumper. I got it in small, can’t remember
how much it was. And the last thing I picked up from ASOS is
this dress from a brand called Influence. Now I picked this up in a size 10 because
I do have a very big chest and this has got buttons down the front. You know when you’ve
got a big chest you’ve always got to size up when there are buttons down the front involved
because otherwise you get the whole gaping button situation. Never a good look on anyone.
So I got this in a size 10 and to be fair, the buttons are perfect, no gaping whatsoever.
Only it’s got this really weird tiered skirt situation. You know that thing that was in
style a few years ago where the front of the skirt was shorter than the back of the skirt?
This has got that! You can’t see it in the photo on the website but this has got that.
And because I’m so short, it just looks ridiculous. But I really like the general style of the
dress so I’m having a battle with myself as to whether I should keep it and get it tailored,
or tailor it myself, or if I should just return it and admit defeat on it. So we’re gonna
see what happens. So that is everything I got from ASOS! A bit
of a mixed bag there, some things I really liked, some things that’ll definitely be going
back. But before I end this video, I just want to show you for bits that I got for…
so I’ve got two bits I got for Christmas and two things I picked up in the sale after Christmas.
They might be still in the sale now, I just figured I’d show you now because I really
like all of these things and maybe you will do too. So the first thing I got is this coat.
I actually asked for this from my mum for Christmas and I’m so glad I did. It’s just
this really, really lovely coat, it’s quite thin, like it’s not for the coldest of winter
days, I’d say it’s more of a jacket. But it’s deceivingly warm. It doesn’t have side pockets
which has thrown me for a loop but it does have these big pockets here so it’s alright.
And I just think it’s really fashionable and cool and makes any outfit look quite nice.
Because I wear all black, it’s quite a nice pop of colour. I like it, big fan. And also
from Topshop I’ve got these bits as well. There’s a bit of a story behind this one:
so my nan got me these leggings for Christmas, I was with her shopping and I saw these and
she was like ‘oh do you want me to get you them for Christmas?’ and I was like ‘yes please
that would be great!’. So I got these in black only I tried them on on Christmas Day because
I wanted to wear them on Christmas Day because I love them! Only they had holes all over
them, it was the weirdest thing ever, I was really annoyed about it. So I took them back
to the store only they didn’t have any black ones left, all they had was these burgundy
ones in the same style. And I thought ‘yeah, that’ll do, I’ll get the burgundy ones, I
like the burgundy anyway’. Only turns out… a size 8 in the black fitted me perfectly,
size 8 in the burgundy colour, I cannot get over my bum. So there will not be a try-on
clip of me wearing these, they’re so small which is probably why there was about 60 pairs
of these in the sale. Really annoyed. They’re basically these ribbed legging kinda things,
flared bottoms, very Georgia, the kinda thing I wear all the time, and this just doesn’t
fit me and I’m really annoyed about it. So once again I’m going to have to return these
because I’m an idiot and didn’t try them on in store because I figured they’d fit me because
the black ones did. I’m gonna have to try and get something else, they were £20. Also in the Topshop sale, in the midst of
the whole trouser/legging debacle, basically because the leggings were bought full price
and those were in the sale, I basically had £9 I had to make up because they couldn’t
give me store credit for them. So I was having a look in the sale and my friend pointed out
these. These are a pair of trousers, petite, size 8, they are so so nice. They’re just
this checked trouser, does anyone remember by checked trouser debacle like a year ago?
I did a haul like a year ago in which I bought like 6 pairs of checked trousers and I was
desperate for a pair that fitted me and none of them did. Anyway, a year later and I finally
have my pair of checked trousers! These fit a little bit weirdly but they fit me, they’re
a little bit baggy around the waist but around my bum and hip area they’re pretty tight.
They’re tight but they’re alright, I can make them work. And for the £6 I paid for them,
I was pretty happy with that. I wore them all day yesterday, I really liked them, compliments
galore. They’re a little bit cropped which is perfect – big fan. And the very last thing, possibly my favourite
thing in this entire video, is this cardi that my nan got me for Christmas. This is
from Urban Outfitters, on the website it’s called a grandmother cardigan I think or something.
It’s basically… I’m gonna have to get really close to show you… really fluffy. And it’s
this open knit, I wonder if it’s angora or anything… oh no, it’s nylon and acrylic.
But it feels like angora, that’s how soft it is and it’s just so nice, I really like
how it fits. I’ve been wearing it all the time and I need to wash it but I’m scared
to wash it because I know it won’t be as fluffy after I wash it, so I’m not going to. That is that, they are the things that I wanted
to show you today. I hope you guys had some successful sale shopping and I’ll see you
in my next video I suppose. Bye guys!


H&M still kill it with their belts! I ordered so many waist belts that didn't fit but the XS ones in H&M are the only actual belts that fit my waist so deffo check them out!!

Im in between sizes always in belts so I just get the one that's a bit big and I bought a belt hole punch thing off eBay so I can put more holes in so now my belts all fit perfectly x

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YEEESSS I love your haul videos!!! I totally cut down on my shopping too so seeing the "once in a blue moon" hauls make me feel like I got new clothes 😂❤

I think the slouchiness of the burnt orange dress is cute, but I may not be up on style.
Cute choices. 😊 Edit: Oh I see the dress is cut to be longer in back, not that it's just slouchy. It's still cute but I also don't choose those because they are trendy, I prefer more classic

I love the grey jumper, super cute. I'm the jumper queen I literally only live in jumpers. Although honestly I think I may have some competition for that title with you georgia 🤔

I'm so with you being busty too – return the mullet dress.

PS thank you re the asos bra recommendation in a previous haul, so helpful!!

Girl I totally feel you on the crisis of conscience about sustainable fashion. Majority of the I shop secondhand (I live in an area with some really good thrift/vintage shops), but every now & then I see something firsthand online that I just CAN'T RESIST. Lol
One thing I do that always makes me feel a bit better after a firsthand shopping spree is I take a few bits from my own wardrobe & donate them, that way I keep the reduce/reuse cycle going!

Is your black and red tartan jacket on the back of your door a coat? If so where from 😫so desperate for a coat like that!

i love watching your fashion vids as im so unadventurous but love your style and have the same body type. its so nice seeing what will fit my boobs and small legs, love u girl!

I absolutely love your channel! 8 find it hilarious how u r atheist and still say "GOD" so actively in your every day talk. Lol. Their r no atheists in "FOX HOLES"!

Hi Georgia have loved your channel for ages mostly for true crime but I also love fashion and If you love Depop you should check out mine I sell discounted designer items. It's @pamdiamond18 💓 💓

I am just over 5 ft tall and a size 12. No waist, no hip or bum, and very short inseam (~28in)… I have found that skinny leg:slim cut looks the best on me as I carry my weight in my torso. 12 short or crop/ankle without a bunch of distressing/holes doesn’t seem to exist right now. I despise jean shopping. My husband was kindly trying to help me find the right size and cut at kohl’s, target, and we also looked at Walmart… I gave up for now. I decided to just wear my black pants and leggings until the right pair comes along. Never the right size in stock in store or even online. Maybe once restock happens after the holidays? We shall see.

not to be mean but you could really do with a new camera. it says 720p but it's pretty blurry/pixelish. either that or check the editing software settings or how you export it

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If you have significant unexplained weight loss, you should really go to see your physician. FYI, my sister is a physician.

I swear more people return stuff from asos than they buy, im a post office clerk and the amount of asos returns i do is unreal lol

I absolutely love your videos and hauls so much! I've struggled with mom jeans and have always gone for Topshop but decided to try some others out and found that Stradivarius do such nice mom jeans. They're super comfy, have a nice bitch of stretch and are really flattering on and half the price of Topshop!

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