Auctioneer Tutorial: The Auctionity club

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial in which I?m gonna show you how to use the auctionity club and more specifically the auctioneer part of the club. So we’ll start on the homepage of the club then go to the auctioneer section and select ‘all auctions’. Here you can see all the auctions for which you can apply as an auctioneer. You can filter the assets by category and sort them by columns too. Let’s say I want to become an auctioneer for this one so if I click on it, a window will open showing me the details of this asset such as its price and when the auction is set to end. To apply as an auctioneer, I need to put in some DRT power, here I’m gonna put in 50 DRT then click on ‘apply for this auction’. You obviously need to have DRT on your wallet in order to be able to do that. I then get a confirmation message, telling me that my application has been taken into account so that’s great. If no one else applies or has applied to be an auctioneer for this asset I will automatically become the auctioneer. So on second thoughts, this asset is really cool so I want to be on the safe side and make sure I have put in enough DRT power so that no one will top up my bid. So I’m just going to click on ‘Edit your bid again’, this time I’m putting in 100 DRT, then I click on ‘Update your bid’. I can also cancel my bid if I decide I don’t want to be an auctioneer for this asset anymore. Now that I have applied, I’m going to go into “My applications”. I can filter them by auctions for which I am the auctioneer, which means I have won the bid with my DRT and I’m officially the auctioneer. Here, I have the option to prepare for my upcoming livestream. I can also filter by auctions for which I have already been an auctioneer, these are the past auctions I have already animated and that have ended. If I click on “Your earnings”, it allows me to see what I have earned from the Community Reward. It details how the Community Reward was split between participants and how much I got for being the auctioneer. The “Pending application” filter show me my current applications, where the auctioneer has not been designated yet. I can edit my bid and put in more DRT power if I want. If I go to “Rejected application”, I will see the auctions for which my bid got topped up by someone else and for which I wasn’t designated auctioneer. I will see the auctions for which my bid got topped up by someone else and for which I wasn’t designated auctioneer. Now if I go back to “All auctions” and the application column, the auctions for which I have applied will show up with a colored circle. The color of the circle depends on the status of my application, on whether I have already been designated or if the application is still pending. So now I am in the auctioneer section, and looking at my applications. I’m just going to click on “Prepare your live”. I can now fill all the information I find relevant about this Kitty and what I find important in order to sell it. So first, I’m just going to put in a small description of the Kitty. Then I’m going to put in my estimation in ETH for this Kitty,so how much do I think it’s worth. The next section is reserved for your presentation video, so you can take any video want. Maybe something presenting the CryptoKitties or something that introduces you as an auctioneer, any video that you want. So copy-paste an URL and you’ll be fine, just click on save. The last section is set for your video integration, the video you’re going to broadcast live for your auction. To do that you need to go to Youtube and the “Creator Studio”. Then make sure you’re in the “Live Streaming” section of the page. You can see that for now you’re offline. Make sure privacy settings are set to ‘Public’. Then go to advanced settings and make sure you have enabled embedding. So here just click on ‘Allow embedding’ and make sure it’s ticked. In order to be able to do that you need to have a valid AdSense account from Google. You will see the status of the broadcast change at the top of your page, going from ‘Starting’ to ‘Live’. So now that you’re live just scroll down the page, go into the ‘Share’ section. Here you’ll find a link, just copy it and paste it into your web browser. Then underneath your video, click the ‘Share’ button’ and copy the link. Then paste the link you just copied from Youtube. Finally, click on ‘Go live’ and that’s it, you will be live. It is now up to you to sell this asset for the best price possible! So good luck and thanks for watching.

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