Auto Insurance Advice : Home Ownership & Auto Insurance Premiums

You are thinking about buying car insurance
and you are trying to figure out how those premiums work. Well one thing is if you own
a house or a condo you are going to get a credit for being a home owner. My name is
James with The Resurgence Group and we are a full service insurance agency and we specialize
in auto insurance. How it works well simply put if you have a home or a condo the insurance
companies think that you are a better risk simply because you are more stable, you have
a little bit more assets so you are going to believe it or not drive slower. So if you
have a home owner’s policy bring that with you when you sit down with your insurance
agent because they are going to need a copy of that and they are going to show proof of
insurance so they can get you as many discounts when it comes to that policy. Auto insurance
is very expensive these days and you need everything you can get in order to reduce
that premium. So when you decide on what policy limits you want or what kind of coverages
that you want, especially when it comes to comp and collision you want to make sure that
you get whatever it is that you are entitled to which is a home owner’s discount. So speak
to your agent and see what they can come up with as far as the premiums. Again my name
is James with The Resurgence Group and this is something that we do every day for our
clients and I’m sure your agent or any agent out there would be happy to put together a
nice package of different companies as far as their quotes and be able to give you the
lowest premium for as many discounts, especially home owners as possible.

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