Auto Insurance Advice : How Does Credit Affect Auto Premiums

You are thinking about buying car insurance
and you are wondering how do they figure out those premiums? Well one thing that is very
important is your credit. My name is James Burrows with The Resurgence Group. We are
a full service agency and we specialize in auto insurance. You might wonder well why
would my credit affect my auto insurance? Well that’s how they figure out responsibility.
There are a couple of ways once you decide to sit down with an agent and go over various
policies, deductibles, and limits and things of that nature and you come up with a plan
of action as to what type of policy you are looking for. They’ll ask you for your information,
they’ll put it into what is called a computer and then they’ll ask for what is called an
MVR which is a Motor Vehicle Report which is very important if you have had any tickets
or accidents but then they’ll ask for what is called a clue and the clue report is very
specific to your credit history and once they pull that it is called financial responsibility
and they will determine whether you are going to pay a premium or more importantly they
are going to offer you a discount because you have got favorable credit so in this day
and age it really makes sense to pay your bills on time and you might not think about
your auto insurance but everything is affected by credit these days especially car insurance
so my name is James with The Resurgence Group and what we are trying to do is help people
understand different ways to save money on their auto insurance and the biggest thing
right now is credit so if you have great credit you are going to get a discount on your car
insurance and if you have not so great credit they are going to know based on a report called
the clue report and then you’ll wind up paying a little bit more. Either way you do need
car insurance so make sure you speak to an agent and you get the proper insurance for
the right amount of money.

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