AUDI TT RS 2019 (OPF) – POV NIGHT REVIEW | Launch Control | Sound | 100-200 | Autobahn | Test Drive

Hello my friends and welcome to a new night POV review today with this viper green Audi TT RS And by the way, this colour sets you back over 2000 € pre-tax. But ok, let´s get started! Here we have the TT RS with 400 horsepower and the popular 5-cylinder Audi engine which I personaly admire a lot. But first to the outside with the black exterior pack which includes the black honeycomb grill as well as this lower parts here. Then we have LED-matrix headlights and due to the fact that we have a facelift-model, the front bumper is wider here and has a slightly different design. Another facelift detail is this black insert which is attached to the side skirt and the different rear wing which you can order by request. On the side it has this little flaps and here we have some openings. From the rear we can see this diffusor with two large tailpipes which are black due to the fact that we have the Audi sports exhaust but we will listen to it in a few seconds When walking around it´s obvious that the Audi TT has such a iconic design I mean just look at the proportions we have a relatively big cabin a short bonnet and the rear has this slight overhang which was not really on the first generation TT coupé but came more shaped with this third generation I can´t think of another car which has such a exterior design. Some other cool details are the optional black Audi rings and the black lettering in the front grill and on the trunk lid. In the past you had to search for ages on ebay to get this… Alright, let´s look at the interior. This is the optional „Audi Sport“ illumination for the entrance and here we have the B&O sound system aswell as some carbon fiber on the door handle and Alcantara such as ambient lighting. Here we have the RS-bucket seats without contrast stitching otherwise the stitching would be in another colour but let´s take a seat! I just recognized the TT lettering right here. We need some light. The first thing you recognise in the TT is this clean interior design without any screen here which pops out. Everything you need is in the Virtual Cockpit. Here is the seat heating for the passenger and here the control for the air distribution temperature setting, air con and blower position and over here the seat heating for the driver That´s it actually. Everything else is done over the steering wheel or via the MMI knob but let´s stay at the speedo for a moment. In fact the RS models with digital cockpit have the RS-view which you can see here already and you can switch to the classic layout with both speedometers left and right. If we go back to the RS view we can show different things on the left side like map, phone, bluetooth or vehicle informations. Below here is the boost display and over here the oil temperature which I think is important for a sporty vehicle like an Audi RS. Boys and girls, remember to warm up your car! Below here is the temperature of the cooling water. Another important thing in here is the drive select button to switch through the different drive modes such as comfort, auto, dynamic and individual. The start-stop button is on the right. … Here is one very important thing the exhaust button to make the car loud or quiet by opening or closing the exhaust valves This is the gear shifter for the automatic gearbox MMI and parking brake. That´s about it. For an Audi very spartan So, let´s do a soundcheck in my garage… Therefore we open the door and turn on the ignition to stop the beeping and we go in dynamic mode and open the exhaust valves. Listen up! Are the valves closed? Ah, ok, now they are open! So enjoy now… I close the valves now… Funnily with closed valves this sounds more like a vacuum cleaner sorry but I really have to say that. You here more engine noise than exhaust sound. Valves open again… It´s okay, due to the OPF it´s relatively muted. Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! Let´s get out of the car park and on the road… We are driving intentionally in dynamic and skip comfort which makes little sense in this car anyway. On the first meters I can feel how light-footed this car actually drives the steering feedback is beautiful and we have a very short steering angle when you compare, what the front axle is doing. Feels very light-footed. This 5 cylinders awake me so much when I accelerate that I may cry some tears of joy which are running down on my cheek… I will turn on the dial gauge because we are on the Autobahn and then we´ll have a close look what a 400 hp TT RS will do from 100 to 200 km/h Dynamic mode is on and the gearbox is on S and let´s see, how we get away from the acceleration lane Here we go! Looks quite good I´ll brake a bit The time is 9.664 seconds I´ve expected that, due to the power and the handling Generally I have to admit that the TT is feeling very light-footed on the Autobahn but you don´t have to be afraid at higher speeds. The car is just very stable on the road but still feels light. Compared to the RS3 the TT RS weights about 100 kg less And you can feel that very clearly! I want to explain you one little technical detail therefor I open the bonnet. Still makes sizzling noise… So, why does the incredible Audi 5 cylinder engine sound the way it does? The firing order is the reason. These are the cylinders: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 And the firing order is as follows 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 3 That´s the firing order! Due to that firing order and the overlay, caused through the 5th cylinder the 5 cylinder engine sounds so wicked! The worst thing about the TT RS is the fact that you constantly have the desire to push the gas due to this awesome 5 cylinder sound and the excellent performance expansion with this beautiful and bulgy torque curve And that´s the reason you look forward to signs like this one and due to the Quattro all-wheel drive this car goes around corners like butter. And I also have to say that the TT RS drives so foolproof if you consider the stable handling like on tracks and in the worst case the car rather understeers instead of waggle with the rear axle which makes it easy – – I´ll turn around here – – for everybody to drive fast with this car. And that´s the feeling of a TT RS. And now we will test the launch control Therefore I put the gearbox in S and ESP one stage back. Left foot on the brake and … The TT RS can do this outstanding as well Okay but now my final question For who is the TT RS made? I mean, 400 hp – in 3.7 seconds to 100 this are acceptable figures for a price below 100.000 € The base-price starts somewhere around 60.000 € and therefore you get lots of sportscar and thats what distinguishes the TT RS from other eye-catching cars like a Porsche 911 or anything like that And you always smirk when you do that! Ok, so much for this night review I blend in my instagram page right here you can find pictures of this TT RS there And I would be very happy if you we see eachother in my next video again. Apropos, all of you who have watched my video until the end please write „I had to refuel today“ in the comments I want to know, how many of you watch my videos until the end. See you next time… Cheers, Marcus!


Ich muste heute tanken. Fahre den RS TT 2019 Roadster Nardograu. Offen ist der Sound noch schöner, geht im April wieder los.

Also ich weiß ja nicht wo Du im Vorfeld deine Infos her hast, aber die Stoßstange ist bei weitem WENIGER ausgestellt als bei Vorfacelift und die Farbe, die übrigens ,,Kyalamigrün Uni'' heißt, kostet 450Euro Aufpreis 😉 ,,by the way''

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