Auto Insurance Advice : How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

You are thinking about buying car insurance
and you are really not sure what to do. You definitely want to get multiple quotes. My
name is James with The Resurgence Group. We are a full service insurance agency and we
specialize in auto insurance. We are an independent agency and that is what I strongly suggest.
Go to an independent agent because they can give you multiple quotes from different carriers
at the same time and then spread it out and then you can decide based on your premium
that you can afford and the types of limits and coverages that you are willing to take.
If you are trying to save money then you are going to go with the lowest amount of limits
and the lowest deductibles because that will change how much money you are going to spend.
An agent will be able to tell you within a few minutes how much money it is going to
cost for these different types of limits such as bodily injury, PIP, which is personal injury
protection, property damage, uninsured motorists and comp and collision. If you are looking
to save money you are not going to have all of these because that is going to cost you
more premium but if you have a car that you value sometimes even if you have a lien on
it then it is going to be required that you have at least comp and collision on it and
bodily injury and property damage and that is going to cost you more money than just
having your basic coverages so again we suggest that you speak with an agent and you get multiple
quotes form multiple carriers and compare the types of limits and also the types of
deductibles so that you’re apples to apples. I’m James with The Resurgence Group and this
is what we do every day and your agent can do the same.

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