Austin Sheely – Auctioneer (with Stephen Kilbreath Auctions & Events)

My name is Austin Sheely and I love
doing auctions because the excitement the energy and the adrenaline rush did
we get out of this and all the fun we have and the fact we get to do it for
great organizations and help great causes The little deals you do this get money out of people who
really don’t want to give it to it I it’s just wonderful! We just got done with an amazing event we
raised more money we’ve ever raised before and everybody had a blast Austin did a fantastic job! I loved working with Austin he’s a great auctioneer he worked the crowd he’s very personable he’s very charismatic he bid
people up he made it fun everybody had a great time and we raised a lot of money. You’re incredible! Thank you very much and you raised a lot of money tonight
for a really good cause taking care of people who need us take care of them. Thank you very much Michael I love with you guys. We love you too man stick
around I hope so yeah I’ll definitely be here

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