Auto insurance rates at an all-time high

I don’t know if you’ve checked your latest bill but car insurance rates are at an all-time high that’s according to a recent report from the zebra which is an insurance search engine so that report found that Florida is the fourth most expensive state for drivers news for Jackson for Jennifer Reddy’s joining us live this morning and Jen what does this report specifically reveal about rates here in Jacksonville good morning according to this report drivers here in Jacksonville are paying premiums that are just below or slightly higher than $2,000 which is higher than the national average the good news is is insurance agents say there are some things you can do to get lower premiums Jacksonville drivers are paying more for car insurance according to a report published by the zebra comm rates are up 5.5 percent that’s almost a 58 percent increase from 2011 insurance experts say that’s for several reasons including the high cost of litigation in Florida more expensive cars that cost more to fix and distracted driving the biggest reason that we have is is the distracted driving is causing more accidents but the severity of accidents are worse as well because that extra 10 15 seconds of delay is causing the bodily injury and in the end of injuries to be higher and more severe on average the report found Jacksonville drivers are paying premiums higher than drivers in many other states around $1,900 first of all get with your local agent sit down go over your coverages go over what your lifestyle is what assets you want to protect and what’s important to you have that relationship second bundling is always a good thing and when I mean bundling combining your auto and your homeowners or your renters insurance with one company usually gives you the best discounts the entire report does break down several trends over the last few years across the entire country including Florida we have the full report posted on our website news for Jax com Jennifer ready channel for the local station

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