Auto Accident Lawsuits and Car Insurance Companies | Sokolove Law

Screeching tires and shattered glass. You’re just injured in a car accident, but what if I told you the worst was yet to come? Battling for months with insurance companies with insurance companies is sometimes worse than the accident itself. I’m attorney Jim Sokolove. After a car accident, know that insurance companies make more money when they take as long as possible to pay you as little as possible. If you’re injured in a car accident, call us, and if you have a case, we’ll make our 24 Hour Promise. Within 24 hours we’ll start working to get you money. Call my firm because we’re the legal veterans who for over 30 years have gotten over a billion dollars for injured people. We like fighting insurance companies. Let us get you the money you deserve. For our 24 Hour Promise, call Sokolove Law at 1-800-Call-Jim That’s 1-800-Call-Jim.

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