Audis first RS 6 Avant in the US with Jonny Lieberman + Autonomous Driving | What’s up, Audi? #23

Trust is good. control is better! when it comes to autonomous driving the
traffic will change completely above free control of the technique behind it is
the most important basic precondition for trust into the system and all the
changes with it. are you ready for autonomous driving? lean back and enjoy
the ride! here’s “What’s up, Audi?”! so Maj-Britt, you did the research. are
people ready for autonomous driving? that’s exactly what we’ve asked 21,000
people in nine countries on three continents. in the representative online
study “The pulse of autonomous driving” 82 percent of the respondents
internationally are interested in the technology and more than half of them
want to take test drives. that’s good news. the study also identifies diverse
customer needs and designing cars according to those specific needs of
course is one of Audi’s central visions for the future of mobility. we
are already designing cars for specific use cases such as the Audi Ai:con which is
an autonomous car for a long-distance driving or the Ai:me for the megacity of
the future. were you able to see the actual differences where those
differences were coming from from people who are pro autonomous driving
and people who are skeptical. the young well-paid and well educated,
those are the people who are most excited about autonomous driving. but you
also see difference between the countries. for example the Chinese and
the South Korean, they are really euphoric about autonomous driving.
whereas people in the US and in Europe are a little bit more hesitant. so it is
important to not look at the attitude to autonomous driving in separation from
their lifestyles from their from the living environment. this approach led to
five user types. what are those user types? we have the
suspicious health driver who likes to preserve the status quo and who would
only use autonomous driving when it’s fully established. then we have the
safety oriented reluctant. their view: the technology has to be tested four years
before it’s approved. then we have the open-minded copilot who clearly sees the
advantages of the technology, but he wants measures to be taken by business or
industry, science and also politics to put those cars on the road safely. then
we have the status oriented trendsetter. who is really positive about autonomous
driving, also because this allows him to show of his progressive lifestyle.
probably me. well I’d go with the tech-savvy passenger.
those people already trust the technology and well they hope for the
comprehensive introduction of it. and for those people who are skeptical: do you
know of any ways how you can pull them over the fence to become excited about
autonomous driving. well what we’ve learned from the results of the study is
that there’s first of all a high interest in autonomous driving, but a low
level of knowledge about the technology. with our initiative and Audi we want to
enhance this knowledge and what we’ve also learned that there are different
measures that would strengthen people’s trust in the technology. for example a
strong legal framework or certified safety. quite a big task! with the an Audi
initiative we want to foster interdisciplinary corporations between
industry, politics and science to address those questions and those measures for
the people. thank you very much for these amazing insights. what about you guys? are
you still skeptical about the autonomous driving or are you very much excited? let
us know in the comments! by the way Germany’s car youtuber JP performance
had the chance to experience Audi’s autonomous Drive and here’s what he had
to say about it. “What’s up, Audi?” Audi wants to get electric.
Audi reveals its electrification plan. make some good cars even better! At Tech
Day journalists had an exclusive opportunity to get an insight into Audi’s e-mobility road map. by 2025 already Audi wants to have 30 electrified
models in its range and at Tech Day it has presented four plug-in hybrids with which
you can travel up to 40 kilometers fully electric. Audi told us about their
strategy and their plans for their next well upcoming years. so there’s actually
a lot of electrification going on in Audi’s whole line. so there’s gonna be 30
electrified cars, 20 of which are gonna be fully electric. What Audi is doing here
is electrifying their whole line of models and I think Audi is one of the
first one to really push it in this direction. Audi’s slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik” and to achieve
that you need people with determination, passion and creative ideas. and 5000 of
them are present every year since 2014 in Munich at Europe’s largest founders
festival bits and pretzels and their Audi had the honour to talk about the
needs and challenges in the fields of connectivity, artificial intelligence,
autonomous driving, e-mobility and sustainability. We have the right audience here. it’s all
the young ones, it’s the Millennials, it’s the young crowd who get really excited
about the stuff we are doing. Audi is changing, mobility is changing and we
want to be part of this and that’s a fantastic opportunity.
E-scooter sharing has become a prominent part of every modern big city. it has
absolutely transformed the urban mobility and now Audi’sdaughter
company Italdesign has developed a similar concept for wheelchair users. how
does it work you think. do you need to hop over from your existing wheelchair
to another wheelchair? no absolutely not! and that’s the beauty of it. you just
connect your wheelchair to this device. Germany is one of the biggest markets
when it comes to station wagons. and it should be obvious don’t you think?
they’re great looking such as the A 6 Avant. they offer plenty of space and of
course they have the performance. but for some reason they are not that
popular in the United States. nevertheless Audi is brained
RS 6 Avant for the very first time to the United States. will its mind-blowing
performance and the breathtaking looks be sufficient to convince the United
States drivers? I have the perfect guy for the job!
one of the world’s most famous automotive journalists from MotorTrend
Jonny Lieberman who is not afraid to express his honest opinion. hi there hi there hi there hi there I’m
Johnny Lieberman I host a show on MotorTrend called head to head. the Viper in
hospitable place to be. hey Jonny how you doing? I’m good how are you? fine fine. will the RS 6 Avant convince the people of United States to love station wagons? It better! Station wagons are just went away. Everyone went crazy on SUVs. But we always had the RS 7. people know about the RS 6. Almost everybody who buys an RS 7 would rather have a RS 6. But do you know why there is the disliking of the station wagons in the first place? the story that like the PR department tells us when we say: Why won’t you sell the wagon here? Because that’s what their parents drove. But now it’s what their granparents drove. So it’s so long ago. That maybe what’s uncool is now cool again. We’re just dead wrong about not loving station wagons. But they also don’t even have a chance to buy one. And again I think Germans are more logical. Obviously wagon, why would you buy any other car? It doesn’t make any sense. where Americans are like: I need a tank. that’s
that’s what I need to take my one child around a giant SUV. so hopefully that’s
changing. when they finally announced that the RS 6 will be coming to
America everyone was like on social media losing their minds like finally
finally. but do you think it will be actually converted to sales? I don’t know I don’t know. As far as I know now, they’re gonna sell the RS 6 and they announced the AllRoad. Which is good strategy. So you have to build cars with character. And I think having a station wagon model is giving more character. Jonny thank you for these amazing insights. what’s more impressive than four rings?
four big rings made by193 cars from Audi Club of Slovakia.
and not only does this sound impressive. it also looks amazing from up in the air. a famous European technology investor
front Frank Thelen who is known from the german version of shark tank is always looking
for interesting ideas such as Audi E-Foil. everyone can take a picture from an artwork but
not everyone can make an artwork out of a picture like Camilo Pardo with this
amazing marvelous fan inspired art. My name is Camillo Pardo. I’m an automotive
designer and I’m also fine artist. that’s it guys thanks for watching. make sure to
comment below what type of person you are when it comes to autonomous driving.
share this video with your friends and see you next time bye!


My preference is Avant (S-Wagon), my father had the 500, The last Audi I owned was the A4 1.8T Avant. What an amazing Auto!

Autonomous is cool. I i shold drive 14 hours from Denmark to the Ring. I would be chrashed in my head.
It could be so cool if the car could drive itself with me as a active passenger.

For me personally, I still prefer driving with full control on the vehicle. However, autonomous driving be perfect for long drives, not city drives as it could be too busy for the computers to handle considering there are people constantly walking in front of car, cars stopping, traffic, etc.

Sounds like audi is planing the world leading class interacial porn website

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